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Added: 18/03/2011 - 10:47PM
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Welcome to The Most Dangerous Game, a fully voice acted quest mod by David L Allen. This is a medium size combat mod. You will face difficult combat situations against enemies who actively adapt to your weapons and techniques. You can gain a robot companion with energy shields, but its motivations are ... uncertain.

This is version 1.2, released March 17, 2011.


Unzip the files into your Fallout New Vegas\data directory. You should see new files including Fallout New Vegas\data\dangame.esm and dangame.bsa. Then, in the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas launcher, make sure the dangame.esm file is checked before starting the game. For best results, start by loading a save game with as few mods as possible.


To start the quest, explore near the Mojave Outpost in the southwest part of the map. You will find some robotic envoys with an interesting invitation.

Please let me know your feedback in the comments tab at the top of the page. If you like the mod, please endorse it by clicking the green endorsement thumb at the top of the page. As you know, many players find new mods by sorting "most endorsements first", so having your endorsement will help the mod get more exposure.

If you like this mod, you may also like my other quest mod, Decisions With Regrets.


No known compatibility problems. However, some possible problems include:
  • The mod adds some armors with pulse vulnerability so the pulse weapon formlists and weapon effects are modified. Possible conflict with pulse weapon mods.
  • One of the NPCs is found in an empty cabin at Jacobstown. Possible conflict if another mod uses the same cabin.

Minor oddities (spoilers!)

The following minor graphical oddities do not affect gameplay.
  • The robots are done as humans wearing special armor. This means when you dismember them, you will see bloody human "body parts" fly.
  • On level 3, the door between the entry room and the quarters has some empty space and the door switch is floating. This is because the wooden walls and the vault walls have a different "shape" for the doorhole.
  • In the mazes on levels 1,4,6 there are places where pipes seem to "stick out" of the wall. This is because the wall tiles I am using are not supposed to be placed back to back against each other.
  • In the fabricator room, the cart is solid when it is stationary, but when it is moving you can walk through it.


Remove the two files data/dangame.esm and dangame.bsa. Remove the directory data/sound/voice/dangame.esm. Remove this readme.

  • Heavy war machine armor (i_am_robot_nv) by CrushOverwrite
  • Fleshy supermutants reskin by Actus Reus
  • Classic Tesla Metal Armor by DaiShi
  • Flamer turret by rickerhk
  • Beta testing by ninjababy, ewaldorph, devinpatterson, JCP768, talon111, khanemis, jsnider193
  • Critical geck help by rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango, llamaRCA, NosRhyfelwr, MadNuttah and many others