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A Large Expansive Quest Mod has the courier travelling across Post-Apocalyptic America. To reunite the Rockwell People with their Superstructure in Vermont.

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The Rockwell Pursuit
An Epic-Sized Quest Mod from Dylan Hollis, that picks up where you left off in the Rockwell Descent.The Rockwell Pursuit will push you head first into a daring journey across a Post-Apocalyptic America littered with new enemies, friends, and everything in-between. On this journey you will discover the source of the Tantrum, and the full magnitude of the Rockwell Vision.

This all begins after you meet a long-lost acquaintance in the Prospector Saloon

This Mod Includes:

-4 Entirely New World-Spaces to explore.
-1200+ Lines of Fully-Voiced & Lip Synced Dialogue from over 8 Voice Actors
-Over 5 New Creatures thanks to Dogtown
-Three New Vendors
-Various New Weaponry
-2 Fully-Voiced & Functional Companions
-A Cozy Player Home
-A Custom Composed Soundtrack
-A Giant, Lore Friendly, Riveting Story-line spanning 20 Quests. 10-15+ hours of gameplay.


-Just Fallout: New Vegas
-Fallout Mod Manager (Recommended)


I highly recommend a manual installation. Use NMM with my warning.
Make Sure to Uninstall the Rockwell Descent prior to installing the Pursuit if you have it.

Step 1
Download your Rockwell Pursuit.zip file and extract it to a destination of your choice. Then Drag all of the extracted contents into your Data Folder.

Step 2.
Navigate to the 'Fallout_Default' file in the the 'fallout new vegas' folder (The one just before your data folder: Programfiles/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas).

Double click it to open. It should look like a .txt document. Press Ctrl+F to open a search box. Search for 'bloadf'. This should take you to the line: bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=

Make sure bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles equals 1, insead of 0. If it equals zero, make sure to change it and save.

Step 3
You must open Fallout: New Vegas with the VANILLA LAUNCHER FIRST.

Once launched with the vanilla launcher, load a game. And then exit. This process saves the configuration settings you've altered in step 2.

Step 4
Now you may launch the game in whatever fashion you wish. Enjoy :)

To uninstall, simply save in a vanilla location - and remove all downloaded RP files from your Data Folder.



Full 3.0 Update:
(In addition to 2.0 Fixes)
-Countless and numerous invisible cleanups to records within the Pursuit to aid in reducing conflicts & Crashing
-Overhauled Hoffman's Cavern to remove the conflict with AWOP
-Several Visual Updates to a few locations
-Several Balances to NPC's,
-Fixed a further issue with Goldwater's Voice Files
-Added a regenerating health script to Private Clemmins, assures he is not killed too early
-Fixed the god awful dialogue I wrote with Young Johnny in the Hollis Hotel. You no longer are forced to be so rude
-Fixed issue with the invisible Wall during the assault on Vermont
-Buffed the final boss
-Reworked a constancy firing script when serving out your first mission, reduces crashing in Nipton
-Cleanups around the SouthRails Metro Tunnel (Could maybe cause an issue in the Update's Current form. Let me know ASAP)
-Fixes Issues with the Raytown Skeleton Hitboxes
-Gradual NPC spawn when entering Colorado, reduces crashing upon leaving the Metro Tunnel 
-Fixes issue where you could misfire the first quest in Paradox should you enter the morgue before speaking to Oswald.
-Fixes Pathing Issues in Buried Paradox
-Fixes Pathing Issues in Superstructure Bowels
-Fixes Pathing Issues in Raytown Missouri 
(Big thanks to darkus37 for the extensive playtesting)

Full 2.0 Update:
(In addition to 1.5 Fixes)
-Fixes Goldwater Voice silence
-Removes all unnecessary edits to Vanilla cells, to aid in global mod compatibility
-Balances Anti-Tantrum Shotgun, more powerful
-Balances Tantrum Annihilator
-General housekeeping cleanup (Crash Reducer)

Full 1.5 Update:

(In addition to 1.0 Fixes)
-Fixes Crash-To-Desktop upon entering the Gomorrah
-Fixes Crash-To-Desktop upon entering Vault 22
-Fixes Crash-To-Desktop upon entering Lucky-38 Suite
-Further 'MFD' command usage to reduce stragglers (Crash Reducer)
-Implementation of a world-wide 'Pursuit' quest moniter script. To ensure stability (Crash Reducer)

Full 1.0 Update:

(In addition to 0.4 Fixes)
We've taken the mod out of beta now. After a week of testing from all of you guys :)
-Fixes major bug during 'Sub-Zero Endeavors' - Now all you must do is kill Commandant Reynolds.
-Adds more Combat Barks to General Gunther Companion, not as repetitive in battle.
-Further 'MFD' command usage to reduce stragglers (Crash Reducer)
-Stops attacking radscorpions from accidentally yelling "GODDAMN"(1.1 Update)

Full 0.4 Update:

(In addition to 0.3 Fixes)
-Reminds you that you actually received a Vermont Broadcast from that satellite mission (:P)
-Adds a map marker for your new safehouse, Stonewall
-Reduces Snow-Ghoul kill-count requirement for 'Sub-Zero Endeavours' (Easier to complete)
-Use of 'MarkForDelete' command for hidden disabled NPC's (Crash Reducer)
-Simplified the outer LOD Boundaries for Paradox, Colorado (Crash Reducer)
-Removal of various scripting Windows & Orphans, Dirty Edits and unspecified sleep packages (Crash Reducer)
-Removes leftover debugging teleportation trigger by the truck in Raytown (0.45 Update)
-Fixes entrance issue with the Bison Steve Hotel (0.46 Update)

Full 0.3 Update:

(In addition to 0.2 Fixes)
-Reduces Snow Ghoul Count within the Paradox Buried Ruins (Crash Reducer)
-Reduces Outcast Count within Morning Star Camp (Crash Reducer)
-Fixes Issue where Oswald will not move upon asking him to unlock the northern Gate


Full 0.2 Update:

-Reduces Viper Gang count in the Good Luck Trailer Park (Crash Reducer)
-Re-Vamps "A Link To The Old World" - Fixes Goldwater Problem
-Reduces Snow Ghoul Count upon entering Paradox Colorado (Crash Reducer)
-Removes forceful time change upon entering Paradox Colorado (Crash Reducer)


Author's Notes
-Yes, this is a sequel. Although, I have implemented cutscenes to tell the story of the Rockwell Descent. So you don't really have to play my previous Mod to know what the hell you're doing.
Although if you do it's a plus.

-Even though this Mod is out of BETA stages now. You should expect some minor problems. For you may have different Mods, Operating Systems, Graphics Cards etc.. Than me and my Alpha & Beta Testers Do. Just make sure to report issues to me, and I'll be sure to address them in good time.

-I'd Recommend you'd be at least level 15. There are two minimum requirements: Science 30. And Lockpick 30.

-Make sure to Stock up on Armor-Piercing rounds and Stimpaks for your long journey. There's no returning to the Mojave until your done. Although there are Vendors and Safe Item Containers.

-A General Note, please try to refrain yourself from killing people who shouldn't really be killed. It get's real messy trying to script failed events. And in my case at least, it causes more problems than it fixes.

-Please do not exit conversations until they're done. A few of the dialouge options are set to 'say once' to help cleanup things. Exiting conversations may heed the progress of questlines. If this happens just reload. Easy-Peasy :)

-The New Player Home is in the Valley that's connected to Hidden Valley (Where the bark scorpions are, and where the BOS quest was to find the missing laser pistol)


Cast List:

General Gunther: Elijah Lucian
Overseer Goldwater: Elijah Lucian
Apothecarist Stanton: Matthew Seddon
Sergeant Crockers: RainsfordXY
Henry: Peter Sousa
Admiral Laurent Montgomery: Dylan Hollis
Arch-Paladin Oswald: Dylan Hollis
Sir Paddington: Graham Cunningham
Rockwell Narrator: Qenosa
And Many more...

Permissions and Resources

Files for New Creatures (Shadow Rats,Snow Ghouls,Wingate Skeletons,Feral Vanderphones,Tantrum Doctors,Tantrum Savages,Tantrum Annihilators) - Dogtown.

We are aware that Dogtown's Files have come under criticism, however rest assured that we've removed files that were flagged as misused. :D

Armours used by the soldiers of the HMSS Sentinel - triggerhappy117.

Anti-Tantrum Shotgun - Peter Sousa
Re-textured Winter-Combat Armour & Helmet - Hammertim23

Should you ever feel to contact me: [email protected]