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Adds a town to the south of Searchlight with a new cast of characters and 6 quests to explore.

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I've been modding New Vegas for a long time, through many playthroughs, accounts, and wasted hours, and wanted to give back to the community with an expansion of my own. A warning - this is my first (real) mod and I'm not one of those crazy computer jockeys who know everything there is to know about scripting and the likes, so my apologies if there's anything out of whack. If you come across any problems, please report it and I'll do my best to fix it! 

adds a town, combined with pre-War and post-War elements, to the extreme south of the New Vegas map, past a broken gate at Searchlight Airport. There are two main quests and four side quests to complete, as well as 21 fully voiced characters with 650-ish lines altogether. The main story involves an extremist mayor running a veneered town, and a small duo of outsiders that want to take him down, even if they lack a decent amount of foresight. This isn't a particularly long mod, but I worked on it for longer than I expected (thanks, life) and the important part to me is giving back to the modding community. 

How can I get to Cal-Nev-Ari?
There's a broken fence at the southern end of Searchlight Airport. Pass through it and head straight.

Will this conflict with anything?
If you have any mod installed that adds content to the south of Searchlight, then yes, this will most likely conflict. A Kingman's BBQ across from the Silver Rush in Freeside is also used, so that may conflict with interior-expanding or otherr Freeside overhaul mods. If you run into any issues, the cell name for "coc" use is CNAFreesideBBQ.

I'm crashing during The Pickup while investigating Gene's death.
Try lightening your inventory load. If that doesn't work, there is an alternative file that removes sections of the script that may cause this, so that should help.

If Faust is dead, how do I find out where Tigrent is?
Using a note in his room at the Gray.

How do I investigate Darwin's death?
Terminals are pretty cool.

I can't survive the Jackals' sewer!
Git gud. Also use the Sledgehammer, clothing, food, and Stimpaks provided in the rooms before the gang show up.

[An issue that hasn't been brought up before]
Report it, and I'll see if I can figure it out. :-)

AllanGustavson - Sen. Oscar Tigrent
Apoc - Richard Sanada
Coolfiend - Segali
FrenchDipp - Craig, Finton
Jalardos - Frankie
JimmyRyder - Sonder
LeLovelySuccubus - Mayor Hansen
WildGamer1996 - Ezekiel Donahue
alexis gonzalez - Colby
cdo947214 - Orville
crabcakes125 - Edward
space coast dragon - Faust, Martin Donahue
trina - Bonnie Lee
AllYourFavorites - Grimmer, Sleazy P. Martini
Crow - Hal
SleepyHead - Rattle 
Wiggy - Xavier
Allen, for finding an extra VA
Dave, for putting up with my living habits
Joe, for being a cool dude
Manne, for being a cool dude
SomeRandomGuy, for finally ascending