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Help the NCR in restoring Camp Searchlight into a military instillation and a functioning town!

Permissions and credits
Speak to an NCR Officer at the NCR's camp outside of Camp Searchlight to help in restoring the camp to its former glory! A side quest also begins the story of my Mojave Master series, which you will need to have installed and updated in order to play this mod because of the story references it makes as I progress and make more mods!

This is my remastered version of Saving Camp Searchlight! After reviewing my older mods I noticed how much I have evolved and how many errors were in my previous mods, like this one.  I have chosen to completely re-upload the file so people who had forgotten about the mod during its unplayable stage would see it again and play it to its full potential.

once you finish with the side quest “A paladin’s Journey” I highly recommend you install Operation Virgo which is the sequel to this.

What does this mod feature?
-A full functioning town for NCR playthroughs
-Roughly an hour of content
-Fully voice acted characters
-The ability to call vertibirds for Reinforcements
-Multiple new vendors
-Stories that tie into future mods
-A couple new headgear pieces that some NCR soldiers in the camp will wear

What has changed?

-Fixing the Colonel Hsu issue by adding the dialogue option to every single greeting he has, I also have implemented a ham radio in his office to activate in case it still isn't working.
-This and the Mojave Master update fixes the issue where the original quest giver doesn't speak to the player, caused by an error in the dialogue system where it doesn't register conditions properly.
-Fixes small wonky errors caused by my lack on knowledge at the time of modding
-Fixes general improvements such as adding General NCR dialogue to soldiers instead of the "What do you need?" "I have to go" dialogue as well as a few other things