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"This mod is not Finished but it's still huge"
The Deathsong Brotherhood is an adventure mod that adds an assassins guild to New Vegas. 10+ New Quests, 15+ Fully Voiced Characters, 2 New Vendors, 2+ hours of game play, custom meshes, textures, areas, armors, weapons, and huge underground facility...

Permissions and credits

Boy, life is a funny thing. Here I am almost two years later from my last post here, and I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. 

As everyone can tell I have not had any time to work on the mod, and as I seriously underestimated the amount of effort that would be required to build my own game, I won't have time for this mod at all. I will say though, now that I'm in the 5th iteration of my own game things are finally coming together in a way that I feel I can be proud of. 

I would like to tell all of you that I will come back to this mod once I complete my other projects, but the fact of the matter is that I've moved on. I've lost inspiration for this and I just don't have time for it. Between my work, my own creative projects, my game, my music, and my family, I just don't have time.

Given the amazing amount of support I've received, I feel I owe it to the community to be upfront and honest with all of you. I will probably never finish this mod. 

So with that said, I am going to change this mod from a WIP, to a modders resource, in the hopes that some other younger modder who has more free time might take up the torch and see this mod to completion. 

I have nothing but love for this community and the friends I've met here. So I'll still be checking in every few years or so... LOL, to see if someone took up the torch and update you all on my progress.





Thank you to everyone who has tried out the mod, and to those of you who have endorsed it. I hope you all enjoy it, especially since I've poured so much into it.


There is very adult language in this mod, a lot of adult language, so if the F-word makes you cry then this probably isn't the mod for you.

This mod is ambitious to say the least, it adds a new faction, it adds new armors, new weapons, new insanely long quest lines... lots of quest lines, 20+ new fully dialogued characters, New areas, A new Radio Station that uses all old public domain recordings and a few tracks by the amazing New York artist Bliss Blood who gave me permission to use her music, there is a new player home that can be fast traveled to and from, there is even a cut-scene.
There is a lot of new stuff in this mod. That being said, the only person to ever work on this mod for years was me, in my insanely limited spare time. Long story short, this mod is not finished... I repeat, NOT FINISHED, It is a work in progress. I fear I will never have time to actually finish it to the degree that I feel it deserves but we shall see. I'm still working on it and I hope to finish it sometime. That will speed up a lot if I can get a team of people together to help with it.

There are a few reasons that I released this mod in it's unfinished state.

1) I put years of work into this, and it killed me to know that no one would ever get to see it. Not to toot my own horn. But I know it's a good mod. Content-wise it borders a DLC, It certainly has it's bugs, and the story-line isn't complete, but there is still an amazing amount of awesome content here.

2) And this is the real reason. I wanted see this finished, and I was hoping beyond hope that some of the awesome modders here at the nexus would take an interest in this mod and help me complete it. Besides a small group of talented modders help make it 100x better.

"This mod is not Finished but it's still huge"

Even in it's unfinished state it takes me 3+ hours to run through everything in the mod, so it adds quite a lot of game play.

The Deathsong Brotherhood is an adventure mod that adds an assassins guild to New Vegas. There are more than 20 new characters that are all fully voiced. There is a new hideout for the said assassins guild. There are two player homes that one can fast travel to and from. There is a new radio station that one will find when they get to said hideout. This is much more than a quest-line mod, it adds new weapons, armors, and items, that are all tied to the actual Deathsong Brotherhood and much much more.

Most of the quests in this mod are assassinations, I've tried to be creative in the way one gets to kill people and offer as many options as I can think of. There is some really cool stuff in here, though some of it still needs a lot of work to iron out all of the kinks, and some of them I really needed a bit more inspiration for. I think it will still be very enjoyable even in it's unfinished state.

*Voice acting disclaimer*
I'll go ahead and say this, most of the voice acting was done by me, mainly because I had very limited access to other people who would do voice acting. My voice acting is hit or miss, some of them I'm happy with, and some of them I'm not.

ALSO there is very adult language in this mod, a lot of adult language, so if the F-word makes you cry then this probably isn't the mod for you. ;-)

The team now consists of:


If you would like to be part of the team, what I really need right now is...

Need a custom idle animation made

I need some custom propaganda posters for the Sleeping Sands Facility, plus custom signage for it.

I need someone who can add an "Electricity Effect" to Wilkes sword

I someone to make backstory terminal entries.

I need some ideas on some good side quests that you can get from the NPC's in the safehouse, "SIMPLE" ones, nothing complex.

I need someone who can set up and capture "in-game" video scenarios, and assemble them into a video. If you're interested in this one, and you can keep a secret, PM or email me.

I'm not currently accepting voice actors, I'm going to wait until the mod is done, and then tackle that. There's not much point in going through the trouble of it until the dialogue is finalized.

PM me or email me at ( joshua121 at gmail dot com )

Bliss Blood and Al Street - for the awesome music they let me use in the radio station and the cutscene.

Team MembersJoshua121

Other Credits...

Amazing Idea Contribution, and feedback - Darkus37

Bug Testers / Play Testerslostinwhere

Thanks to all of the awesome modders here at the Nexus who have helped me out over the years.

Noam Mor -Sheriff Fincannon
Kimberly Mora- Jewel, Victoria
Carol Goforth -Asha
Joseph Bush - Brick
Biotoxin Loud Speaker -Daniella Bassano
Titus- godospartan

Joshua Lowe - Everyone else...

Open the .rar file and copy the Data folder to your Fallout New Vegas installation directory.


From your Data directory inside the fallout new vegas folder delete the following files or folders from the following places

From the Data Folder


From the Meshes folder



(Unless you are using the Enclavified Machinery Modders Resource)

(Unless you are using one of my weapon mods)

From the SCOL folder delete all the files that start with JL121 (There should be 24 of them)

From the Textures Folder



(Unless you are using the Enclavified Machinery Modders Resource)

(Unless you are using one of my weapon mods)

From the Sound Folder




From the Video Folder


Alternatively if you installed with the NMM you should be able to uninstall with it


More Bug Fixes
Adds ability to complete one of Roderick's Quests (Waking up the Brass)
Adds an ending cutscene for one of Roderick's quests (The music in the cut-scene is my song "Pale Horse" from my upcoming album)


Adds a new NPC "Silas" who will introduce you to the DSBH

Adds a new area, Sector 17, The Sleeping Sands Posiedon Facility" that includes another player home (this is part of another mod I had previously done that has been merged with this one, and then completely reworked.

Added Posiedon Facility Player Home World Space so that the house can be fast traveled to.

Moves placement of the fiends to the new facility to make thier quest more interesting.

Adds a new Fiend NPC "Titus" who was voice acted by godospartan

Adds more clutter to the Sleeping Sands Facility

Adds new entrance to The Sleeping Sands Facility and also the key found on the skeleton outside of the cryo area that is under Roderick in the The Sleeping Sands facility, will now unlock all of the remaining doors to allow you to leave the facility without using cc commands.

Adds two new weapons to the end of the Sleeping sands facility (custom models and textures by me)

Fixed bug that allowed you to reinstall the old core without having first found it.

Reworked the "BOS Outcast hits" and area, to make it a little easier and make the area fit the story better.

Adds alternate methods to complete the "Let Sleeping Bears Lie Quest"

Fixed Numerous Dialogue errors and mis-spellings

Adds the beginning of a side quest that will eventually let you solve the mystery of who robbed the DSBH armory and gain access to it, and will answer the questions about what happened to Victoria.

Adds dialogue to Brooks the NPC guard

Completely reworked dialogue for Oak, and Bruiser

Re-recorded Bruiser's dialogue and changed his character

Re-recorded the first two quests worth of dialogue for Malachai, to fit the new introduction

Re-recorded some dialogue for the Initiates

Added an office for Malachai in the basement of Gomorrah

Added a custom knife that is on Malachai's desk, "Diane", New model and texture made by myself.

Added the M887 Shotgun, that Brooks is using, began the work on the quest to attain it. New model and texture made by myself. (could use someone to work on the texture)

changed price for DSBH Playerhome from 10,000 to 2000 caps

Added more to quest to wake the Enclave Leadership in the Sleeping Sands Facility (Needs a Cus-scene video, Message me if you would like to help with it)

So many bug fixes, in scripts, quests, etc....

Many thanks to tome326 for helping on this update on the following

Adds custom static armor and stand models for Wilkes Stealth Power Armor

Adds custom mini-fridge model in Victoria's room

Adds a bunch of custom AI Packages for the safehouse npcs (tome did some exceptional work here)

Adds and repairs Navmesh for a lot of areas

Adds random safehouse conversations for the npc's there

Adds reputation for the DSBH Faction

Added script to make Cryopods activaitable (they open and close now)

bug and script fixes


More work on alternate quest for enmity with the DSBH

Random attacks made on the player if they piss of the DSBH

Wilkes armor now has a stealth effect (this is still experimental)

Various scripting and bug fixes in most of the quests.

Fixed world space lighting on the DSBH Player Home


Added dialogue for Billy Holmes, and a dialogue option to complete his quest.

Reworked initiation quest

Added dialogue options for Jonas Smith

Added ability to let Jonas live

Added ability to fail initiation quest and still continue

Added re-initiation quest with 2 new NPC' targets

added beginnings of an alternate quest line allowing for enmity with the brotherhood
You start this quest line by failing to do the missions Malachai gives you.

Added more custom signage to the outcast's hideout, which is now The Sleeping Sands Facility Records Office

Reworked some back story

Much more that I can't think of now....


Added ventilation to safehouse

Adjusted lighting in safehouse

Changed Gomorrah safehouse entrance to look more "secret"

Made Deathsong Brotherhood tunnels Multiple cells to fix bugs

Fixed lighting in Player House and abandoned shack

Moved NPC Tobias to the rear exit of the tunnels for guard duty.

Added lots of respawning ghouls to the Tunnels

Removed the Sentry-Bot... was causing issues with packages. (Stupid Packages.. LOL)

Heavily edited Outcast's hideout cell and abandoned shack, to give a more realistic feel to the placement of the cells

Finally had a story break through, that will help me write the rest of the mod...

Another huge thanks to Darkus37 for the continued help, if you want to see this mod finished you should thank him too, because a lot of what I'm doing now is thanks to his input, it has been invaluable.


Added Custom DSBH Banner

Added Custom graffiti for DSBH Tunnel walls

Added a reloading bench to the tunnels.

3 New Weapons, A black snub nose shotgun (Retex of hunting Rifle) which is given by Bruiser
the other 2 will have quests to attain them (Diane - Mal's hunting knife, and Mal's M887 Pump Shotgun.

Changed lighting and added a bathing area to the Safe house

Added tons of clutter and lighting to the DSBH Tunnels.

Added "Brooks" who guards the tunnels outside the safe house, and an old sentry bot who guards the entrance from Gomorrah.

added more "knife like" objects to the list of things that will work on a certain piece of furniture in the safehouse (Namely Sally, but others as well)

Fixed some dialogue errors

Fixed Various Navmesh Issues.

Added an encounter in DSBH Tunnels


Adds intro quest for those who have just started the mod, to start the quests just kill at least 5 people and then take a nap. Also you should feel bad about killing 5 people, at least for a few seconds. ;-)

Should fix the conflict with the Freeside Open mod, which caused the first target, Rusty Jones, to not appear. I work on a clean install to build my mods so if someone could confirm this is fixed, my appreciation for your efforts would know no bounds, and will include official thanks as a bug tester. Should you decide to do so, please PM me your findings.

Finally, v.011 by popular demand, shortens the length to a fast travel point from the safe house considerably, and adds a one time encounter in the tunnels.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the mod and provided feedback.

Hopefully I'll have another update out before too long.


This update does something that has been asked for a lot in the comments... it adds a fast travel point much sooner in the mod so that one does not have to traverse Gomorrah anymore after the initial quests with Malachai are done. It also adds a custom sword that I made for the Wilkes' character with custom texture, adds a new character "Griffin" who will show you how to avoid going through the casinos to get to every contract,


adds a new voice actor, Mr. Joe Bush, who has done an awesome job voice acting the character of Brick. And of course... there are more bug fixes,


updated esp that makes MAJOR changes to the Looselips questline, and once and for all squashes the disappearing dead body bug. I completely reworked that part of the quest, and now no one will ever again have that problem. This update also adds a bit more to the end of the mod, and 16 of the 20 custom cells in the mod are now nav-meshed.


I hope that it fixes the problems that people have been having with the Loose Lips questline. If you have previously had problems with it, install V007 and try from a previous save. If you still have problems after that please let me know so I can try to address them.

V007 Also includes a new retextured Metal Armor (Male and Female) with a retextured Mark I Combat Helmet. I've changed some of the character names, added some more dialogue, add lip sync files for multiple characters, fixed a metric ton of scripts that were triggering for companions instead of just the player, fixed the quest marker in the "Let Sleeping Bears Lie" Quest along with some other quest markers, and I've begun work on actually finishing the story line after the player talks with Roderick.