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A brand new, fully voice-acted, multi-part quest with plenty of difficult combat.

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  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
This mod is no longer supported.
I do not consent to this mod being included in any mod packs.
I do not consent to anyone that was not involved in the creation of this mod profiting off of it.
I sincerely thank you, the community, for your support.

  • It's now a master file because future-reasons.
  • Ford Cavern has slightly fewer enemies.
  • Non-named enemy NPCs are all less bullet-spongy, but still decently difficult. (The boss NPCs have not been changed at all.)
  • The ammo boxes in the safehouse are no longer considered stealing.
  • The player must have completed Oh My Papa in favor of leaving the Mojave in order for Rivas to give you the last part of the quest. If you consider that restrictive, ask yourself if there is any reason you would join a gang that you just convinced to kill themselves, join a tyrannical overlord who will crush their tribal identity, or roll over and accept governmental rule.
  • Mills' trigger is significantly less glitchy.
  • The gun thug near the bar has his own separate trigger now.
  • The player will now get a slight increase to DT after completing the final part of the quest. 

The Initiation is a quest-chain centered on the idea of doing odd jobs for the Great Khans. Do well enough, and they might let you join up... To begin the Initiation, speak to Rivas in Red Rock Canyon.


The Initiation contains a new revolver, two new melee weapons, a spiffy non-faction-specific set of Khan armor, a new safehouse for players who want to live in a cave, and access to a very high-end arms merchant with a primary stock of energy weapons. Upon successful completion, the Great Khans will back the player up in any fight they happen to get in, assuming Khans are present to help, of course.


Definitely requires Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road. Also, the player cannot be an enemy of the Great Khans. Also, it's highly recommended that pro-legion players give this a pass, as there are a few instances in this mod where you will be highly encouraged to commit some crimes against Caesar. While not a requirement, I would also suggest installing http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62275/? as the Great Khan stat changes in that mod synergize quite nicely with the ideas and concepts of this one. As of version 2.0, the player must now have completed Oh My Papa in a way that benefits the Khans.


The quest has a high difficulty curve. The first two thirds are fairly gentle, but the final third is rather difficult. Level 15+ or so is recommended. 


I fixed the known bug where Mills would spawn before he is supposed to. So, no known bugs as of right now. 

Voice Credits!

  • Rivas - Me
  • Page - Me
  • Matt Graves - Me
  • Mills - Anthony Hopkins. No, wait, just kidding. It was me.
  • Peterson - Me


"I can't find something!"
Search all the bodies!

"Why is Ford Cavern locked, even though the quest marker tells me to go there?"
You're supposed to have the key for it. If you don't, it means you didn't search the bodies.

"Where is the Great Khan safehouse?"
Vaguely between Camp Guardian and the Devil's Throat.

"Hey asshole! Some aspect of this mod is intrinsically broken, and you should be ashamed! What's your excuse for this?!"
My excuse is that I'm tech incompetent, this is my first quest mod, and you probably forgot to search the bodies somewhere.

"Your mod is full of typos and grammatical errors!"
Are these typos and grammatical errors on a terminal in the canyon bunker? If so, those are intentional. If they're somewhere other than that terminal, please tell me in a polite manner, and I'll fix them up.

"Seriously? I have to finish Oh My Papa in a specific way before I can finish this?"
Yes. You don't get to condemn them to a horrible fate, and then join up with them.