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Fully voiced characters, new quests, items, enemies, factions, creatures, and interiors.

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Requires the Updated Mojave Master File

New Version: Revised as of August 7, 2019: Includes Re-voicing of poor voiced characters, and major and minor bug fixes!

New Vegas Sewers

To start Karl's quest walk through the hall in front of where he's sitting.

New Vegas Sewers adds a large amount of quests, items, encounters, and factions to the North Sewers.  Everything is fully voiced and play tested as per usual.

10 all new quests: 2 bounties, 4 Thief contracts, 1 quest with Stevie, 1 with Ranger Atkins, and 2 with Crazy Karl.
Multiple new characters (All fully voice and lip synced)
Two new factions (Sewer Militia, and the Sewer Thieves)
New Graffiti
New weapons and armor

Known Bugs
A strange audio glitch with Jesse Mason where the audio plays extremely deep and in slow motion.

Fallout New Vegas
Mojave Master Plugin (For various resources)

Lord Inquisitor- Super Mutants
team-machine- Graffiti
Lord Inquisitor- Various Treasures (Literally)
Everything Else that's in my mod is added by the Mojave Master Plugin which appropriately credits all the assets loaded on the file

Voice Acting:
Jesse Mason, Super Mutant: Ashtonlp101 (me)
Ranger Atkins, Stevie, and Dr.Viper: Sheogorathscheese6936
Crazy Karl: JackReadsStuff