About this mod

This is a total merge of The D.C. Interiors Project, The N.V. Interiors Project and some of my other mods.

Updated for A Tale of Two Wastelands v3.2.x

Permissions and credits
The TTW Interiors Project



Have you ever thought about scabbing the TTW wastes, even though, the super mutants may horrifically, and violently rip your heart out? Have you said to yourself D*** the torpedoes I am going Downtown or to the strip anyway,  only to find once you arrive, 99% of the shops and houses are all boarded up?  Have you ever seen a building on the horizon, thinking to yourself, I'll head there just to find nothing of interest, nothing worth investigating? If so, this mod is for you!

TTWInteriors Project is a complete merge of,

This mod has been lovingly updated and optimized for TTW! It also has all new TTW specific content that you will not get from any of my other Vanilla mods.


Main Files - TTW Interiors Core:

TTW Interiors Core v4.3.2:

  • Fixed many custom food items that had incorrect or missing effects and conditions, 
  • Added voices.bsa for theme vendor dialogue fixes, 

TTW Interiors Core v4.3.1:

  • Minor Bugfix and housekeeping,
  • Updated Meshes,
  • Fixed minor texture issues,

TTW Interiors Core v4.3a:

  • Fixes a miss-pack issue,

TTW Interiors Core v4.3:

  • Minor Bugfix pass,
  • Updated Ghoul Meshes,
  • Breaks up archive into Meshes, Textures Archives,
  • Adds, TTWInteriors_Core - Meshes.override so that the Bailey's Crossing Metro landscape meshes work properly. 
  • Removed Followers go home voice files,
  • No more loose files!

TTW Interiors Core v4.2: 

  • Major Bugfix pass after the update to TTW v3.2.x. Special thanks to Roybatty for double checking my work and pointing out many errors. 

TTW Interiors Core v4.1:

  • Added missing landscape meshes for Bailey's Crossing Metro,

TTW Interiors Core v4.0:

  • Updated to TTW v3.2.x,

Main Files - TTW Interiors Combo:

TTW Interiors Combo v6.4: 

  • Fixed Tenpenny theme vendor Michael Masters, The room now clears properly when changing themes. Themes are correctly added to his inventory when switching,
  • Fixed dialogue when purchasing the Pre-War Art Deco Theme, vendors will now speak the vanilla Pre-War themes dialogue, (Note: Michael Masters has no dialogue for the Pre-War theme in vanilla)
  • Added Buffalo Gourd Seed, Mutfruit, Carrot and Potato plants to The Sink, Biological Research Station planter,
  • Biological Research Station now processes Pinyon Nuts, Mutfruit, Crunchy Mutfruit, Fresh Carrots, Freah Apples, Buffalo Gourd Seed and Fresh Potatoes,
  • Added Carrot, Mutfruit and Potato Plants to Nellis AFB greenhouses,
  • Megaton Player Home, "Wadsworth" now is set to unconscious when in the docking station,
  • Tenpenny Player Home, "Godfrey" now is set to unconscious when in the docking station,
  • Lucky38 Player Home, "Codsworth" has a docking station and control switch,
  • Fixed a bug in "52 Card Pick-up" Quest,
  • Fixed several uncompiled scripts, 
  • Fixed several custom NPC incorrect packages,
  • Removed AWOP comparability auto-detect, AWOP updated and removed our one last conflict, 
  • Gomer's Gas and Go is now permanently in Nipton Rest Stop, 
  • Other minor bugfixes,

TTW Interiors Combo v6.3.1: 

  • Minor Bugfix and housekeeping,
  • Fixed several texture issues,

TTW Interiors Combo v6.3: 

  • Added an "AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm" auto-detect. If you have AWOP installed, TTW Interior will automatically switch the one conflicting cell in Nipton Rest Stop to the El Ray Motel exterior.  
  • Adds my mod "Toys That Destroy"
  • Updated The Sink Upgrade Terminal, 
  • Fixed Visual bug in Rutter's "Basement"

TTW Interiors Combo v6.2 AWOP: ( Discontinued )

!!!! Important !!!!!

  • TTW Interiors Project AWOP v6.2 has been discontinued!
  • Use The TTW Interiors Project v6.3 and up from now on with AWOP.

!!!! Important !!!!!

TTW Interiors Combo v6.2a:

  • Fixes a miss-pack issue,

TTW Interiors Combo v6.2 & AWOP v6.2:

  • Minor Bug fixes,
  • Fixed custom DC ghouls, they now use the correct skeleton,
  • Fixed random -Z objects in the Lucky 38 player home,
  • Fixed Sink Auto Doc Script,
  • Fixed Sink Bio Research Station Script,
  • Fixed DC audio markers to play the correct FO3 music, 
  • Set DC and NV specific loading screens for all interiors, 

TTW Interiors Project v6.1 & AWOP v6.1:

  • Major Bugfix pass after the update to TTW v3.2.x. Special thanks to Roybatty for double checking my work and pointing out many errors. 

TTW Interiors Project v6.0 & AWOP v6.0:

  • Updated To TTW v3.2.x

Optional Files:

TTW Interiors Followers Go Home v3.2:

  • Major bugfixs,
  • Fixed issues with dialogue being injected into several DLC,
  • Fixed voice file paths,
  • Followers will properly speak when being dismissed to a home,
  • Removed duplicate and unneeded files from the voices.bsa

TTW Interiors Followers Go Home v3.1:

  • Moved voice files to a Followers Go Home specific archive,

TTW Interiors Followers Go Home v3.0:

  • Updates to TTW v3.2.x

TTW Interiors Mojave Express Boxes v2.0:

  • Updates to TTW v3.2.x

TTW Interiors The Mad Bomber's Workshop v3.0

  • Updates to TTW v3.2.x

Versions requiring TTW v2.9.x are available under "Old Files"