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chucksteel - Bigcrazewolf - Qolore7

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Complete overhaul of chucksteel's fantastic NV Intereriors mod, fixing bugs, savebloat, typos, balance, and makes it fit much better with the vanilla game. REQUIRES THE ORIGINAL NV INTERIORS MOD!

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- Fixes many bugs in NV Interiors, ranging from misplaced objects to deleted nav-meshes. The most important fix this mod brings is the reducing of save-bloat caused by the mod. With the original mod, your save would increase to un-playable sizes very quickly due to the massive amount of items per interior. This mod reverts all the new misc items added by the mod back into their vanilla static counterparts. Large amounts of clutter items have also been removed in some interiors. 
- Makes the mod feel much more like vanilla content than the original. All interiors/items/NPCs that did not fit the game have been removed/edited. Mainly, all the new lewd magazines, naked hula-girls, gnomes (these were very funny, but they also exist as a standalone mod so I was fine removing them), and the 52-card pickup quest. About 30 interiors have been removed. These interiors were either too... weird (I'm looking at you ghoul stripclub in Searchlight), or pretty much useless (some of the small boxcar/train interiors since they had nothing of value). 
- Made for use with MoreMojave and AWOP Revised

- The NVInteriors Core v2.1.1 file from The N.V. Interiors Project is required for this mod to function 
- - It was a pretty interesting work flow working backwards from a completed mod, so there may be some small issues (such as stuff I forgot to delete or stuff I deleted on accident). 0 errors in FNVEdit though 

chucksteel gets all the credit for making all the painstakingly detailed interiors in The N.V. Interiors Project