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Welcome to the Afterschool Special Quest Mod
Version 2.01
by Mike Hancho

Afterschool Special is a fully voiced quest mod based on my original Schoolhouse Base for Fallout New Vegas. Many people who enjoyed my Schoolhouse Base mod requested that I create a quest version so the player can actually work for and earn their new home, so this is the culmination of that request. Overall, the mod is a quest to complete a makeover of the the Schoolhouse in Goodsprings that includes a Computerized Inventory Management System [CIMS] giving the player a fully functional and follower friendly base of operations for your adventures in the Mojave!

NOTE: Thank you to everyone who voted Afterschool Special as Mod of the Month for January 2014. A special thanks to Gopher for your "Let's Play" and "Mod Clinic" features. Your reviews breathed new life into the mod and I thank you for that!

If you are a new user, or havent completed all the quests all the way through the fence being repaired, update to V 2.01. If you've already completed everything, there's not much reason to update, but it won't hurt to do so.

Version 2.01 tweaks some dialog conditions and the script processing delay for some scripts that were laggy and caused problems. If you get stuck anywhere let me know in my comments and I'll get you moving forward again.


This mod begins with the Goodsprings School in its original vanilla state where the player must find a note scribbled by a dying man during his last moments alive. Find this note among the rubble to begin the quest to clean and refurbish the school. You'll have to find parts and complete repairs to the electrical system, treasure hunt for all the lockers and storage containers used in the CIMS System, and work with two new characters named Paul Edgecomb and Dean Stanton to convert the old school into your new home. Once the electricity is up and running, you'll have the option of purchasing several upgrades including a Workbench, Reloading Bench, Crafting Oven, Healing Station and Laboratory. There is also a small outdoor garden complete with its own irrigation system, available for purchase as well. Dean, a friendly ghoul can repair your gear and his boss Paul will open his store for business about half way through the quest. All in all the quest can take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

If you're expecting a hardcore combat mod, this will likely disappoint you as it is not a combat centered mod. But I think it's a pretty fun quest when you do it as soon as you leave Doc Mitchell's house as it's intended. I'm aware people will be playing the mod at many different levels, but at it's core it's designed to be played with a new character. It is then that I feel it fit's in perfectly with the feel and pace of the game early on.


[Requires NVSE and the Sortomatic Resource]

By popular request I have added an optional Sortomatic version of Afterschool Special. If you change over to the Sortomatic version of this mod, it is HIGHLY recommended that you make a new hard save before swapping out the files. In my testing, there weren't any issues with the conversion, but I'm only one person and cannot account for the thousands of things that could happen with mods. If you fail to save before you update do NOT blame me if something goes wrong.

I did not have any issues whatsoever converting as I simply added the necessary scripts to the existing containers, swapped my CIMS Terminal for the Sortomatic MSC, added the IQM and Homeless container. Any items already placed in my CIMS containers should still be there after you convert your version, but as I mentioned, I suggest you make a new save just in case.

To update to Sortomatic, install normally as you would any other mod either with the mod manager or manually.

The Sortomatic version does NOT have any of the display items, it only has the main sorting system and quota manager.

Also, Paul's dialog will still talk about the CIMS System and not Sortomatic. I'm not going to redo a whole section of dialog just for Sortomatic, so you'll just have to pretend they're the same system.

With the Sortomatic version I added new Kitchen cabinets that are also Sortomatic scripted as well as a little more clutter on the kitchen counters and the counter on the side wall. After you update if the cabinets and new clutter don't immediately appear, make another save, exit the game and reload and you should be good to go. This is not a bug, it's simply how the engine recognizes new objects added to an existing enable parent. If after a hard save and reload, they still don't show up, you can use the console to "refresh" the enable parent with this code:

PRID XX00974C [hit enter]
disable [hit enter]
PRID XX00974C [hit enter]
enable [hit enter]

The XX in the code is the numerical slot my mod is in your load order. You can confirm this by opening the console and clicking on any of my containers and the first two numbers in the RefID is what you need to substitute for the XX.


  • All new quest to repair the fence around the school, also adds some additional landscaping and an outdoor picnic area (better start hunting for a Chainsaw!)
  • All new quest mechanics for more immersive experience
  • All voice acting has been completely redone with more misc greetings and goodby's for more immersive experience
  • Actually purchase your upgrades from Paul now instead of using the holotapes I originally had


  • Two new fully voiced characters offering repair and trading services
  • 1 to 2 hour quest to refurbish your new base/home
  • New garden behind school
  • New back door
  • CIMS: Fully automated sorting terminal system to manage everything including weapons, armor and ammo.
  • All the extra storage containers you should ever need.
  • Reloading bench and workbench.
  • Well rested bed.
  • My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory.
  • Two extra bunks for your companions to sleep on.
  • New Vegas radio's.
  • Convenient map marker to use if you want to fast travel.
  • Fully navmeshed for your companions.
  • Lots of idle markers for your companions to tinker with. (Requires a mod to make your companions to "sandbox" when told to wait.)
  • All assets were used in an effort to keep a more "rustic" feel for the home. While it is clean, I don't feel it is palacial in any way.
  • Garbage can that respawns with a small amount of caps. Throw away junk you don't want and in 3 days it will be replaced with a modest (leveled) amount of caps.


Q - The new voice files in Version 2 don't match what is being displayed or don't work right.
A - See Installation below and remove the proper directories from the previous version.

Q - When does the quest to repair the fence start.
A - If you have already completed Homeroom, you will get a new quest "Don't Fence Me In" 3 days after you start your game with Version 2. If you haven't completed Home room, you'll get the same quest 3 days after finishing Homeroom.

Q - I had already started the quests and I updated to Version 2 and now I'm stuck and can't advance.
A - You probably updated in the middle of the two objectives I talk about in Installation below. Post in my comments thread and I'll tell you exactly what you need to do.

Q - I can't find the note to start the quest.
A - You MUST be using the fully updated OFFICIAL Patch for this mod to work. If you are and you still can't find the note, look on the opposite end of the school from where the safe and computer terminal is, there is a mattress. The note is in that area a couple of feet from the mattress.

Q - I purchased one of the upgrades and nothing happened.
A - Upgrades are enabled 24 hours after they are purchased. This was done to hopefully add a tiny touch of realism by simulating a small period of time for them to be delivered and set up.

Q - I can't find one of the containers or ingredients I need.
A - You can find some hints and spoilers on my Spoilers Page.

Q - What plants are included in the garden?
A - Almost all available re-spawning plants in the game are included in the garden itself. A couple of other plants are added on the hill behind the school. The garden has Barrel Cactus, Nevada Agave, Pinto Plant, White Horse Nettle, Broc Flower, Honey Mesquite and Coyote Tobacco. Added on the hill behind the school are Banana Yucca and Prickly Pear Cactus. Added by the back door are some additional Jalapeno Plants. Xander Root is out in front of the school.

Q - Where is the new switch and what is it for?
A - Version 1_1 adds a new switch on the south wall exterior of the school. This was added as a compatibility option for users who wish to use other mods that use the original vanilla schoolhouse. Pressing the switch will toggle between the doors for the new school and the doors for the vanilla school. NOTE: If you've already completed the beginning of the quest, to enable the switch you will need to use the console.

Hit the ~ to open the console and type PRID xx00ee7f and hit enter. Then type enable and hit enter and the switch should be ready to use. (The xx represents the numerical slot that Afterschool Special.esm is located in your load order. If you need help with this please post in the comments and I'll help you.)


If this is your first time installing Afterschool Special simply install with the mod manager or manually like any other mod.

If you are updating from any previous version you MUST delete the following directories before installing Version 2! If you do not delete this directory, the voice files in it will override the new voice files packaged in the Afterschool Special.bsa file.

Data/Sound/Voice/Afterschool Special.esm

You may also delete the following directories as these files are also in the bsa file.
Data/Meshes/schoolhouse base
Data/Textures/Schoolhouse base

In addition to the directories above, there are 2 places that I recommend waiting to update until after you have finished these objectives. If you have already been given the objective to find the materials and craft the Wonder Adobe, I suggest you wait until after you finish helping Dean fix the windows and walls in the school. If you have a save before you took the Broken Terminal to Paul, that is a good spot to update, or after you finish the walls with Dean and have the objective to go back to Paul.

Secondly, if you already have begun purchasing the furniture, decorations and other upgrades, I suggest waiting until you finish the quest since you're so near the end at this point. If you have a save somewhere in the middle of fixing the electrical system that is a good place to update.

These are just minor limitations of the updated quest mechanics and scripting I put in Version 2. If you get stuck, don't sweat it, it's just a SetStage in the console to get you going again. There's nothing we can't fix, so just post in my comments and I'll tell you what you need to do.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFO FOR ORIGINAL SCHOOLHOUSE BASE USERS: READ CAREFULLY: You'll loose all your stored gear in the original Schoolhouse Base Version 1 or 2 if you do not follow these instructions. Please don't rant on my comments page if you can't follow these simple instructions! It's very simple and in a nutshell all you have to do is get your gear out of the old school, store it somewhere until the new version is up and running, and then use the CIMS terminals to store it for you.

  • Make a new save.
  • Load that save, go into the school and remove ALL items that you don't want to loose, whether stored in a container or hand placed by you in the cell somewhere. Exit the school.
  • Make another NEW save and exit out of the game.
  • Install the new mod and make sure "Afterschool Special.esm" is checked in your load order, and the original Schoolhouse Base is UNCHECKED! Reload your game.
  • Store your gear somewhere until the electricity is on and the CIMS System is online. (There are plenty of containers inside the new Edgecomb Repair shop as well as a dumpster outside.)
  • Once the electricity is up and running go get your gear and let CIMS store it for you once again in the new school.
  • Have fun!

Download with confidence! This mod was meticulously error checked and thoroughly cleaned with FNVEdit!!!



The Computerized Inventory Management System will automatically sort your gear into assigned containers and is incredibly easy to use. It utilizes two computer terminals, and once you get used to it you can sort your entire inventory in seconds. I can be fully loaded down, come into the house, sort my gear, heal up at the Infirmary, sleep for an hour for the "Well Rested" perk, and be back out the door in under a minute!. One terminal located on the desk, and the other on the back wall by the ammo & workbench. They are set up as follows:

AMMO PARTS: Open the terminal and click the line to sort your Ammo Parts. All ammo parts used at the reloading bench including cases, lead, hulls drained energy cells and powder are then removed from your inventory and placed into the metal box labeled "Reloading Parts". The parts can be removed from the case by simply opening the case and hitting the "A" key, or by using the terminal option to get them back out.

AMMO: Ammo gets sorted to the cabinet labeled "Sorted Ammo".

WORKBENCH PARTS: Follow the same procedure above for sorting your Workbench parts and it will remove all your items used to create anything at the Workbench and place them in the first toolbox labeled "Workbench Parts". You may also get your parts back out by using the terminal or get them manually from the actual container by hitting the "A" key.

EASY TO USE: Basically, all I do each time I come in is head to the terminal and sort my parts. After I've played for a while, I'll go get all my parts out at one time, turn around to the benches, make everything I have the parts to make and use the terminal to sort everything I have left back into its container. It literally takes only a few seconds.

DESKTOP TERMINAL: The desktop terminal works exactly like the workbench terminal does. It has options to sort Chems, Perishables, Alcohol, Collectibles, Explosives, Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Books, Mags and Money.

Chems go into the First Aid Kit on the wall.
Clutter items such as cups, glasses, clipboards and so forth go into the garbage can in the kitchen.
Perishables: All items that can be ingested such as foods, water, Cola and meats are sorted with the Perishables option. Basically, anything that I felt like could "rot" goes into the refrigerator.
Alcohol goes into the Refrigerator.
Collectible items such as Teddy Bears, Pre War Money, Garden Gnomes and so forth go into one of the lockers beside the desk
Explosives go into the fourth locker on top from left to right.
Ammo, armor, clothing, weapons and money (excluding caps) go to the containers labled for each item.
Skill books and mags go into the desk.

WEAPONS AND ARMOR: Weapons, armor and clothing are NOT repaired when removed, so it's not nearly as much of a cheat.

CRAFTING ITEMS: All of your crafting items should be sorted into the refrigerator. Just like the parts sorter above, I simply collect stuff as I go, and after a while I'll go to the Refrigerator, hit "A" to take out everything and head over to the new Crafting Oven. Once I have made everything I can, I return to the sorter and sort all the remaining ingredients back to the Refrigerator. It really makes making stuff a snap!


  • All new quest to repair the fence around the school, also adds some additional landscaping and an outdoor picnic area
  • All new quest mechanics for more immersive experience
  • All voice acting has been completely redone with more misc greetings and goodby's for more immersive experience
  • Actually purchase your upgrades from Paul now instead of using the holotapes I originally had

  • New switch added on the south wall exterior of the school. This was added as a compatibility option for users who wish to use other mods that use the original vanilla schoolhouse. Pressing the switch will toggle between the doors for the new school and the doors for the vanilla school. NOTE: If you've already completed the beginning of the quest, to enable the switch you will need to use the console. (See FAQ above for details)
  • Replaced My First Laboratory with a "Schoolhouse Laboratory" that allows for all the New Vegas chems and addictions.
  • Fixed a typo and added directions to Lone Wolf Radio and Goodsprings Cave in the CIMS Container note.
  • Fixed the enabler for some of the clutter that was set to the wrong enabler.
  • Fixed bed that was slightly clipping into the wall.
  • Edited quest objectives to notify the player of the 24 hour delivery time period for the upgrades. Also removed the notation OPTIONAL for those objectives.

Once again: Download with confidence! This mod was meticulously error checked and thoroughly cleaned with FNVEdit!!!


There are a few folks I would like to express my sincere thanks to. Your advice, help and willingness to share makes each of you a valuable credit to this community!

Everyone who offered suggestions and reported issues in my comments thread.
Alexander J. Velicky & Dandys - scripting help.
Cipscis - scripting help and for your script validator.
Seraphian & WillieSea - feedback on the cost of Crafting and Workbenches, etc.
bigcrazewolf, sesom, Scarecrow23, davidlallen, CevSteel - help with exterior navmesh questions.
TheTalkieToaster & Alexander J. Velicky - help with mesh/activator questions.
All of the folks I credited in the Schoolhouse Base mod.
Bethesda & Obsidian - Thanks for making a great game and allowing us end users to tinker around in your playground!
The Nexus and Bethesda Forums and members.
Final thanks to everyone who downloads this mod and thanks to those who comment or endorse my little project!

FINAL NOTE: I've tried to be as thorough as I could to make sure every item of clutter, food, drink and so forth were included in the scripts used for CIMS. However, it's probably inevitable that I missed something. If you come across any items that I missed, please post here so I can add them into the scripts.

Enjoy, and please take a moment to endorse and give me some feedback if you will. Your input keeps me motivated and wanting to build more mods.

mod by Mike Hancho, aka Balok