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A small mod meant to bring diversity to one of the most gutted factions in the game.

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The Powder Gangers are one of the most gutted factions in the game, plenty of unused dialogue, player lines, world states (such as the Legion being able to attack the NCRCF and take it over) and more. One thing that bugged either some of the more bellicose members of the New Vegas community, or just the people who don't care about the diversity and just thought the in-game excuse was lame, was the fact that there were no women among the Powder Gangers. Even more so, Ghouls.

Certainly there lies the chance a woman could commit a crime, such as murder or theft, to warrant being put here. Same could be said for Ghouls. But that was never touched upon in game. In fact, they did away with the entire idea of it by simply proclaiming it an all-male prison and leaving it at that. Well while that certainly is an understandable way to go about it, it still didn't stop some people from wanting more. And, personally, I thought it was half-assed considering that, as the NCR is presented throughout the game and other lore-pieces, doesn't really give two damns about their inmates.

Personally, with the how the NCR dealt with their inmates at the NCRCF, it felt nicer than how the NCR are actually depicted in interacting with the factions they consider "refuse".

Well, with this mod, there now lies a chance to have a Ghoul Femganger spawning in place of normal male Powder Ganger at places including Primm, the Ganger Camps, and the wilderness. The NCRCF is the only exception so instead I manually placed a few there. Unlike other mods that add in new races or genders to the Powder Gangers, this mod comes with fully voiced dialogue for these Femgangers that not only reacts to nearby events occurring, such as a named Ganger dying or Quarry Junction being cleared out or Hidden Valley blowing up, but also sound right at home with a criminal.

Incompatible with anything that adds to or edits Powder Ganger spawn lists. Used Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch to maximize compatibility.

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Special Thanks To
Gael Force Wind - For voicing the Ghoul Femgangers.