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Climb the ranks and earn the title of champion in this fully-voiced boxing mod.

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Don't contact me via Twitter.

Enjoy wholesome, family-friendly edutainment at my Youtube channel or on Twitch.

Description that few will read:
King of the Ring features an ill-conceived, haphazard attempt to render structured, professional pugilism in the Mojave Wasteland. It mostly contains bouts of arbitrary flailing with no particular purpose beyond enhancing the libido of casual observers.

King of the Ring includes roughly 1,000,000 lines of professionally-voiced dialogue (as of version 1.0), all contributed by such greats as Mercedes McCambridge, Mel Blanc, and Orson Welles. Should you meet any of these talented individuals in the forums, please thank them for their efforts!

Extract the contents of the data folder from the archive into your New Vegas data folder. Ensure you have the Someguyseries.esm in your load order and activated. Sometimes repeating "Red rum" aloud will ensure a smooth installation.

Getting Started:
Ignore the obligatory, distracting message and follow the map marker to an obscure building. Run around this building at least three times, all the while singing, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". Then, and only then is it safe to enter Dempsey's gym and begin your career as a concussion patient.

I encourage you to post even the most minute of bug reports. I have no doubt that the issue is firmly attributed to this monstrous, conflict-ridden train-wreck of a mod. Poor grammar and nonchalant misspellings will always strengthen your case. Passive-aggressive groaning about features and/or content is simply delicious - I savor every querulous query!

A Warning:
King of the Ring features Scorsese levels of profanity, but rest assured a pure, bowdlerized build is in the works. My every thought is dedicated towards cleansing this filthy file of its nastiness. I was in fact a feral child, so sometimes my attempts at normative communication break down into fits of idle grunting and snarls, so I simply substitute in profanity as a means to hide my shame.

The Someguyseries.esm:
If your game is inexplicably crashing on startup, I assure you it has NOTHING to do with this requirement. NOTHING.

King of the Ring features opponents who will make passing attempts to concuss, maim, and bludgeon you. Some have more skill than others. Don't bother opening the GECK, just repeatedly pen pompous posts in the comments if you want to effect change to balancing. I promise I'll read every one.

Since boxing is traditionally practiced as a team sport, feel free to bring a gaggle of hangers-on with you, even into the ring. It won't have any adverse effects on balancing, as I've taken the time to script for every outlandish act that the player could attempt in this steadfastly reliable engine.

- Over 1,000,000 lines of dialogue
- Six new weapons, including "The Fleshlight Flambé", a sex toy that ejaculates napalm
- Ten new outfits, including the stealth-doll, a sex doll that improves your sneaking abilities when thumbs are firmly lodged in selective orifices
- Includes a new worldspace, "America"
- The main quest provides roughly 200+ hours of gameplay
- The spirits of your ancestors may speak to you when playing this mod

- It conflicts with everything.

Other Mods by Someguy:
Not important, nobody likes quest mods anyway. My modding is nothing. My boxing is everything.

For those of you clamoring for New Vegas Bounties III, ignore all rumors, and be certain to disregard lengthy forum threads that have been detailing production for months on end.

- The Community: The players and fellow modders at the Nexus sites have been a continuous source of encouragement and support through the decades of development.

- You: Yes, you, the player who downloads and evaluates this mod. Clearly, descriptions are to be treated with the utmost seriousness.

- Level Design: Jesus-Zimmer

The voice actors and actress, who answered me from the grave and arose to voice hundreds of thousands of lines.

- Ronald Dillinger

- Boxing Outfit: Dragbody
- "Fleshlight Flambe": Jimmy Whistles

Do not copy or redistribute this mod without my explicit permission.

I am known to give out kudos to those who are the first to correctly identify historic, literary, and/or popular fictional references.

And I credit my wife, whose pleasant support has kept me sane in an insane world.