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An Epic, DLC-Sized Christmas quest mod with professional voice acting, an exciting story, and custom content. Playtime: ~ 6 Hours.

Permissions and credits
Fallout New Vegas: Christmas Special
Alchestbreach Certified
Professionally & Fully Voiced

Average Playtime: 5-7 Hours

The cold is nearly in the air again for Christmas! Mod Author Dylan Hollis of the Rockwell Series, brings you an Epic-Sized, full Quest Mod with a hefty dose of Christmas Cheer. A quest that will dive you head first into a feverish hype to prepare for a National Wastelander's Christmas Convention that this year; has come to the Mojave.

The Questline begins after you speak to Old Nick on the balcony of the Tops Casino Floor

This Mod Includes:
- An Epic Sized Christmas Questline Spanning 14 quests. It's not short, so grab it while the season is still here!
- Fully Voiced and Lip Synced voice acting
- New Christmassy, and non Christmassy Locations all over the Mojave
- Your seasonal dose of Christmas Cheer!

- Fallout New Vegas
- Frozen World (Without this mod, you will have no Christmas Cheer. Please download and install Frozen World and its LOD file, you can thank me and the mod's creator later)

Step 1
Download your FNVChristmas Special.zip file and the Frozen World file & Frozen World LOD file, and extract them to a destination of your choice. Then Drag all of the extracted contents into your Data Folder.

Step 2
Navigate to the 'Fallout_Default' file in the the 'fallout new vegas' folder (The one just before your data folder: Programfiles/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas).

Double click it to open. It should look like a .txt document. Press Ctrl+F to open a search box. Search for 'bloadf'. This should take you to the line: bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=

Make sure bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles equals 1, insead of 0. If it equals zero, make sure to change it and save.

Step 3
You must open Fallout: New Vegas with the VANILLA LAUNCHER FIRST.

Once launched with the vanilla launcher, load a game. And then exit. This process saves the configuration settings you've altered in step 2.

Step 4
Now you may launch the game in whatever fashion you wish. Enjoy :)

To uninstall, simply save in a vanilla location - and remove all downloaded Xmas Special files from your Data Folder.

Cast List:

Old Nick - Elijah Lucian
Stiener Von Grinchenhauzen - Elijah Lucian
Energy Miser - Alchestbreach
Captain Crosby - Dylan Hollis
Teddy Clemmins - Dylan Hollis
Humphrey Selassie - Dylan Hollis
Powder Miser - Dylan Hollis
MidWinter Bartender - Zara Cardell
Bongo - Zara Cardell
Erskine Cozart - Kaleb Hamilton
Caravaneer - Kaleb Hamilton
White Glove Guard - Jeremy Taylor
Sparkin' Duracell - Jeremy Taylor

Many Thanks, And Happy Holidays