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A short to medium sized quest mod with a new companion, over 400 lines of voiced dialogue, a mystery to uncover, and choices to make at the end of it all.

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Peace in the Valley is a quest mod I worked on while planning out a much larger project. The Courier, accepting a job from a man at the Mojave Outpost, is led on an investigation to find out what happened at a small settlement in Outer Vegas, culminating in the introduction of a new companion who tells all. It features 9 new characters, including the previously mentioned, fully functional companion Derrick Danko, and multiple ways to end the mod stemming from 2 main sides to take in the story. One is of a higher moral standing, but is shorter and pays less. The other has better rewards and goes on longer, but requires a major sacrifice and comes from dubious circumstances.

This mod is lore-friendly and should hopefully add some time for a new adventure in your playthroughs. To start the quest, speak to Dusty at the Mojave Outpost.

* I'm not entirely sure what's causing it, but this mod may create a conflict with an unknown source that causes the game to not launch, as some people have reported. It works for some and doesn't work for others. I'm working on identifying the source and getting this fixed. Having NVAC installed may work.

AssassinGlasgow - Vicki West
FrenchDipp - Dusty
Geekysonic - Weiss
Grisso254 - Felix Manuel
knight0mega - Francine
Wordnerd29 - Derrick Danko
Xed Gaiath - Danny
AllYourFavorites - Ash Anderson
Man Worth A Thousand - Cpl. Mundy
knight0mega - For the fantastic illustrations!