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21 new quests, loads of new characters including 2 fully voiced companions.

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This mod contains:
- 21 new quests.
- 2 fully voiced companions.
- Loads of (mostly) voiced characters.
- over 700 lines of voiced dialogue.
- several new locations.
- and a few more things.

For a list of all the quest and how to start them check the readme, or just get out there and find them on your own.

The quests in the mod are mostly fairly small things; the idea behind it was to simply add some new side-quests for the player to do, I was getting bored of always doing the same stuff over and over in every new game I start, that's partly why I made it.
Ideally this should be installed when starting a new game; it's not absolutely necessary, but if you don't you'll probably find some of the quests really easy.

At the moment not all the characters are voiced; but will be finished in updates.

I plan to update this mod with new content as often as possible, I have loads of ideas that I never included in this release; mostly due to time constraints and the fact that I was getting bored of it for the time being.

I'm sorry about the terrible description, I really can't think of anything more to write.

Me (Saxxon91)
TheFourthHorse - Rugged Race - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/48629/? (used for Father Stanley)
ghouls0rules - Rogue ranger armor - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/42221/? (Father Stanley's outfit)
Dragbody - Carla\'s outfit

Voice actors
Saxxon91 - Balthazar, Zack, Will, Dylan, Issac, Abbot, probably more
Brigand231 - Father Stanley
Marie231 - Carla Alvarez
MartinPurvis - Curtis
ZeppoMarks - Bradley
TheBlueKidd - Anson, Diego, Erik, Wastelander
WhiskeyBob - Jesse, Joey, Caravan guard, Mercenary
DonutsStrongJaw - Derek Wildman
RiliththeRogue - Bill McCellan, Captain Fallon
ncbrisk - Glenn Traper, Steven, Hitman
RainsfordXY - Shane, Paul
CorporalGiroro - Clay
Immodium - Grant Hudson
RangerBoo - Maria Hall, Lysa Aldis

None! except NV with the latest patch.

Extract the SaxxonsQuestPack.esm, the sound, textures and meshes folders into your fallout NV data folder.

Just delete the esm and all of the other files related to this mod and that should do it.

Incompatibility, Known Issues or Bugs
Not sure about incompatibility. Possibly incompatible with AWOP but I haven't tested it.
It is not compatible with open freeside.