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Adds see-through (so no scope overlay) Combat Scopes to various weapons.

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See Through Scopes

In Short
This mod aims to enhance the experience of using scoped weapons.
Instead of relying on an overlay like the vanilla scopes, this mod allows you to actually look through the scope itself.
Furthermore, the reticle is customizable, to ensure you always have the sight picture you like.
It includes 2.5x, 4x and 8x magnification scopes, in both normal and Recon variants.
This mod comes in two flavors: ADD and REPLACE.
ADD simply adds all these scopes, nothing more.
REPLACE version adds 2.5x See Through Scopes and replaces the Short Scope, Medium Scope,
Short Recon Scope and Long Recon Scope with a See Through Scope.
The names of these scopes remain unchanged.
See the Features section for more detailed information.

For a manual installation guide, see the articles section

- Hold-Breath feature, for Combat Scopes only, or every possible sight.
- Customizable reticles at the Weapons Workbench.
- Dynamic Sway Intensity based on weapon and armor mods
- Customizable aiming sway intensity (Settings Holotape)
- Optional forced first person perspective when aiming (Settings Holotape)
- Optional blur effect when aiming (Settings Holotape)
- In-Game togglable patches (Settings Holotape)
- Possibility to customize the default reticles (See Articles section)
- Addon-support for many existing weapon mods (See Add-on section below)

The video below showcases the scopes. All scopes seen in this video are the scopes included in this mod.

UPDATE: 2.5.3
- Fixed an issue where updating the Wobble Speed using the in-game settings holotape did not update the Wobble Speed at all.

UPDATE: 2.5.2
- Fixed the Semi-Automatic Pipe Weapon scopes going black when firing in a specific rythm
- Hold Breath sounds overhaul, thanks to ClumsyNPC. Proper inhale, exhale and out of breath sounds, also for female PC's.
- Added getter-functions to the controller script for better potential mod intercompabitility
- Settings for this mod are now loaded from the Global Variables when exiting the vault.
This allows for creating "override default settings" esp's, that will be applied automatically when starting a new game.

UPDATE: 2.5.1
- Fixed an issue with being unable to melee or sprint when using the Melee key for the Hold Breath feature. (Switch to 3rd person and back/aim and stop aiming to trigger)

UPDATE: 2.5.0
New Features:
- Hold Breath Feature reworked. Different method means consistently usable. Standard key is now Melee. Prompt is customizable.
  Does disable melee when aiming with a scope. Option to allow/disable grenades while aiming. 
  No longer incompatible with "Animal Friend"/"Intimidator" perk.
- Weaponsmith Extended 2.0 patch. Updates/fixes the scopes included in that mod for which this mod has addons.
- Weapon Jiggle Remover is now a togglable patch in the See Through Scopes settings menu.
  Make sure to uninstall Weapon Jiggle Remover for this to work.
- Tactical Reload Patch (for v1.1). Togglable in the See Through Scopes settings menu.
  Make sure you load 3dscopes ESP !AFTER! the Tactical Reload ESP.
- Improved Gauss Rifle Patch is Improved. No longer required to be a separate install option.
- Fixed some helper perks used by scripts not being hidden
- Consistency pass over all Misc Objects. All scopes should now have a proper WEAPONNAME prefix in your inventory.
- Fixed the RU556 SpectreDR not benefitting from the Sniper perk
- Fixed an issue with the AS VAL/VSS Scopes (9x39 project)
- Fixed an issue where applying the Silenced Barrel to the Manwell Rifle would misalign all scopes.
- Moved to prepacked files only, to make managing the installer easier. It should also make managing the mod easier and help reduce weird conflict issues.

UPDATE 2.4.0
- Added an optional Power Armor fix. This fixes the issues some 8x Combat Scopes have when using the X-01 Right Arm or the Tesla Right Arm. Works by modifying first person meshes of said Power Armor items.
- Included Dynamic Sway as suggest by iCake. Crouching, the Sniper Perk, Stability Armor/Weapon mods now reduce the amount of sway. Tweakable if necessary. See description for details.
- Consistency pass. Some scopes got the benefit from the Sniper Perk while they shouldn't and vice versa.
- Lever Action Combat Scopes have been redone.
- Optional Recon Ripple Effect Remover. Removes the distortion effect when using Recon Scopes.
- Added support for the Creation Club Manwell Rifle and Carbine
- Fixed the incorrect, double hold breath prompt when using a vanilla, overlay scope.
- Fixed an issue where certain sights would not have the correct sway applied to them.

UPDATE: 2.3.6
- Fixed the Deliverer scopes becoming opaque when firing too fast
- Forced patch to fix the broken 'crippled arms animation' for the Service Rifle by DeadPool to be installed always
- Added a patch to fix the broken 'crippled arms animation' for the M2 Flamethrower, as the author of that mod hasn't included this fix in his mod yet.

UPDATE: 2.3.5
- More fixes and updates to the Hold Breath Feature
    - Attempt 2 at preventing it from staying after stopping with aiming
    - Activating the hold breath trigger while not aiming will now delete it, allowing for users to clean it up.
- Fixed the CC Zetan Arsenal scopes not working correctly and appearing opague
- Fixed a vanilla issue: the pipe revolver with a pistol grip had broken "arms are crippled" animations. This is now fixed, which means the weapon functions normally when using STS
- Updated the add-on for the Hand Made Antimateriel Rifle by Shoeburglar. Make sure the HMAR is updated as well.
- Added an auto-detect feature to the installer for the weapon add-on patches
(Note 1: works only properly in Vortex and is still buggy: if you enable this option and then disable it again later, it remains enabled. Restart the installer to fix this)
(Note 2: In NMM, it is enabled and cannot be disabled, again, due to a "bug" in NMM)
(Note 3: If you hate this behavior in NMM, there is a non-auto detect version available for download)

UPDATE: 2.3.4
- Changed the way the mod handles the 'Hold Breath' activator. It deletes and respawns it now instead of hiding it. Should fix issues with the activator randomly disappearing during a playthrough.
- Fixed an invalid reference in the TakeCover path
- Changed the way the installer handles a patch for the Service Rifle
- Fixed the installer installing pack 6 instead of pack 5 and vice versa.

HOTFIX 2.3.3
- Fixed broken animations on the Caravan Shotgun if installed
- Fixed a rare issue where the Hold Breath Activator would disappear
- Fixed the RU556 scopes being horrible misaligned due to a copy error
- Included the 'Fix First Person to Third Person reload bug patch' by default
- Should have fixed NMM download issues

HOTFIX 2.3.2
- Fixed an issue with the FOMOD installer not properly installing an animation patch for the F4NV Service Rifle
NOTE: Expect some issues due to the size of the update

HOTFIX 2.3.1
- Fixed some issues with the FOMOD installer not properly installing meshes or ESP's
NOTE: Expect some issues due to the size of the update

UPDATE: 2.3.0
- Added Hold Breath Feature
- Added configurable sway. Sway while aiming can now be configured.
- Reworked script logic
- Recentered ALL scopes due to animation/logic changes with the hold breath feature
- Added three new reticles and a new dot:
- Reticle: DR4, Small
- Reticle: Rangefinder
- Reticle: Rangefinder Triple, Small
- Dot: Cross, Rangefinder
- Changed the thin chrevron to a small chevron
- Added ~17 new addon patches
- Fixed the Lk-05 2.5x scope not being centered
- Fixed the R91AR Recon Scopes not being centered
- Fixed a black reticle issue with Vektor 2.5x Combat Scope
- Fixed the workbench icon for the chevron dot

UPDATE: 2.2.3
- Fixed an issue with the replacer version of the Smaller Institute Weapons Patch

UPDATE: 2.2.2
- Fixed an issue with a debug notification appearing when it shouldn't
- Fixed the issue where entering a vertibird would break the auto-toggle perspective option.
NOTE: Requires to disable, then re-enable this feature.

- Added the RobCo Recon Scope patch

UPDATE: 2.1.1
- Fixed an issue with the 4x Mosin Nagant Scope
- Fixed an issue with the Creation Club Prototype Gauss Rifle in combination with the prepacked files
- Fixed an issue with papyrus log spam*
- Fixed some issues with the Lee Enfields 8x scope, and combining scopes with the silenced barrel

* NOTE: Update the mod, then download Fallrim Tools to edit your save. In the "Scripts" and "Script Instances" section, remove any reference to "CombatScopeFixPowerArmor" and "CombatScopesForceFirstPerson". This should solve the papyrus spamming

UPDATE: 2.1.0
- Fixed an issue involving character behavior (not being able to rotate head and such)
- Fixed a misaligned scope for the R91 Assault Rifle
- Properly fixed an issue with regard to certain reticle customizations not working as intended.
- Added a couple of animation patches
- Added an option to remove (most) of the lens reflection when aiming
- Added an addon for the Lee Enfield by asXas

HOTFIX: 2.0.2
- Fixed the non-dlc Main ESP's. No longer requires both DLC's
- Fixed the Far Harbor ESP's. No longer requires Nuka World
- Update the Reticle Customization to work with mods using "not-properly-constructed" material swaps.
- Updated some scope models a little bit to have a clearer view (Combat Rifle/Machine Gun)

UPDATE: 2.0.1
- Fixed an issue where using the Hunting Scope Recon Combat Scope (8x) would result in the player being unable to fire for the remainder of the session
- Fixed an issue where certain armor pieces would clip when aiming with certain 8x scopes
- Fixed an issue where the prepacked archive files were incorrectly named
- Fixed an issue with the Service Rifle scope reticles not being customizable
- Fixed some typos in the installer
- Slightly adjusted the Hunting Rifle scopes to make the sway more centered

Complete redo of the mod. Techinical side of how scopes work has been changed.
Allows more scope shapes.
This initial version will probably contain some small errors.
A general outline of the changes in this update:
- More consistent crafting recipes/perk requirements
- All weapons now have 2.5x, 4x and 8x (Recon) Scopes
- Replacer version now replaces the short scope (4x) and medium scope (8x)
- Reticle textures have been redone
- Framework merged by default into the main ESP
- Dropped some addons that were no longer available on NexusMods
- Added a patch for Smaller Institute Weapons
- Added some additional addon patches
- Changed the holotape-giver-quest, should now work fine :D


This mod aims to bring see through style scopes like you are used to from games like Call of Duty to Fallout.
This means that the there is no fade or scope overlay when using these scopes. The mod calls these Combat Scopes.
The scopes are available for most vanilla weapons. You can pick from 2.5x, 4x or 8x zoom.
Recon Scope variants are also available, with the same zoom options.
The 4x and 8x scope variants are affected by the sniper perk, the 2.5x scopes are NOT.
All the reticles for these scopes can be customized in-game.
The scopes should spawn on NPC's as well, and can be crafted on the weapons workbench.

The mod comes in two versions, ADD or REPLACE. The add version just adds the scopes to the game, and that's it.
The replacer version REPLACES the Short and Medium scopes with 4x and 8x Combat Scopes respectively.
Furthermore, the Short Recon Scope is replaced with a 4x Recon Combat Scope, and the Long Recon Scope is replaced with an 8x Recon Combat Scope.
The 2.5x Combat Scope do not replace any existing scope, they just get added to the workbench.

The mod also comes with a settings holotape. You should get it automatically.
If you somehow lost the tape, or did not receive it, no worries: you can craft it at a Chemistry Station under the aid section.
See the "In-game Settings" sections to see what you can configure.

Since version 2.4.0, Dynamic Sway was introduced. The following factors contribute to reducing the amount of sway:
Crouching - 30% reduction
Sniper Perk - 15% reduction
Sharpshooter's Grip - 10% reduction
Markman's Stock - 15% reduction
Stabilized Armor - 10% per piece

All bonuses are additive. So if you have the Sniper Perk, a Sharpshooter Stock and you are crouching, then sway is reduced by 15% + 15% + 30% = 60%
NOTE: These exact values can be tweaked by the user. See the "In-Game Options" section for details.

In-Game Settings

The See Through Scopes Settings holotape allows you to customize how the mod behaves.
Below is the list of settings available in the holotape menu:

Auto-Toggle Perspective

This setting controls what perspective the game is forced to use when aiming.
There are three settings:
Off - the settings is disabled. No perspective changes are enforced when aiming
Combat Scopes only - If you start aiming with a Combat Scope while you are in 3rd Person, the game switches to 1st person.
As soon as you stop aiming, the perspective is restored to 3rd Person. (Only if you previously were in 3rd Person
Always - Same as above, but no matter what sight you are using.

Blur Effect

Allows to apply a blur effect when aiming, but is disabled by default. The strength of the effect can be customized.
The blur effect applies to the same scopes for which the Hold Breath feature is enabled.
The GIF below shows the different settings:

Hold Breath

Controls which scopes can be steadied. The Blur Effect and Wobble Effect/Speed settings use this same setting to determine if their effect should be applied.
This costs AP. The amount of AP consumed is affected by the Sniper Perk.

This also influences the "wobble" behavior when aiming. Vanilla sights tend to move around a little bit, not being in the center of your screen all the time.
If the Hold Breath feature is applied to a sight, this behavior is changed. The sight should always be properly centered, and the entire screen moves around slightly.
The distance and speed of this movement is controlled with the Wobble Effect and Wobble Speed settings.
The Wobble Effect can be disabled, meaning no wobble is applied at all, not even Vanilla Wobble.
This allows to have your aim perfectly steady and centralized.

There are four options:
Disabled - The Hold Breath feature is disabled.
Combat Scopes 4x and up - Allows Combat Scopes that magnify 4x or more to be stabilized while aiming.
All Combat Scopes - All Combat Scopes can be stabilized.
All Sights - The Hold Breath feature is applied to every sight in the game.

Hold Breath Key

Sets which key you need to PRESS (not hold!) to toggle holding your breath and stabilizing your aim.
Defaults to the Melee key. Can be set to the Activate key as well, but is not recommended:

Earlier versions of this mod used a janky activator set up to achieve a hold breath prompt.
Basically, an invisible button was moved in front of the player, which triggered the prompt.
This does mean that any button/activator behind this invisible button was no longer usable while aiming.
This interferes with the "Intimidator"/"Animal Friend" perks.
Furthermore, the invisible button can be pushed through geometry, making it unusable.
Using this settings is not recommended.

The Melee key setting works better, but has a slight problem: you can't melee while you are aiming.
Furthermore, holding the key down still throws a grenade by default.
This can be disabled, but that means you can no longer throw grenades while aiming.

There are five options:
[USE] key (legacy) - Use key triggers hold breath. Shows a prompt that can not be disabled. Not recommended (see above)
[MELEE] key (with prompt) - Melee key triggers hold breath. Shows a prompt in the top left corner of the screen. Still allows to throw grenades.
[MELeE] key ([prevent grenades) - Same as above, but disabled throwing grenades/mines when aiming.
[MELEE] key (without prompt) - Same as first option, but does not show the prompt. Still allows to throw grenades.
[MELEE] key (no prompt, prevent grenades) Melee key triggers hold breath. No prompt, disables throwing grenades/mines when aiming.

Wobble Effect

Controls the amount of wobble that is applied to your aim when you are aiming with a sight that has the Hold Breath feature enabled.
This setting overrides vanilla aiming wobble behavior. Now, the sight is always perfectly centered, and the entire screen moves around.
This setting can disabled, meaning your aim is perfectly centered and steady.
If this setting is disabled, the hold breath prompt is hidden and can not be used, since it is not required.

The settings range 25% - 200%, or can be disabled.

Wobble Speed

Controls the speed of the Wobble Effect animation.
The setting ranges from 10% - 200%.


Version 2.5.0 introduced "Dynamic Patches". This allows to toggle patches while in-game.
For this to work, the 3dscopes ESP needs to be loaded AFTER the mod you try to patch.

There are currently two patches:
Weapon Jiggle Remover - Removes weapon jiggle after firing. Subtle, but some people find this annoying
Tactical Reload v1.1 - Patch for Tactical Reload, v1.1. ONLY APPLY IF TACTICAL RELOAD IS INSTALLED

Custom Settings

Shows information about how to customize your settings with more precision. It comes down to this process:

Using the console, you can customize the some settings even more. The general flow is as follows:
- Pick one of the settings you would like to tweak:
SeeThroughScopesBlurStrength                          - Blur Strength - Example Values: 0 (0%), 1.0 (100%) 4.0 (400%)
SeeThroughScopesWobbleStrength                    - Wobble Strength - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.3 (50% of default) 0.6 (Default) 1.2 (200% of default)
SeeThroughScopesWobbleSpeed                        - Wobble Speed - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.5 (50%) 1.0 (100%)
SeeThroughScopesCrouchSwayReduction        - Crouch Sway Reduction - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.3 (Default, 30%), 0.6 (60%)
SeeThroughScopesSniperSwayReduction         - Sniper Perk Sway Reduction - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.15 (Default, 15%) 0.3 (30%)
SeeThroughScopesGripPistolSwayReduction   - Sharpshooter Grip Reduction - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.10 (Default, 10%) 0.3 (30%)
SeeThroughScopesArmorSwayReduction         - Stabilized Armor Reduction *- Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.05 (Default, 10%) 0.15 (30%)
SeeThroughScopesGripRifleSwayReduction     - Sharpshooter Stock Reduction - Example Values: 0 (0%) 0.10 (Default, 10%) 0.3 (30%)

*Due to how this is implemented, each single armor piece counts as two. To achieve reduction of 10% per piece, set this value to 0.05

Now, enter the following into the console:
For example, if I want to set the Crouch Sway Reduction to 55%, I would enter:
set SeeThroughScopesCrouchSwayReduction to 0.55
Repeat this process for every setting you want to customize
!!!IMPORTANT!!! You're not done yet!
Open the See Through Scopes Settings Holotape, and pick the option "Load Custom Settings"
This will update the mod to use the values you just entered.

If you want to reset all these settings to their default, pick the option below it, "Reset to Default"

Load Custom Settings
Loads the customized settings.
Reset to Default
Resets the settings to default


Easiest way is to use Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex.
During the installation process, pick whether you want the ADD or REPLACE version of the mod, which DLC's you have, and if you want to install add-ons

For a manual installation guide, see the articles section

Updating from version 1.21 or lower

It is recommended to do the following:
- Disable all the See Through Scopes related ESP's, load your game.
- If enabled, disabled the blur and forced first person effects.
- Save your game.
- Exit the game
- Update the mod
- Re-enable all the See Through Scopes related ESP's
This will cause all your scopes to disappear from your weapons.
It is possible to just update the mod without going through the hassle of disabling the mod first, though this might cause issues.

NOTE: It is most likely that all the scopes on add-on weapons will disappear, due to those ESP's being completely redone


Can I easily switch between ADD and REPLACE flavors?
Yes, but you will loose all non-vanilla scopes (those named Combat Scopes). Some weapons might glitch out because of this.
This can be fixed by going to a Weapons Workbench and trying to "rebuild" your weapon by adding other weapon mods.

Does the Sniper perk affect scopes?
Yes it does! Scopes with a magnification of 4x and up receive the bonuses from the Sniper Perk.
Furthermore, the AP cost for holding your breath is also decreased by 50% if you have that perk level.

Does crouching reduce the wobble? Do armor/weapon mods with the "Stabilize" property reduce the amount of sway while aiming?
Yes and yes! Default is 10% per armor/weapon piece, 15% for the Sniper perk, and 30% for crouching.
These bonuses are being added up, and then subtracted from the sway intensity.

Known Issues

PROBLEM: My scopes appear upside down, or very zoomed in:
PROBLEM: Changing the FOV has weird effects on the (8x) scopes:
FIX: Make sure your 3rd and 1st person FOV is set to the same value. This can be done using the console like so: "fov 90 90"

PROBLEM: The reticle craft option shows a lock! I can't craft it!:
FIX: Yes you can craft it. Just ignore the lock and try to craft it. It just works TM. The lock is a "visual bug"

PROBLEM: Duplicate scopes are showing up in the crafting menu, are not mounted properly and are off-center
FIX: This is most likely caused by installing an add-on patch for a weapon you have not installed.
Disable this addon and the duplicate scopes should go away

PROBLEM: The Hunting Rifle 8x Scope is unusable when in my X-01 Power Armor (at least have the right arm equipped)
FIX: There is an option in the installer to patch this issue.

PROBLEM: Combat Scopes affect the fire rate of the Hunting Rifle/.44
FIX: No fix. This has to do with how the scopes works. The 'negative' effect is losing just 1 point in your fire rate, which should be acceptable.

PROBLEM: I do not have my 'See Through Scopes Settings' holotape
FIX: Go to the Chemistry Station and look under the Misc tab. You should be able to craft it there. If it isn't there, then the ESP is simply not active.

PROBLEM: Changing the player scale makes the reticles become off-center
FIX: Dont change your player scale :P As far as I am currently aware of, there is nothing much that can be done.
Other than manually tweaking all the offsets. It's a vanilla problem. For instance, set the player scale to 0.1 and try using any vanilla sight. It will be off center as well.


This mod comes with add-on patches for the following weapons:
[PACK 1]
AK-2047 by ff7cloudstrife
G67 by Junnari
M14 by ff7cloudstrife
M2216 by ff7cloudstrife
R91M by ff7cloudstrife
[PACK 2]
Crossbow by TrickyVein
AS Vektor by doobot
HK UMP 45 by DDProductions
LK-05 Carbine by DOOM
USP.45 by Wretched89
XM73 Gauss Rifle by tumbajamba
[PACK 3]
M9 by ff7cloudstrife
Spetnaz Rifle by Undyne77
Bozar by MikeMoore
Cryo Phaser by Nanchocheez
DKS-501 by LtCommander
DefenseGun by YonaTaku
[PACK 4]
Wattz Laser Gun by DeadPool2099
Ruger AC-556 by TactaGhoul
SVU by FX0x01
Service Rifle by DeadPool2099
Bullpup Bozar by DeadPool2099
R91 Assault Rifle by C1ph3rr
Lee Enfield by asXas
Mosin Nagant by FX0x01
SVT 40 by asXas
Handmade AMR by Shoeburglar
Prototype Gauss Rifle
Anti-Materiel Rifle
Classic 10mm (Tunnel Snakes)
Zetan Arsenal
Manwell Rifle
[PACK 5]
Anti Materiel Rifle (F4NV) by Toasty Fresh
Prototype Gauss Rifle by MrRadioactive
RU556 by FX0x01
Service Rifle by WastelandMelody
Holorifle by Shoeburglar
LAER by The Rizzler
9x39 Project by FX0x01
[PACK 6]
AUG by NovaFinch
SV-98 by NovaFinch
M1A by FX0x01
HK G3 Family by TheBigLidowski
FN FAL SA58 by Wanamingo
Mk41 Gyrojet by The Rizzler
Hunting Revolver by The Rizzler
The packs indicate how the installer allows for merged ESPs to be installed.

Mods that already include Combat Scopes by themselfs:
   .233 Pistol by Skibadaa
   Alien Assault Rifle by henkspamadres
   Desert Eagle by stabcops
   Gatling Rifle by henkspamadres
   IF-54 by Skibadaa
   Jaguar MSX 200 LMG by DOOMBASED
   Modular Kalash Assault Rifle by DOOMBASED
   Pipe Shotgun by Elgoes
   SCAR-LK by Doom
   WH-77 by Skibadaa

How-To Tutorial

I recently wrote a short 'tutorial' on how to create a patch for a weapon.
It can be found in the articles section, or by clicking here

First of all: all people who made suggestions to improve this mod. To many to name them all here in the credits.
Without them, you would still be looking through a pipe, and not have the awesome .44 scope on your hunting rifle.
Second, a special thanks to Fliegenaffe for donating a premium membership.
Third, a thanks to the creators of the various tools:
- the NifSkope Team
- the FO4Edit Team
Credit to JesterDoobie and his RATZ mod for allowing me to figure out how to allow for user input while aiming
Credit to Arindel and the Auto Hide Crosshair mod for an easy way to hide the crosshair when aiming
Credit to and aerisarn and the Weapon Jiggle Remover mod for inspiring me to fix the Hold Breath feature using behavior files
Credit to iCake for suggestion the Dynamic Sway system, which adjust the amount of sway based on crouching and other factors.
Credit to ClumsyNPC for incorporating the proper vanilla Hold Breath sounds in a patch and sending the edited files over

v1.18 High Quality reticles made by mancika

89f33dc4db52a13c 3235cec9907584d5
e60601e21d1042c2 85666e934ff6f2db
f947d433264fdd90 64452a28ccbf33bb
12050cb2f23c601c 252c5404303b3e0e
6bbd2c70cabeedbb 4664b21c9917a5a6
99786ce92960fb65 ec27cdd360a1e377
766ebf545d137fdd abb9dedf2efabbdb
dd621a879c49d6b7 2ead9f9d6c7baa78
494b74ca61fb3ed8 12c23c146d8cc124

Some models, most likely for add-on weapons, are edited models of said add-on mod. Thus, some 'custom' scope models are not my own.
I merely made some very small edits so you would be able to see through them. Therefore, I take NO credit for these models.
If I am using one of your custom models and do not see your name listed below to acknowledge it is yours, please let me know.
Also, if you don't want me to use your model, please let me know as well.

Other Mods I Made: