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MrRadioactiv - AlexScorpion - Wardaddy - Mookachalupa

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Adds a Powerful New Energy Weapon to the Glowing Sea.

Permissions and credits
Prototype Gauss: Item 117.


Location: Decrepit Factory

Current is 1.0, so the mod is a little dry at the moment but I will be updating the page regularly.

Planned Updates:
-See Through Scopes 2.0 Compatibility
-Visible Holster Support
-New Sights, Glowing Edges around Reflex similar to Far Cry 5
-ESL Version
-Bug Fixes

Known Issues:
-There is no animation for Throwing Grenades. Ask WarDaddy if you want a fix. Fixed in 1.01
-There is no animation for Third Person in Power Armor. Ask WarDaddy if you want a fix.
-Mag sometimes shimmers/shakes during idle in third person mode. This is an animation related issue, ask WarDaddy if you want a fix.
-To craft the Institute Conversion, it requires an Institute Weapon of any kind (Rifle/Pistol/etc.), in the crafting menu it just lists "Institute"
-I'm sure there will be more

Feel free to upload screens & videos of your own!

-MrRadioactiv for Patience, Persistence, and the original Assets.
-AlexScorpion for Makarov Scope, Animated Textures, CK Work.
-WarDaddy for Animations, Friendship, and Memes.
-Me for CK tweaks, Implementation.