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This mod adds several displays for your items as well as a few random clutter items for your settlments. Allowing you show off your favorite weapon, store all that Nuka Cola you have been carrying around or place your magazines on a more space efficient wall shelf.

Permissions and credits
Choochoo1's workshop framework displays and clutter

This mod adds several displays for your items as well as a few random clutter items for your settlments. Allowing you show off your favorite weapon, store all that Nuka Cola you have been carrying around  or place your magazines on a more space efficient wall shelf.

Through the power of workshop framework as well as a lot of help from some fellow modders this mods adds many new display options for various items in the game well as a few random clutter items. 

New 3.0 
All items have been moved into a custom category under decorations

New in 2.2
Added opening and closing weapons case, Meshes and collisions done by Pra

New in 2.1
Metro inspired rifle and pistol wall display
Rifle vault shelf
Safe that holds misc/junk items
Clothing shelf and suitcase should now hold most clothing items, not just the ones with ballistic weave

New in 2.0
Alot of new Things Added in version 2.0
Sliding glass door displays for your weapons, available in wood and stone
Lockers to hold Clothing items (Should hold any clothing/armor items)
A locker and a shelf that will hold your junk Items
an ammo shelf that holds Mini-Nukes and Nuka-Nukes
A box that holds books and crate that holds Molotoves (Original Ideas and Data entry for both by whisper stealth)
A dart Board that Holds stimpaks (Original Idea and data entry by whisper stealth, Dartboard assets provided by the creative clutter team)
Display shelves for Stimpaks, Radaway, and Rad-X
Large wall size magazine holder for displaying lots of magazines at once
Added Markers to cause NPC's to look at weapons in some of the cases, may expand this in the future.

NEW IN 1.1
There is now a random pistol case, does not have many varieties, not many pistols in the game, will add expanded tie ins later.
Random Rifle case now has support for Far Harbor, if installed the radium rifle and lever action rifle will be added to the list.
Random rifle cases now support deadpools Service rifle, if installed it will be added to the list.
Random donut trays, will spawn 6 donuts on the tray, must have Slocum Joe CC content installed
Borderjunk box now has a pistol version
Weapon cases now have a pistol version.

Randomized Displays located under the shelves/tables/wood walls category respectively
A shelf that spawns random Nuka Colas, will spawn Nuka World  nukas on it if you have that DLC installed
A mininuke shelf that will also spawn Nuka Nukes if you have the Nuka World DLC installed
A shelf that spawns Robot Models
A case that spawns random rifles, including handmade ones if you have Nuka World installed as well as support for a few CC and and a couple of my favorite mods.
A vault table that spawn various vault related clutter.
A wooden wall that spawn with random posters on it

Displays-Located under the containers catagory
A static frame to display your power armors (make sure to remove any pieces before deleting it!!!)
A shelf that hold power armor pieces
Large shelf that holds several rifles
Glass display cases for every type of weapon that I can think of with lids and lights.
Display wall shelves for Nuka Colas, overdue library books, magazines, and holotapes.
Free standing shelves for Vault suits and clothing (Please see notes at the bottom)
Display boxes for the bobbleheads and robot parts models.
A small table top display box for magazines
A safe that holds gold and silver scrap bars
A table that holds item misc mods
A shelf that holds pre-war food items
 A box that holds grenades
A Grognak display case that holds Grognak memorabilia, including perk mags, the holotape game, the armor and Grognaks axe.
A borderjunk crate that opens and holds 2 rifles

Notes and known issues A.K.A. Please read me.
If you don't it WILL delete the pieces.
Due to the way the displays use keywords there are a couple limitations to keep in mid.
There are a few different types of keywords people use for rifles, which is why there are two types of of some of the rifle displays. If it does not display on a type A shelf try a type B shelf. If it does not fit either I am afraid there is nothing I can do, you will need to contact the mod author and let them know of the issue.
The clothing shelf ONLY takes cloths the can have ballistic weave, this is another limitation I had to work with, sorry.
If you place a random clutter item and the items move/fall over pick it up and place it again, it should fix itself.
Do not un-install mid playthrough, if you do it could be wonky, left behind items, etc. if you un-install its at your own risk. make a save before you install and roll back to that.
I MAY update this with more features in the future, depends how well it does, this is several months worth of work and I hope it does well.

Credits and thanks
Kinggath for workshop framework
Captain coots for scripting help
Whisper stealth for more scripting and snap point help
Doombased for the weapons case
Ethreon for the Borderjunk assets
Creative Clutter Team for the Dartboard assets
Pra for Making collisions and animations for the opening weapons case
Model and textures for the weapons case found here
Sound for weapons case opening and closing found here - Edited by me to fit the case animation.
Anyone else I may have forgotten, Please DM me so I can add you