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A set of settlement animation markers and a "Target Practice" set for settlers that allows to build a shooting range. Added: some kids markers, Tarberry plantation, schedules for settlers, assignable dancers, grass plots, movable sleeping bags and other features.

Permissions and credits
This is a set  of invisible settlement markers that allows settlers to do something useful or funny.  These  markers  are only visible  while you are in the workshop mode. I tried to make  them in a similar way as the awesome Akarnan`s Invisible Furniture. I included only those markers that  I have not seen in other mods or that  were necessary for my  mod to work.
Markers include  "Target Practice" set for settlers (Settlement Shooting Range, Melee Practice, Assignable Dancers  and  other  things).
This mod  has 2 versions now. The main version requires  Contraptions DLC as it uses "firing targets" original models. There is an optional No DLC Version. Please Install only one version at a time.

Version  1.7.3  - Added a few minor fixes.  Fixed efficient schedule II - start time C   is now properly displayed.  A few other small fixes including a  fix for re-appearing marker (can't  guarantee  it helps,  impossible to  re-create the issue ). 

1.7.2  -  Added 2  raid alarm speakers (misc section) and universal guard mat (furniture section). The speakers are used  to mark a safe place to  stay during an attack.  All  settlers that count for population apart from  guards  will  gather  around them.  The universal guard  mat  is a  guard post that works for any race ( humans, super mutants,  robots etc).

Version 1.7.1 - Added one more customizable schedule, please check 'A1 Efficient Schedule' holotape. Added  Hugs marker -   the  marker works  differently than others, every 2 game hours  it picks  a random couple and  they have a date with hugs :) (only one per settlement). Added photographer guard furniture. They look nice together -  photographer and  hugging settlers, just  like they came to  make a family photo.

Version 1.7.2 (requires Contraptions DLC)  - main version. 

Version 1.6.1 No DLC   -  For those who  don`t have the DLC  that is required for the main version.  This  file has  most of the  listed features apart from Firing
Targets and Score Boxes.


1 Attraction Marker "Leisure area". The marker is used to create a relaxation point (some place that attracts settlers the same way as any settlement bar does). Settlers  love to stay close to it in their free time. In order to see the effect place some furniture/animation markers around it.
2 Various furniture and markers:
Newspaper seller,  assignable dancers, Typewriter Station ,  Chalk Drawing, Ground Sitting, Clapping etc. Some furniture for kids and  some jobs for guards. Guard posts  that allow to snap  an additional guard mat (to use with day/night schedules), school desk. If you can`t assign kids  yourself, you can put a craftable School Note(typewriter) into the desk. The the first kid who sit there, will be auto assigned to it.
Assigning  settlers is  optional for all mats that allow  assigning.  All mats can be used as relaxation mats when no  settlers  
assigned to them.  Use "Leisure Area" Mat  or  any  relaxation object (such as a bar) to attract settlers  to  the relaxation mats.
Most markers can be used by children and  additionally there are  a  few markers  that can be used only by children.
Jogging mats work almost the same as  target practice mats  but with greater possible distance (5000 units). Settlers will  jog between the start mat and  the closest end mat.
2 Schedules for settlers -   Allows you to  change settler`s day  pattern. To create schedules make  a typewriter  (Settlement Markers - misc section). You can create, read and give  a schedule to a settler. Give a schedule to  a settler  to  make them  use it. Take it back if you want  them to  stop using it. Allows to create  day and night shift for guards and other workers. Sometimes   assigning  a  settler to a new object  can overwrite the schedule. In this case take it back and give it again.  This mostly goes  to caravan workers.
3 Garden section -  A grass and dirt plot for plants. Flora decorations. Craftable water  that allows to place and grow  Tarberry. The water can be used to create swimming pools. Note that it`s just  water,  it  does not have  an undress effect. Some floors  with  2-3 levels of snap points (allows to snap to the middle of the  brick foundation etc). Additional snap levels  work only with full size floors (or 1/2  but not 1/4).  This is for creating shallow pools.  Some  other  objects  for swimming pools and gardens.
4 Misc items such as hanging bags , boxing ring , locked door or a  craftable typewriter.  Hanging bags  can be used as  a target for melee practice. Just attach an invisible target card to them. Locked  door - just a door with an auto lock. Only player can open the door. Please note that the door  can`t stop the settlers from teleporting. The typewriter is used to create schedules.
5 Customizable Electric Bell and Customizable "A1 Efficient schedule". The bell can be configured through a terminal. You can set a group to summon (unemployed, scavengers, kids etc) and sound to play. The schedule can be configured through a special holotape (chem lab utility  "A1 Efficient Schedule holotape").
6 Skyrim Custom Dance Animations ( great thanks for animations to Invalidfate and Umpa).  There are also 3  blank  records for adding more custom idle animations (.hkx  files),  check the Settlement Markers holotape for details. All the the animations in my mod added as new animations and don't replace any existing game files.  Some  of the custom animations have minor issues (like teleporting to the start point etc). This is impossible to fix  with existing  tools. 
7 Movable sleeping bags. 
You can find them inside the 'SM workbench'  barrel that  can be found in the Misc section of the Settlement Markers menu.  You can  take these bags to your inventory, z-key  and sleep. 
8 Schedule Dispatcher 
Can be used to dispatch/remove  schedules in your current settlement location. To replace dispatched/given  shedules you have to  remove them first.  The Dispatcher  will  only dispatch to settlers who don't have a custom schedule yet . So you  can  for example  give  schedules to guards manually. Then  dispatch  some schedule to provisioners  and  then  dispatch  another scedule to all other settlers using 'all settlers' option.

Target Practice:

1 Targets and Markers
The set  contains craftable  markers( shoot/melee: guards,  vendors and  scavengers, relaxation) and targets (firing targets, invisible target cards tc). The markers mark the place where settlers will stand while training. The arrow in each marker shows the direction settlers will face  when entering this marker. 

 Each  type of markers is linked to some certain type of targets (I.e. the blue Marker for Firing Toggle will  work only  with the blue  Firing Target Toggle etc). Read the description in the Workshop to find out  what target is required for each type of marker.
Max distance between the target and it`s marker  can be up to 2500 units (this is near to 9-10  large shack floors). Min distance is not
limited. If the distance is out of limit you`ll get a warning.
These markers  can be used  as relaxation  mats too, just don`t assign   anyone  to them  in this

Firing Target Mats  and Fighter mats are limited  to 1 of  each type  per settlement.  After reaching the limit they  will disappear from the workshop menu.

Target  practice mats can be used by generic children, but you`ll need to  equip them with some weapons.

In  version 1.4  you can change damage settings for target practice using the "A1 Settlement Markers" holotape.

2 Score Boxes for Firing Toggle and Pulse targets. Score Boxes  show  current settlers scores.  Firing targets have to  be powered for this to work.  Score Boxes don`t  have  to be powered, but if powered they will   also give gifts. The chance to receive a gift depends on settler`s  scores and  some other things.  Settlers  can improve their  specials , they`ll   also receive  a  special token in this case  and one of  the vanilla bandanas.  If you  don`t  want this option, just don`t power  Score Boxes. Score Boxes have a built-in light  that shows if they are powered or not.

Score Boxes  can be placed  anywhere between the  firing target  and  the appropriate mat   or even a little bit further.  My  advice is to place it  close to the mat  as they also attract settlers. 

* You can place multiple leisure area markers in the same settlement.  An area with more markers will attract more settlers.

*  Most markers and furniture that counts as guard posts allows a settler to be assigned to a few different work places( a settler  can produce 6 defence points). For example, you can assign one settler to typing, shooting and jogging guard markers  and  the settler will cycle through the work places during the working day, changing the activity from time to time.  The exception is the fighter mats and gong furniture. Each of them provides 6 defence and an assigned settler can't be assigned to additional guard posts. The same goes to  crops markers.

* Target Shooting Practice will work between 9 am  and 11.45 pm. In other time  settlers  can still  use  markers as idle markers for standing.

* Firing targets "toggle" and "pulse"  work the same way as original Firing Targets from DLC (apart from being targets for settlers). They can be powered and connected to other objects and they  will  register settler`s hits.

* Markers  can be activated only by NPCs who have some  weapons  equipped in their inventory  (melee/ranged).  For ranged weapons  settlers  should have at least 1 ammo.

* Markers can be used by kids  if they have any equipped weapon (+ ammo) in their inventory and if their  AI packages allow them to shoot(generic kids will use these markers and shoot).

* All building limitation  are set just to make target practice  work properly.  Breaking these limitations is safe and  won`t lead to
breaking the mod or the game,  but will make target practice work not as

3 Fighter Mats

Only 1 set per settlement;  any settlement except  the Castle,  the Castle  has something special that makes guards wander  all the time,  so it`s just not the best idea to build it there. This set   consists of   2  fighter markers  and  an optional  Gong  furniture.
How it works :
You build 2 markers (blue and red)    and assign at least 1 settler  to one of them. The second settler can be either assigned to the second mat or you can use the second mat as  a relaxation mat so the second fighter will be random.  The Gong furniture is optional. The Gong  should be  placed  not too far from the markers. ( 2500 units = 9, 5  large floors max distance).
Assign a settler and he will hit the gong  before  every  new  fight.  Both fighters  and the gong  worker  will have their own schedule so there is no point  to give them  craftable schedules.

This is fighting  practice, trainee settlers  won`t become enemies and  won`t   ever  die or kill each other.  But note  that  they do real damage , so if some  non protected  settler will  accidentally get under their  fire,   they can   kill him.
Non protected settlers =  some of the named settlers. They   never restore their health and can be killed  by enemies too. 

Fighter Mats will work with any  type of weapons. There is no  distance limit  for  fighter mats A and B  they   just have to be in the same location, 
 but for melee  fights  it`s better to put them  not far from each other. Each  fighter will  always stay   in 500 units radius  from his mat during the fight. (500 units = near to  2 large floors) .

Great thanks to AWARHERO  for a tutorial video  for fighter mats:   

I recommend   to use it with these  mods:
Invisible Furniture
Craftable animation markers
Busy Settlers
CWSS Redux v2
and  other  similar mods. 

You can attach  target cards to most craftable items  to make  settlers shoot at them.
For classic  targets  you can check this mod:
Shooting Targets

My other mods:
Portable Cloning Device
Kitcat's Camping Gear´╗┐
Magic Syringes´╗┐
Simplistic Tent

Special thanks to:

Lasse1001  for helping other user  and for  the customazible bell idea.

The mod should be compatible with any mod, it does not alter any game files and has no recipes for vanilla objects. But If you find any bugs or incompatibilities, please  let me know about that.
Please, before reporting  a bug make sure the mod is  installed properly  as  there were some  reports about the NMM.   And please note that this is my first mod and the most difficult part  was  preparing and uploading  it here, so if  everything goes well, please let me know about this too.

If you have mods that directly edit workshop scripts and  get any problems with items from my mod,  try to  move the mod  up  so it goes before the ones that edit workshop scripts. 

Solving problems.
I've noticed that some users  have  issues either with the Workshop  not updating or settlers  ignoring new objects.  These  issues  are most likely to be the  vanilla game bugs  similar to the bug when your settlers can` t find their beds.   I  don`t think I  can do  anything  about  it as these problems are  not at my end,  but  these steps can help you to solve them :

Re-entering the Workshop or saving and loading the save  can  fix the problem  when the Workshop  doesn't  update itself  and  doesn't show  a new category.

Leaving the settlement  for some time and returning  can help when settlers ignore  markers or  don`t shoot. 

In version 1.1 and higher  there is  a little chance to encounter a bug  when fighters ( only fighter set ) stop to fight or do anything at all and just stand do nothing.  This bug  happens due to  some  vanilla bug with magic effects that I can`t  remove now. But  I have  added   an easy  fix for this bug  - either sleep for an hour  or   reassign   fighters  to their mats . Storing mats will work too.

Installation and deinstallation.
Step 1
Install with NMM  or  manually (mods should be enabled  in your  ini file.  Use the Nexus  instruction to enable modding if you have not  done it yet. Download the zip file, extract  the archive to any folder, copy  all files in my mod's Data folder and put them into your  Data folder. Add a string to your plugins.ini: *Settlement_Markers.esp )
Now you can find  the Settlement Markers Category in your Workshop (main menu) and  start building.

Important!!! Use the  holotape  to uninstall the workshop menu  before you uninstall  or disable the mod. The  holotape can be always found in the Utility section of your chem lab. After uninstalling the menu, you can safely delete and disable all mod files. If you accidentally  uninstalled the menu,  just use the same  pill/holotape  to install it back. Restarting the game is not required for such cases. 
Please note, that if you totally uninstalled the mod( disabled in NMM), it`s better not to install  it back for the same playthrough . It goes not only to this mod, but to any mod  that contains scripts and scripted objects. If you accidentally disabled or uninstalled the mod and want to install it back, it`s better to  load a save where the mod was still installed. This way it will  be safe enough and  will help to avoid  possible issues.

Updating old versions.
Updating version 1:

1) Store  every  shooting range  item. You can scrap firing  toggle and pulse,   you`ll have to rebuild them.  It`s also better  if you store other  mats.
2) Sleep for an hour  in any  place or go to any non settlement  location (i.e. Diamond City)
3) Quit the game,  install the update (if manually  -  just replace all files in  the Data folder with new  files)
4) Start the game, use the  managing  Pill(Chem Lab - Utility  - C1 Settlement Markers pill)   to  restart the quest.  You  need to  do it only once. Enjoy!

Updating  version 1.1 -   it`s better to store or scrap the schedules. Make a save, quit the game, install the new files (replace old files). Open the game, enjoy. 

Updating version 1.2 and higher - Make a save, quit the game, install the new files (replace old files). Open the game make a new save, load  the new save, enjoy.