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Adds three different heights of craftable ladders that you and NPC's can climb in your settlements. All animated.

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A few months ago I demoed the idea of ladders in Fallout 4 that you could actually climb purely through animation and without the use of scripts. That was a neat video and people wanted them for their settlements and here it is. Though, for this mod there are a couple scripts related to how the settlement system works haha.

The video below shows where to find the Ladders in the menus and demonstrates how to use them.

Besides the ESP and ESL options, there are two different versions available. There is the set for those who have Workshop Framework installed and a set for those who do not. There is only one difference between the two and that's the menu location of the ladders.

Workshop Framework version: Ladders can be found under a new Ladder section within the Wood build kit.

Vanilla Version: Ladders can be found within the stairs section of the Wood build kit. It's a bit messier looking is all.

From there, place ladders as you would expect. There is a blue arrow on the ladders telling you which way they are facing. Don't worry, that goes away once placed. 

There are three different heights of ladders.
-Normal ladders are single story height.
-Taller Ladders are two story height.
-Warehouse ladders are also two story height but are a little bit taller for reaching somewhere the Taller Ladders can't. They are called Warehouse ladders because they were designed to fit the Warehouse build kit.

There are also a handful of ladder style options, these can be seen in the photos or the video above.

Installs like any other mod. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

As mentioned above, there are two different versions. One requires Workshop Framework and the Vanilla does not. And then there is an ESP and ESL version of each of those.

Vanilla compatibility: This mod does not make any edits to any forms.
Mod compatibility: For mod patches, (Horizon, AWKR whatever lol, etc) contact me should you make your own for upload to the Nexus so I can post links below.
For Mod Authors: This mod uses 'KLSF' as the shorthand for all form ID's and file paths.
Available patches:
None yet

Can I, a mod author, use this in my worldspace and level designs?
Yes, here is the modder's resource version of this mod.

Can you make it to where we can place down ladders anywhere, even outside of settlements?
Technically yes but that feels super cheap and kind of... nonsensical to pull a ladder out of nowhere. Yes, I know you can carry other insane quantities of things but this feels a step (lol) too far. Use a jetpack.

Can you wear Power Armor and climb ladders?
No, Power Armor would break the ladders. Some of these are made out of wood, you know. Thin wood.

Can more ladder styles be made?
Yes, this information will be included in the modder's resource version of this mod. In short, as long as the sides and the rungs match up to the existing ladders, the animations will line up too.

Can you make the ladders first-person?
First-Person animations don't entirely work the way you'd hope. While yes it can do ladder stuff, there are glaring visual limitations that don't work well when interacting with world objects. I actually created this mod in first-person initially to prove ladders could be done without scripts and then decided to properly animate them in third-person.

NPCs? Use them? Will they???
Yes! Will they! Lol, NPCs will use them kind of like anything else. They won't know they can use them to path their way up somewhere but they will use them whenever they feel like. Companions can be commanded to use them too.

Thanks to CDante for help scripting the Workshop functionality in version 1.1 and later!
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07-29-2022 | Initial Upload -1.0
08-03-2022 |
Some adjustments and new stuff -1.1
--------------- Minor animation updates for climbing down both 2 story ladder sets
--------------- Significantly reduced the amount ladders can sink into the ground from 32 to 2
--------------- New markers for placing ladders, thanks to Elzee for the ideas
--------------- Fixes an issue (potentially?) with ladders being cut in half when using Place Anywhere
--------------- Workshop Scripting for placing ladders totally redone, thanks to CDante! New features:
------------------------------ May need to exit and re-enter workshop mode for these changes to take effect:
------------------------------ You can move a ladder now after it has been placed, don't need to scrap it
------------------------------ You can now see the ladder markers while in Workshop Mode
------------------------------ Transfer Settlements compatible, "Export marker based items" must be checked when exporting