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We're like the Terminator--we just keep coming back; now with version 4.0. Time to bunker up. Constructible military themed structures. Trenches, bunkers, Dragon's Teeth, Sandbag posts, barbed wire fences and barricades, camouflage nets, barriers and more.

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There was a surprising lack of fortifications in the base game with only 2 small guard towers and I felt like more should be added. Over the course of 4 updates/installements we've added 51 constructible fortifications from bunkers, to sandbag barriers, to trenches, and many other things.


Trenches - Short, long, fortified, and corner trenches - 5 snap-able trenches with which you can fortify your settlements. Build one or two for decent protection or go all out and make a trench system. 

Bunkers - Concrete bunkers for building strongpoints across the Commonwealth. Varies sizes and designs for every situation. 

Heavy Machine Gun Nest - Another strongpoint structure with a unique armor package add-on available for improved protection. 

Sandbag Cover - A stack of snap-able sandbags and a "pillar" for strengthening any area. Works great with the trenches as well. 

Dragon's Teeth - You might have seen these obstacles in pictures of the Siegfried Line, they're designed to stop vehicles or channel them into kill-zones. Perfect for stopping mechanized troops in Power Armor. There are 3 teeth to choose from, each is of different height and slightly different design. 

Barbed Wire Fences and Barricades - 3 fences, 3 barricades, Czech hedgehog (wood and metal), pointed stake - Fences and log structures wrapped with barbed wire deny the enemy of further advance and can be used to tunnel them into killzones. 

Quonset Hut - A medium sized hut made of corrugated galvanized steel. It can be made a living quarter in varies areas of the Wasteland. Thanks to Ethreon for the mesh.

Watchtower - Survey the area and watch out of enemy skirmishers from this fortified position. 

Improvised Defensive Positions - Not like you're going to have a working defense industry 200 years after a nuclear war. Improvise a picnic table, dig a foxhole, or stack some sandbag ups--these positions are combined from the sturdiest materials found laying around.

Field Command - Camouflaged position with enough space to accommodate tables and weapon trunks to plan out your assaults.  

Tent - A sandbag fortified tent.
Light Sandbag Post - A lightly protected sandbag and wooden structure good for checkpoints.

Heavy Sandbag Post - A heavily fortified version of the light post; provides good cover in hot zones. 

Camouflaged Post - Camouflaged wooden outpost good for overlooking forest areas in which it can blend in. 

Defensive Positions - Two sandbag mounds provide moderate cover for a single man. 

Camouflage Nets - Three camouflage nets to provide cover for the Defensive Positions, turrets, and artillery howitzers. 

Barriers - Inspired by the Hesco barriers these wooden shell and dirt filled cubes are perfect for thick and high walls.
High Sandbag Wall - Good for general cover. 


All fortifications are under Defense > Guard Posts in the workshop. 

Since there's no way to dynamically change the ground in-game so the trenches are above ground. 

A number of structures can be manned by settlers. There are two versions of the Light and Heavy Sandbag Posts and Camouflaged Post--one for assigned guards to and the other so things can be placed on the roofs. 

All the structures can sink into the ground.

Trenches, Sandbag Cover and Pillar, Defensive Barriers, and Barbed Wire Fences can snap at different heights so they can be used on uneven/sloped ground. 

If the defensive position camouflage net combo isn't working try placing the net first and then slide the sandbag mound in. Same goes for the howitzer.