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Just another overhaul of the Sanctuary settlement area.

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Sanctuary and Abernathy Rebuild


Sanctaury overhaul, wel actually our little house robot has been very busy the past 200 years. Or has he? It was all a ruse, there never was no sanctuary you remember, Vaultec fed you with subliminal messages when you were in cryo storage making you believe you had a husband and child and you lived in some idyllic suburb. That one vault in FO3, yeah this was just another version but with cryo instead of pods.

Sanctuary never was that what you remembered, it was something else. A nice flat piece of land surrounded by deep water and a single robot programmed to recognize you and maintain the island untill you unfroze and start forgetting about whatever happened in there and whoever John Doe 1 and 2 even were so you could start building.

This is a all in one Sanctuary remake. It has Deep water (without a clean water mod it is still radioactive) surrounding the entire island, Restored retaining wall, restored bridge and restored roads + fully remade navmeshing to compensate for the extensive groundwork done and hopefully help your idiot settlers find their way around and not end up on top of roofs. Alot of flattening mods dont redo the Navmesh. Workshop items items have their own navmesh which replaces the "stock" navmesh but if the "stock"navmesh is not solid it just destroys settlements in the long run. I rebuild the navmeshing after flattening the ground and all other edits so the workshop items have something solid to hook into so to speak. Just keep in mind that the more cluttered and tight you build, you will run into issues always.

Ow yes and i deleted almost everything, no more root cellar, no more safe, no more loot, no more destroyed houses except for 1 and some bloatflies and roaches.

I moved the 1 terminal, John Doe 2's crib, the perk book and Grognak to the workbench in that one ruin those idots from Concord seem to love so much.

Moved the Rootcellar into a corner close to the hedges, you cant miss it.

That's it that's all that is left in: Sanctuary_Clean_With_Rootcellar_00001

Full navmesh rebuild, precombined, visibility and all that other crap redone to give maximum performance and almost 99% zero issues as long as you put it below any other terrain altering mods and below workshop mods. Activate it and start building. You can use this with any increased build size mod just be aware that you cannot scrap the hedges and that i navmeshed around said hedges. So if you use an expanded build area mod, you will have to build bridges over the hedges, using disable wont work because there is no navmesh underneath. However you can do it, but then put a foundation in the gap between the hedges.

For increased build area mods I re navmeshed the entire island just keep in mind the only acces to the island due to the deepwater added are now just the 2 bridges. Any enemy spawn points are untouched, but there are other mods to move those. 


This other ESP is more extensive, it has the same ground edits but i added buildings in the CK and adjusted the Navmesh to fit those new buildings.

I did this because settlers are picky and with script heavy mods installed settlers are even more picky. So i personally turned to building basic settlements in the CK and redo the Navmesh to help the game. For me personally this works to avoid the issue of iddle settlers, settlers not going to their assigned jobs, walking into walls or just group up and circle jerk all day long.

I removed some navmeshing around objects and buildings and left some areas without navmesh to give Settlers and the AI as few options as possible to get stuck. See the screenshots for reference. There is a difference between using collison boxes to stop them from trying to move through walls and just not putting navmesh so they cant even go there to try to move through walls.

There is only empty buildings, no decorations, you can place the doors you want in the Quonset huts and bunkers and decide what you want where. I only increased the build height to include the topfloor of the watchtower. I placed it there as a vantage point to spot your artillery flares. Place some guard items from Sandbag fortifications up there and your guards should move there. The stairs are navmeshed and set to preffered pathing so they should (eventually) be able to go there.

There is also more then enough room left in the original settlement boundaries to add your own shacks and turn it into another shanty town or just keep it clean. Dress up your settlers in tactical gear, Modern Fire arms, install Pchella Vertibird and go full Metal Jacket flying around with Fortunate son blasting from the speakers. Which reminds me, i moved the fast travel marker to the helipad so vertibirds should land neatly right on top of it.

Sanctuary_Clean_with_Buildings_and_Rootcellar does have some requirements:

Creative Clutter from the Bethesda creation Club for the tents

155MM howitzer replacer ( I mean come on who does not use that as standard by now and spends the entire game throwing Arty flares next to them just to see the recoil animation on those 155's??)

Sandbag Fortifications

Concrete walls with window glass by Cartman 1975

Snap and build

If you dont install these just download the other version.

I have been playing with it myself and sofar zero issues, you might see some things that are not really spot on awesome but that is due to limitations like some pointy ground spots that i cant soften. That cannot be helped, it's the game limitations. I looked and searced for spots and gaps and i'm pretty sure i got 99% of them but if you find anything make a screenshot and i'll fix it.

I had to take some shortcuts to fill in some gaps, mainly there is a hard to clean up spot when you place the prewar bridge, i think i did a nice job by covering it with some sidewalks. (left side if you stand in front of the bridge facing Red Rocket) Another issue with the prewar bridge (right side when facing red rocket) is some collision extending beyond the wall so you run into an invisible barrier there. It's not big, door width or so but cant be fixed. Though it's not an area you or your settler will go i do want to mention it.


-Both versions are incompatible with existing blueprints due to the changed ground level.

-Both versions are incompatible with any other mods that change the ground in and around Sanctuary.

-Both versions are incompatible with most mods that add stuff to Sanctuary due to the changed ground level.

(If you are using for instance : Eli's Sanctuary bunker, it is compatible only the entrance sticks up above ground a bit and inside a hedge but is still accesible (see screenshots). If you want to correct this, open the CK check this mod and Eli's Bunker and set Eli's bunker to active file. Load Sanctuary exterior cell, find and select Eli's bunker entrance. Hold Z and move it down untill the entrance hatch is level with the ground and left right to wherever you want it. Save and your done.

Lastly whatever you do, do not and i repeat do not take a dive under the bridge, Codsworth will not like it and accept no comment from you about it.

If you like the looks of this you might also be interested in my other overhaul mod with the same theme:


Abernathy farm has more then enough food production to provide both Sanctuary and Sunshine if you setup a supply route, you can then build plenty of other stuff instead of having to waste space for food production.

I'm running into some issues running my other mod and this together, so for now i recomend not to run them together. I'm looking into it but my game wont load with both active and i cant find the issue yet.

Only on a new game (or at your own risk due to Fallout 4's issue of stuff getting baked into saves which was the cause of issues i ran into myself using both mods together in an existing savegame) use my other mod Sunshine Tidings remade (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45297) with this Sanctuary overhaul.

Load order: 



preferably as low in your loadorder as possible to overwrite any mods that might make terrain edits in those locations.

They play nice together and Abernathy farm can serve as the food factory for both Sunshine and Sanctuary if you want to feel like the King or Queen of the West :-) 2 well fortified locations and an abundance of food production.