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I'm starting to slowly be less active in Nexus. Especially after March 2019.
Here are things to do if you want to use pre-built CBBE meshes and/or BodySlide files from the mod list in my page:
1. You need to have permission granted from the original author first, unless it's open permission. Original author is the first author mentioned in the very first line of mod description and credit.
2. If you haven't received response from me for at least 1 month, please contact Jeir via Nexus PM as she is my partner in SSE CBBE conversions.
3. As mentioned in the policy, we do not allow for our assets to be used to convert to other body mods. You need to make it from scratch (original mod).
4. If you want to use our mods for your follower mod(s), feel free to use it, BUT still refer to point 1 (obtain permission from original author).
5. Always give us proper credit in your mod description.
Please take note that we do not allow for our assets to be used for indecent, or possible access for indecent mod. Definition of indecent is for example: kinky stuff, underage stuff, etc that is normally perceived as indecent in the society.
If you are rude or extremely stupid, I will completely ignore your message. Apologise, but I don't have time for this.  :laugh:
Jeir and I will focus more on Discord exclusive release. My Discord invitation is not open for public so please message me if you're interested to join.
Since I am on hiatus, it will take longer for me to respond. If you're impatient to wait for my reply, my Discord is linked to my Patreon (link below) so you will immediately join if you decide to be our Patron.
I like baby pink or salmon pink. I'm obsessed with vampires (main reason why I choose Skyrim over Fallout). My avatar is Jeir's twin, evil sister (but vampire instead of elf).
I like yummy food, and if you like our works and would like to support me buying yummy food and Jeir upgrading her PC, please visit our patreon page, link below.
personalised art for me (my old alias) by MadDrawer

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