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A port of the Shield of the Stallion originally created by Autan Waspeez.

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This is my first bit of modding ever, I hope it works ok.  If you find a problem with it please let me know, if you can point me in the direction of how to go about fixing it all the better.

This is a slightly modified port of the Shield of the Stallion created for the original Skyrim by Autan Waspeez

There are now light and heavy versions of both the iron shield and the aged corundum one.  They are all just versions of the same shield though so only one will work at a time.

The shield can be found leaning against the wall at the rear of Whiterun Stables, tucked behind some crates.  It carries an enchantment that boosts stamina and can be upgraded at an armour bench if you have the arcane smithing perk.

Thank you and all credit to Autan Waspeez for creating this in the first place and for permitting me to post the files.

Thank you also to Backstept whose instructions I followed while making this.