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Adds a new craftable Tower shield (light or heavy) to the game, model and textures made from scratch.

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Tower of Stendarr

To improve my modeling and texturing skills I took a break from my doors (Glorious Solitude Door SE, Glorious Solitude Door Replacer SE) and switched to something completely different - a shield. Thanks to Jonas Ronnegard for his amazing reference and Tynot for the idea for the name of the shield.
The model was created from scratch in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.
The ESP is flagged as ESL and won't take up a slot in your plugin list.


One important thing first: This is the first time I made an item craftable in the CK, so please test it first before you keep using it.
The shield is available in both categories - light and heavy, and can be crafted and tempered at any forge with the Ebony perk.
The heavy version model is bigger than the light version.
Stat-wise the light version is between Glass and Dragonscale, the heavy version between Dragonplate and Daedric.
You can choose between 4k and 2k textures and a regular or a 20% larger variant within a Fomod Installer.

Please let me know in case anything does not work as expected :-)

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