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This pack includes historically accurate and lore friendly armors and weapons, originally made by Drunkzealot, Croc, Moraelin, Urwy, xXKevinSaerXx, Matherthebec and redxavier. English, German and Spanish version available.

Permissions and credits
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Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons and Norse Viking Gear


This is a port to Skyrim Special Edition based on the work of Drunkzealot and Croc with permission from the original author's.

Original Mod's:
Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons by Drunkzealot
NorseViking Armor II by Croc

Version 2.0:
Added Viking Sword Petersen Type X by xXKevinSaerXx.
Added Medieval Sword - Oakeshott Type XVIa by xXKevinSaerXx .
According to the description of the two original mod's, the mod's are free to use as long as credit is given and the original-author is informed where the mod is used.

Version 3.0:
Added Scale Armor by Croc
Added Type K Basterdsword by Urwy
Added Raider Helmet by redxavier
Added Matherian Viking Shields Set by Matherthebec
Added parts of Arming Swords, Moraelins MacesSecret Of The Silverblades and European Greatsword by Moraelin
All added mods have open permissions. Under the credits you will find details.

I don't accept any kind of donations. Furthermore I will not take part on the mod authors donation system in any way. Any earned donation points for all
my ported mods go to the original mod authors to 100 percent. When you feel you should donate, please give some money to the animal shelter next to you.
Of course you can donate the original author when you find a donate-button on the original page. Let modding be free. Forever.


Firstly I wanted to port Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons only. For taking some nice pics I searched for a proper armor and found the amazing Norse Viking Armor II by Croc. I felt these armors fitting perfect the viking shields and axes from Drunkzealot's mod and so came up the idea to combine these two wonderful mods. Besides the six medieval blades you find here a full viking set with armors, weapons and shields. Versions 2.0 and 3.0 expanded this mod to a large viking styled mod with a lot of items included.

This pack includes historically accurate and lore friendly armors and weapons. As of version 3.0 this mod adds 36 new weapons, 56 shields (28 different shield styles, each in light and heavy variant) and 33 armor pieces to the game. The srmors can be used by males and females. Since the armors do not show much skin they should be (more or less) compatible with most body mods.

This mod is completely standalone. No other items of the original game will be overwritten. The meshes are optimized with Nif-Optimizer. Most textures are in 2K. All weapons can be crafted and tempered. English, German and Spanish versions are available. The ESP is cleaned, hand-polished and checked for errors in TES5Edit.

As of version 2.0 there are two versions of the mod available:

All weapons can only be crafted and tempered. The weapons are NOT added to levelled lists and NOT distributed in the world. Choose this option for maximum compatibility.

All weapons can be crafted and tempered. In addition the weapons are added to levelled lists and are distributed to the world. The weapons have a chance to appear in the world and it is possible to buy them from blacksmiths after reaching a certain level. The needed levels are different for every weapon, depending on the weapon stats.
IMPORTANT: Don't forget to make a Bashed Patch if you use the levelled-lists version.
If you need help making a Bashed Patch look here: Wrye Bash Installation and Bash Patch Tutorial or S.T.E.P. Project Wiki - Bashed Patch.

How to craft ?

A forge can be used to create a weapon or a armor piece. To craft an item you need to know the correct crafting perk and you need to have the needed materialsin your inventory (details see spoiler below). In addition there are crafting books for every weapon. Keep the correct book in your inventorywhen you want to craft a weapon. Otherwise the item will not show up atthe forge. A sharpening wheel can be used to improve the weapon twice as much. Crafting books are not needed for tempering.

Note: Some weapons may require more then 100 points in smithing when you want to upgrade them to legendary. To achieve this you have to fortify your smithing skill by using special items or potions, for example Blacksmith's Elixier, Necklace of Peerless Smithing, Ring of Peerless Smithing or similar.

Crafting books:


Item ID's:

You can use the mod AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer to obtain the weapons. In case you want to add the items via console use the following item ID's:

How to install ?

Use a mod manager of your choice (recommended):

Mod Organizer 2, Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex:

Install as usual. Run the FOMOD-installer and choose your options.

Wrye Bash:
WB does not support FOMOD-installers. As a WB user you probably know how to handle FOMOD's. One possibility is to use MO2 or NMM to pick your poison and repack the result as 7zip-file. After that you can install the new created archive in WB.

Manual installation (not recommended):

Unpack the archive somewhere and choose one of the 2 core folders and one of the 6 ESP's. Then put the content of the choosen folders in your data-folder.
Pick a patch if needed.


Skyrim Special Edition. USSEP technically not needed but highly recommended.

Patches / Compatibility:


Known Issues:

1.) The red and blue tunics can be weared by males only. Females will wear the red/blue vanilla merchant tunic.
2.) Depending on the body mod you use, there can occur some slightly mismatches when wearing the armor. I use the new CBBE and noticed a small gap between hand and body when using the armor without bracers. So simply use bracers, gauntlets or gloves and you will be fine.

Mods used in pictures:





Credits and special thanks to
Drunkzealot for Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons
Croc for NorseViking Armor II and Scale Armor
shingouki2002 for original helmet model
Nate Hallahan of Hammerwing Studios for heavy helmet
TH3WICK3D1 for lamellar cuirass model
ActusReus for lamellar and belt texture
xXKevinSaerXx for Viking Sword Petersen Type X and Medieval Sword Oakeshott Type XVIa
Urwy for Type K Bastardsword
Moraelin for Arming Swords, Moraelins Maces, European Greatsword and Secret of the Silverblades
Matherthebec for Matherian Viking Shields Set
Redxavier for Raider Helmet
IWantMyMod for letting me use his backshield models for
Auto Unequip Shield to Back
Kevkas for the ABT SE Mod and the ABT SE Tutorial
HorribleAndy for Complete Archery Overhaul
FrankFamily for helpful tips to fix the Ulfberht sword

Celiand for the spanish translation

and (of course):
Bethesda for one of the best games ever
ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer

Other tools used: CreationKit 2.0, SSEEdit 3.2.1, NifSkope 2.0.0, Gimp 2.10, MergePlugins 2.3.1, ESP-ESM Translator 3.50, 7-zip

For those who are interested here are the permissions from the mods I used:










Thank You

Thank you for checking out the mod. I did my best to provide a good mod for YOU.

Please come back and endorse when you like the mod. Thank you.

You have read until here? Really? I am impressed. Congratulations. You are probably the only one in a hundred. But now it's time to play ... Have fun !