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Drunkzealot and Croc - ported to SSE by Hilli1

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This pack includes historically accurate and lore friendly armors and weapons, originally made by Drunkzealot and Croc. English and German version available.

Permissions and credits
Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons and Norse Viking Gear


This is a port to Skyrim Special Edition based on the work of Drunkzealot and Croc with permission from the original author's.

Original Mod's:

Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons

NorseViking Armor II

Version 2.0:
Added Viking Sword Petersen Type X by xXKevinSaerXx.
Added Medieval Sword - Oakeshott Type XVIa by xXKevinSaerXx .
According to the description of the two original mod's, the mod's are free to use as long as credit is given and the original-author is informed where the mod is used.

Note: I don't accept any kind of donations. Furthermore I will not take part on the mod authors donation system in any way. Any earned donation points for all
my ported mods go to the original mod authors to 100 percent. When you feel you should donate, please give some money to the animal shelter next to you.
Of course you can donate the original author when you find a donate-button on the original page. Let modding be free. Forever.


Firstly I wanted to port Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons only. For taking some nice pics I searched for a proper armor and found the amazing Norse Viking Armor II by Croc. I felt these armors fitting perfect the viking shields and axes from Drunkzealot's mod and so came up the idea to combine these two wonderful mods. Besides the six medieval blades you find here a full viking set with armors, weapons and shields.


This pack includes historically accurate and lore friendly armors and weapons. This mod adds 8 new weapons, 6 shields and 19 armor pieces to the game. The Armors can be used by males and females. Since the armors do not show much skin they should be (more or less) compatible with most body mods.

This set includes
1. Zweihänder, Ulfberth Sword, Longsword, Type XV Sword, Bastard Sword and Kindjal Dagger
2. Viking axes (1h and 2h)
3. Viking shields and a quiver for viking arrows with a shield on top
4. Chainmail byrnie (short sleeves) made with steel smithing perk
5. Chainmail hauberk (Long sleeves) made with advanced smithing perk
6. Lamellar armor (steel, leather) Thanks to TH3WICK3D1 and ActusReus
7. Leather tunics (under leather)
8. Tunics made by combining the red/blue vanilla merchant tunic with leather at the tanning rack (males only for now)
9. Helmets (nasal and Gjermundbu) Thanks to shingouki2002
10. Heavy helmets, Vendel from Nate Hallahan of Hammerwing Studios
11. boots and gauntlets.
12. Viking Sword Petersen Type X and Medieval Sword Oakeshott Type XVIa

The weapons and armors are standalone. This means no other items will be overwritten.

The meshes are optimized with Nif-Optimizer and checked with NifScan. Most textures in 2K. Found low-res textures I have upscaled.

The weapons and armors can be crafted and tempered. I added the missed receipe for the arrows. Some weapons require more then 100 points in smithing when you want to upgrade them to legendary. To achieve this you have to fortify your smithing skill by using special items or potions, for example Blacksmith's Elixier, Necklace of Peerless Smithing, Ring of Peerless Smithing or similar.

In the textures folder of the original-mod I found a unused viking shield texture with a dragon paint. I added this shield and a receipe for it. It does not really fit the aim of the mod to be historical, but I found it worth for adding. When it does not fit your taste just ignore it.

For crafting you will need the crafting perks: STEEL amd ADVANCED SMITHING

As of version 2.0 there are two versions of the mod available:

The items are not added to levelled lists and obtainable via crafting only.

The items are added to levelled lists. You can find them in the world. Some weapons are used by bandits, soldiers or townsfolk. You have a
chance to buy all the weapons from merchants. Armors are not used by NPS's but buyable from merchants too. All items can be found as loot.
In order to find an item you have to reach a specific level for every item. It depends on the power of the item. The range is from level 1 to level 30.
IMPORTANT: Don't forget to make a Bashed Patch if you use the levelled-lists version.

If you need help making a Bashed Patch look here: Wrye Bash Installation and Bash Patch Tutorial or S.T.E.P. Project Wiki - Bashed Patch.

The mod comes with a FOMOD-installer. You can choose:
- BSA or Loose Files
- Levelled lists support or not
- English or German language
- Patches for ABT, Complete Archery Overhaul and
Auto Unequip Shield to Back

The esp is cleaned, hand-polished and checked for errors in TES5Edit.

Item ID's:

How to install ?

Use Mod Organizer 2 (recommended) or Nexus Mod Manager and choose your options from the FOMOD-installer.

Wrye Bash does not support FOMOD-installers. As a WB user you will probably know how to handle FOMOD's.
One possibility that I know is to use MO2 or NMM to pick your poison and repack the result as 7zip-file. After that you can install the new created archive in WB.

If using manual installation (not recommended) unpack the archive somewhere and choose one of the 2 core folders and one of the 4 ESP's. If you want to use a ABT Patch overwrite the main ESP.
Then put the content of the choosen folders in your data-folder.


Skyrim Special Edition

Patches / Compatibility:

The following patches are available as of version 2.0:

Frostfall by Chesko
The armors are fully compatible with Frostfall. All armors have a warmth and coverage rating. No Patch needed. The mod is compatibe out-of-the-box.

ABT SE - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks by Kevkas
There are different patches for the mod ABT available. Patches were made for the Crafting-Only-Version and the Levelled-Lists version.
For each version patches are available with the following speed tweaks for arrows: +10%, +25%, +50%, +75%, +100%. The gravity of the arrows is tweaked from 0.35 (Vanilla) to 0.20.
The patches were created  using the tutorial available on the ABT SE page. Every patch comes in English and German language.
Note: When you choose one of the ABT Patches, the regular HistoricalWeapons.esp will be overwritten. Technically speaking the ABT Patch is not a patch but rather a replacer.

Auto Unequip Shield to Back by 7StarC
The patch for Auto Unequip Shields to Back adds special backshield models for the viking shields. This allows you to worn the shields on back (player and followers only). No ESP needed.
How to use?
1. Install SKSE.
2. Install Auto Unequip Shield to back.
3. Install Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons and Viking Gear.
4. Install this patch.
For player character:
5. Start the game and mark the shield you want to worn on back as favorite.
6. Equip the shield using the favorites-menu.
7. To stop: Draw shield and unequip or equip non-favorited shield.
For followers:
5. Hire follower and make sure he has a shield equipped) .
6. Tell follower: "You don't need your shield now."  That's it. Now that follower will unequip shield and wear the shields on back.
7. Tell follower: "Grab your shield"  to stop the support for that follower.

Complete Archery Overhaul by Horrible Andy
Regrettably the mod was deleted by the author by now. Having said that the mod is interesting, especially because of the added need of fletchings and bow strings for crafting arrows and bows.
When you use that mod, here comes the patch for the arrows. The viking-arrows fly 50% faster and the gravity of the arrows is tweaked from 0.35 (Vanilla) to 0.25.
Beyond that the receips for the viking-arrows were adjusted. You will need fletchings for crafting now.
Load the patch after HistoricalWeapons.esp and SE_archeryFTW.esp. The patch is not compatible with ABT or any of the ABT-patches.

Known Issues:

1.) The red and blue tunics can be weared by males only. Females will wear the red/blue vanilla merchant tunic.
2.) Depending on the body mod you use, there can occur some slightly mismatches when wearing the armor. I use the new CBBE and noticed a small gap between hand and body when using the armor without bracers. So simply use bracers, gauntlets or gloves and you will be fine.

Mods used in pictures:

Armor: Norse Viking Armor from this mod

The female character preset is taken from Shiva's Beautiful Presets


Q: Is the mod compatible with ... ?
A: The mod adds new items only. No original assets of skyrim are affected. The mod should be compatible with everything.

Q: Are these armors and weapons added to leveled lists?
A: As of version 2.0 you can choose an option with levelled lists support.

Q: Does this mod use scripts?
A: No.

Q: Can I savely merge the mod with others?
A: Yes. If you want to merge this mod, please use the loose-files version. Alternatively you have to unpack the bsa-files by yourself.

Q: Can you port the mod for XB1 ?
A: No.

Q: I found a bug.
A: You can report it in the bugs section of this page. I will try to fix asap.

Q: Are the weapons lore-friendly ?
A: Yes.


- Bethesda (of course)
- Drunkzealot for Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons
- Croc for NorseViking Armor II
- shingouki2002 for original helmet model
- Nate Hallahan of Hammerwing Studios for heavy helmet
- TH3WICK3D1 for lamellar cuirass model
- ActusReus for lamellar and belt texture
- xXKevinSaerXx for Viking Sword Petersen Type X and Medieval Sword Oakeshott Type XVIa
- IWantMyMod for letting me use his backshield models for
Auto Unequip Shield to Back
- Kevkas for the ABT SE Mod and the ABT SE Tutorial
- HorribleAndy for Complete Archery Overhaul
- ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer