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Add 9 wands and 9 staves, each with a shield of the same shape.
All the staves can be made at the smithing forges. The staves is fully compatible with the vanilla staff enchantment system and is also available for higher level characters.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

  • Changed permissions. (Dec. 19, 2021)
  • Ver. 3.5 Fixed Enchantment amplifying  Issue.
  • Update Arcanum Patch. (For Arcanum 2.0a )
  • Ver. 3.0a Fixed English character code issue.


  • 9 wands, 9 staves and 9 each of the same shape wands and staves that can be used as a shield are added.
  • All wands and staves are made with smithing forges. ( Required enchanting skill 30+ )
  • The wands and the staves are fully compatible with the vanilla's staff enchantment  system.
  • Enhanced enchantments for the high level is also added.
  • You can adjust the power and cost of the staves from MCM.
  • Wands and staves are all original models, but because I am using vanilla texture, the retexture MOD is applied.
  • Also distribute Heartstones to Skyrim.
  • This MOD has added LeveldList. It is necessary to create BashPatch with WryeBash.



More staves and wands to the Wizards !

This mod adds a new wands, staves, shield wands and shield staves to the Skyrim.

All wands and staves are made with smithing forges. Enchanting skills is required. The higher the skill rank, the more items you can make. The wands and the staves are fully compatible with the vanilla's staff enchantment  system. You can make a magic staves that you learned.

The shield wands and the shield staves can also be enchanted with a staff enchanter. You can not enchant anything with an arcane enchanter. The shield wands and shield staves can also be tempered with a workbench.
( If you do not enchant first, tempering will return to normal rank when you enchant. )

Is there no staff enchanter ? I added one staff enchanter to Dragonsreach. And also distribute Heartstones to Skyrim. Court Wizards and merchants of dunmer will sell Heartstones. You can craft staves without going to Solstheim !

Please enjoy the world of the staves !



Since all the wands and staves added at this MOD are the same specification as the staves of vanilla, I think there is compatibility with Park Overhaul MOD etc. without problem.

It is affected by MOD to change the enchantment of the staves of the vanilla.

For magic addition MOD, a patch file is necessary. Currently available patches...

After installing Dual Sheath patch, create a patch for Ecotone Dual Sheath using SSEEDIT. Please see that mod page for details.