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Conversion of Weapons of the Third Era (by 747823) with permission. All meshes processed through NifOptimzer for use in SSE. Weapons added to level list via script so no bash patch/merged patch needed. All silver weapons have correct settings for bonus damage to undead. Flagged .esl.

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Weapons of the Third Era by 747823

Original mod converted to Skyrim Special Edition with permission.

The mod adds a bunch of custom weapons (mostly swords) to the game. The weapons were made by 74823 and he released the mod for public use. I converted it to Skyrim SSE. Details below.

All weapons can be crafted at forge and tempered at grinding wheel and obey perks for double bonuses (silver weapons respond to steel perks).

  • All meshes processed in NifOptimizer.
  • As of version 3.0 the file is flagged as an .esl
  • All weapons craftable except Shadowsting. 
  • All weapons added to level lists via scripting so no bash/merged patch needed (except Daedric). 
  • Daedric weapons are available only through crafting and only after midnight. If you don't want to level smithing to make the Daedric weapons, stick to an older version of the mod or use the console.
  • All silver weapons have correct settings for bonus damage against undead.*
  • Shadowsting now has a version of the original Morrowind Enchantment (poison damage of 5 pts for 20 seconds). It's baked in so there is no enchantment cost. You can purchase it from Moth gro-Bagol in the Underkeep. Ask Google. It's flagged as Player Only. It is not cheap. The enchantment is powerful. Use SSEEdit  and or the console if you don't like these choices. See Google for your editing needs.
  • ESP converted in SSE CK.
  • ESP Cleaned in SSEedit.

I am not a mesh artist. I cannot make any changes to meshes.
I am not a texture artist. I cannot make any changes to textures.

Use a mod manager. It can go anywhere in the load order.

Save your game in an interior cell.
Best plan is to put all the weapons you have from this mod in a dead body the game is going to clean up.
Save your game in an interior cell.
Use your mod manager to uninstall.
Run the game and make a fresh save to continue.

Thanks to original creator: 747823
Images are from original mod page. See more there.
Be sure to thank the original creator and endorse the original as well.


Katana Retexture by Fang92 in optional section of file download.

Meltdown by SunlarSyrith
A smithing add-on for this mod. This may not work with version 3.0. Not tested.

Spanish Translation by celiand

*For a silver weapon to do bonus damage against undead it must have the vanilla SilverPerkScript added to it with the SilverPerk property set. This was not done in the original mod so I added the script and set the property.

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