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Scratch built custom made sword exclusive to Skyrim Special Edition.

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Forged from the embers of the first fire the Sword of Ember beckons for a master once again. This Sword once held the fire within but now its gem and blade are dull. Find the Fire Gem and ignite the Sword of Ember to restore it to its original glory. The name of the sword was inspired from the Dark Souls/Bloodborne series. While no direct correlation or usage of my Sword's name is in those games I wanted to make it sound similar. It is in no way meant to be 'lore friendly' but I'll leave it up to you to decide if it fits in the world or not. This is my first mod for Skyrim Special Edition and first mod for Skyrim in general. Ever since I've had the modded Skyrim from years ago I always wanted to get into making weapons for the game but never got around to it. I decided to wait it out until Special Edition was worth playing and so here I am. Any future mods I plan to make will be exclusive to SSE as this is the game I plan to play.

This Sword can be found near one of the Dragon Lairs. If you would rather just see directly where it is located look below to see where it can picked up. The only version of the sword that can be found in the world is a one handed worn version. The one handed and two handed worn versions can be found at vendors too to purchase but don't expect it to be common. All other versions need to be crafted. You can also quickly spawn the sword if you need to by using the console command and typing: "Help Ember 4" (No quotes).

The Sword of Ember comes in 3 states: Worn, New, and Ignited. Each stage when crafted will make it more powerful and deadly. You will need the previous version to be able to craft its next stage (Worn > New > Ignited). Only level 1 smiting is required to have access to them. Each version can be tempered as well so you can increase its damage by a bit more before having to craft the better version of the sword if you prefer to use one over the other.

In its worn state the blade and gem will be dull and not glow. In new state the sword blade will be clean and the gem even in the dark will glow. While restoring the sword to new will not require too many rare resources the task of creating its Ignited state is another story. In Ignited state the Sword of Ember will burn brightly with flames and do ultimate fire damage. To achieve this and craft the Ignited version you will need to find a unique item known as the Fire Gem. Fire Gems have a chance of appearing as a loot drop from Flame Atronachs. While they will not always drop a Fire Gem they have a 50% chance of having one. With a bit of luck you can obtain one of these rare Gems and craft the ultimate Sword of Ember.

How do I install the mod?
Use your preferred mod manager or manually extract all files into your data folder.

How do I know the mod was installed correctly?
When you start a new game or load the sword for the first time with your character you will see a notification in the top left indicating the Sword has been installed.

The textures/mod appear to be missing when I install it how do I fix this?

Make sure you are putting the files in your data folder and follow this guide here

Do I need to create a bashed patch?
No, the mod does not alter any vanilla level lists. A script is used to inject the sword into the vendors.

I am not seeing the sword appear in any vendors where is it?
You may need to wait several in-game days to reset the cells. The weapon has a small chance of appearing so even then not all vendors will be selling it very often.

Can I make a translation of video review of your mod?
Yes feel free to make any reviews or translations if you wish.

My Ignited version of the Sword does not have the same fire effect as yours how do I get it like this?
You need a mod that makes enchantments look better: I do not use any assets from other mod authors, my Sword just has a simple Enchantment that was already in Skyrim, this mod however will affect that enchantment and make it look better:

Do you take any requests for future weapons?
I do not take requests but am open to ideas, I mostly just make what I want when I have the time.

Will you port this weapon to Legendary Skyrim?
I have no plans to port my mod(s) backwards really. I play SSE exclusively these days and built the mod to work with SSE from the start (it uses different nif and texture formats). I am not sure if there would be a way to revert the nifs backwards unless I rebuilt it all and I really do not want to go through that trouble. I'd much rather spend the time making more SSE content for the future personally.

Legendary Edition was pretty great (played it for years) and still has a lot of players I know, but SSE needs some exclusive mods of its own too. The more content SSE begins to have the more will move over here. This game is far more stable and is getting better each day with all the great SKSE related mods coming out and being ported over slowly. I'd like to support that movement with my own mods only being playable on SSE so this game has something worthwhile that Legendary cannot offer. Its nothing against Legendary, I just play SSE  and want to make mods for it. 

Will this come to xbox any time soon?
No plans to do so right now. I don't own a copy of SSE on my xbox (so couldn't test things) and I don't really want to have my mod managed over at right now.

I don't really like 'X' on the sword can you change it?
If it is a question of the stats you can open up the creation kit and adjust any values to your liking. If it is about the design of the sword I will not be making changes, I make what I want.

I make everything from scratch when possible. No assets were used from any other mod.

Sword of the First Ember Development:
3D Modeling: N7R
Textures (includes the cubemaps): N7R
Level list script: N7R
Creation Kit hookup: N7R

Now that I have completed my first sword for Skyrim Special Edition I do look forward to making some more swords/weapons. I already have a few ideas for future ones. No specific timetable when it will be but expect more from me in the future year.

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