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A weapon pack which adds almost 50 completly new weapons, based in real weapons and attempting to fit into the game!

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Kyne's Breath is a mod that I've been doing during these past months, with no rushes no anything. I wanted to relax and do some weapons for Skyrim. I had wanted to release it for the Special Edition, but it couldn't be just in the same date, so now that I consider it has reached quite an ammount of weapons, I upload it.This mod is a pack of weapons, which includes almost 50 completly new and lore friendly weapons. Their models and textures are completly custom. These weapons are based on real life ones, but still fit pretty good into Skyrim, or so I consider, and others seem to do too when I asked for feedback. I've used the "Weapons - An International Encyclopedia from 5000BC to 2000AD" to see designs and to generaly help myself on doing them actually useful.

The pack contains:

- 19 swords, including one handed and two handed.
- 2 katanas, one handed and two handed.
- 9 warhammers, including one handed and two handed.
- 4 maces.
- 13 axes, including one handed and two handed.
- 2 daggers.

You can check how all the weapons look here:

You can also watch the weapons here:

How do I get the weapons?

You can craft them at the forge, but you can also loot them from bandits, as they were added to the leveled lists. Imperials also have a new sword, so you might find it on Imperials. The weapons can be upgraded.


Download the mod and place the .esp and the meshes and textures folders into your data folder. Or install it with MO or NMM.


Remove the .esp and the folders called kynesbreath inside your meshes and textures folders. Or uninstall it with MO or NMM.


This mod should not be incompatible with anything. Though I altered the leveled lists of the bandits and the Imperials, so they would use the weapons. Any mod that alters those leveled lists might be incompatible to the point that depending on which is loaded first might not have the weapons/armors in the NPCs. You can also create a patch with Wrye Bash for this.

Dual Sheath Redux Patch:

Thanks to cocdieselkev for making it!


- ZunaRoath/ZunaSW(in Nexus), models, textures and import.
- Bethesda for the Creation Kit and this awesome and lovely game.
- NifTools and NifSkope teams, because without them I could not have done this mod.