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About this mod

This mod is a remake of Auto Unequip Shields to Back for SkyrimSE. The mod auto-equip shields when weapon is drawn and auto-unequip and places shield on back when weapon is sheathed.

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What it does

  1. It lets you wear any vanilla shield on your back.

  2. It lets you store away any of your mod shields (non-vanilla). So you will not always hold a shield in your hands when your weapons are sheath and you will see a shield only when you draw your weapon.

  3. It supports ShieldOnBack meshes made for Dual Sheath Redux or prior AUSB versions. With the corresponding ShieldOnBack meshes installed this mod lets you wear any mod shield on your back. A huge collection of Shields for AUSB you can find at Ecotone AUSB Backshield Models

  4. It supports script added shield and backshields (e.g. Patch for Ennead-Shields); so you can get any shield to work with this mod. 

More Features

  • Differentiation between favorited and non-favorited shields 
  • Only favorited shields are auto-unequipped and worn on back or stored away when weapon is sheathed
  • Shield on back (or stored away) is auto-equipped right before a weapon is drawn
  • Optional register of weapon/shield combination, so when a registered weapon is drawn the registered shield will be equipped as well
  • Torch equipping/unequipping support - no change of the game mechanism for shields 
  • Auto-unequipping/equipping routine without delay or double draw or sword draw loop effect
  • Works with any skeleton and any armor (no additional slot required)
  • Support for 1 to 10 followers through dialogue menu
  • Only event triggered scripting (no polling scripts!)
  • Fully resetable for pc and followers through note in book menu
  • Patchable through formlists
  • Optional .esl-version

How to use

To start the effect:

0. Unequip shield
1. Favorite shield
2. Equip favorited shield

To stop the effect:

- Draw shield and unequip or
- Unfavorite your shield or
- Equip non-favorited shield

To register weapon/shield combination:

- Draw 1hd weapon and equip favorited shield or
- Draw favorited shield and equip 1hd weapon

Follower support via dialogue

If an active follower holds a shield in hand tell him: "You don't need your shield now." 

And tell your follower: "Grab your shield"  to stop the effect for that follower.


Use NMM or MO2 or any other mod manager to install or uninstall the mod. I you have installed a prior version of the mod (prior to 2.0) you have to uninstall the old version and make a clean save before installing BackshieldsSE 2.0+ (this is must!). 

Before uninstall you should stop the backshield effect (see above) and save your game through the menu (no quicksave).    


XPMSSE (optional for vanilla shields / required for ShieldOnBack meshes support)
AUSB Custom follower support (optional / required for Vilja, Inigo, Sofia and Selene Kate)

This mod comes with backshields for all vanilla SSE shields, made to work with any skeleton. To get a mod shield worn on back when the weapon is sheathed, you have to make or download a new backshield for that specific mod shield (either as ShieldOnBack mesh or as plugin patch). With XPMSSE installed you can use any mod shields made for Dual Sheath Redux or AUSB (i.e. all shield mods made for Dual Sheath Redux will work with BackshieldsSE 2.0+). 

Known issues

BackshieldsSE vers. 2.0+ is more than a makeover of the old converted 'Auto Unequip Shield to Back'. Consider this a new mod made for Skyrim SE. It will not support any of the addons made for Oldrim.

Depending on the skeleton and/or body mesh and/or armor you are using, you might have clipping issues with the one or other backshield. You can download the backshield meshes as loose files. Using NifSkope you can easily change and/or adjust the meshes according to your liking (I am not going to do that for you - don't need to ask).

A patch to reduce clipping for the vanilla shields with (or without) cloaks you can download here: zegha's Clipping Patch for Cloaks of Skyrim.

If you have an ArmorMod that uses the same shield mesh (.nif-file) for various shields (changing only the texture sets but not the .nif-file), BackshieldsSE cannot detect if such shields were changed and will always use the defaulf .nif-file as backshield. To fix this you can either patch the ArmorMod or patch BackshieldsSE.

To patch BackshieldsSE open CK and save a new plugin-file (with Armor, ArmorAddon, Meshes and Textures) for your backshields. Then add a Quest and use the example code-snippet for a simple patch script. Make the Quest run on gamestart and gameload. Place the plugin below the ArmorMod and Backshields.esp in your loadorder. A working patch example you can download here Patch for Ennead-Shields. 


Q: From what I gather, the shield will only show on your back as long as you don't equip something else in your off hand. If you equip something like a bow or a spell in the off hand, it vanishes. Is that how the mod works or am I missing something?
A: You got it absolutely right. The backshields behave like the vanilla shields. The mod does not change the game mechanism for wearing a shield. It only changes an equipped shield with a backshield. So, wearing a shield on your back you have a shield equipped but sheathed. 

Q: Is there any way to get the shield to unequip to the back even when a bow or 2hd weapon is the current equip?
A: No. (If you want the geared up look use BackshieldsSE together with Visible Favorited Gear.) 

Q: I somehow lost the Backshields Note. How can I get it back?
A: Either find it or use console command: 'help Backshields' to find the FormID for the Backshields Note and 'player.additem FormID 1' to add the note to the book inventory.

Q: Does this work with the X shield from the Y mod?
A: Yes. If you install a separate backshield mesh for that specific mod shield and have a skeleton mod installed which supports ShieldOnBack meshes (i.e. XPMSSE) that shield will be worn on back. Otherwise that shield will be stored away when weapons are sheathed (replaced with an invisible shield dummy).

Q: My problem is the X mod shield is invisible on my back, shield just vanishes after sheathing weapons instead of going on back any suggestions on how to fix this?
A: Nothing to fix here, that's how this mod handles mod shields. If you want to get it on back you need to install a separate backshield mesh for that specific mod shield and install XPMSSE (see answer before).

Q: I have a problem with the draw and sheath animation and want to replace the animation, but even in the loose files I can't find the animation.
A: This mod does not provide any animations nor change or make any use any of your vanilla or modded animations. Check the mod site where you dl your animations and your animation installation.

Q: I uninstalled the mod and now I cannot draw my weapons or shout.
A: Before uninstall you should stop or reset the backshield effect and save your game through the menu (no quicksave). Even if you haven't done so your last regular save (not quicksave or autosave) should be working fine. If not reinstall the mod and do a propper uninstall.

Q: How to favorite a shield?
A: Open inventory select the shield you want to favorite an press the F key (or JUMP button on controller).


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Do not upload my files to other sites. Feel free to modify my file; including releasing bug fixes or improving any of the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate file. And please do not forget to credit.