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About me? Just an old white man. Well, my name is Jens and I was born in the German Democratic Republic in 1971. In 1989, at the age of 18, I was part of the peaceful revolution in the GDR. In my youth I played handball, later I did weight training and bodybuilding for about 25 years. I have grown children, a daughter and a son. I live near Cologne for more than 10 years now. In my professional life I am a manager in the steel business.

In addition to doing sports I like to play computer games in my spare time. In the 90s I started with Doom, then I learned to like RPG games. I especially loved the Might & Magic series, Baldurs Gate and the Fallout series. I am playing and modding Skyrim since 2012. I also enjoy reading novels and listening to music. My favorite band is Depeche Mode and it will always be. I like motorbikes and like to wear my leather jacket.


My motto: As long as my heart is still beating I go on my way just straight ahead and I never give up as long as I live.

If you wanna talk to me, you can contact me on Discord, my Discord Id is #0821. I usually check Discord once a week.

Modders will (this is overriding the permissions on my mod pages):

When you wish to do anything with my mods, ports and translations you have my blessing. BUT always check the permissions of the original mods. In doubt contact the original author and ask them for permission. The original mods are always linked in my mods descriptions. When the original mod is not available, check the credits tab to find a link to the original authors profile. In case of the followers I published together with my friend Cortex56, always ask Cortex56 when you wish to do something with them.

Credits are always appreciated.




I support Mod Collections.


I support an option to "Opt In" or "Opt Out" of Mod Collections, something that does not exist (I would have opted in).


I DO NOT support losing control of my mods or ownership of my mods. Nexus disregards the rights of Modders and that is why no further updates to any of my mods will be done, and no new mods from me will be uploaded in the future. Existing mods stay here in order not to punish mod users for things Nexus is responsible for.


written in
August 2021


Fight with passion.
Win with pride.
Lose with respect.
... but giving up ...
<< Never >>



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