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Ever wondered why you couldn't see your left hand weapon in Skyrim? What about staves, they don't just disappear into thin air when sheathed! You want to carry your shield on your back you say? Look no further!

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Ever wondered why you couldn't see your left hand weapon in Skyrim? What about staves, they don't just disappear into thin air when sheathed! You want to carry your shield on your back you say? Look no farther!

Current Features:
  • Left hand weapons and sheathes.
  • Shields stored on back that move based on cloak/no cloak.
  • Staves stored on back.
  • All current DLCs supported.
  • Mod Configuration Menu(MCM) compatible.
  • SkyProc patcher makes it easy to integrate custom shield, staff, or weapon mods with minimal effort. (Mesh Packs Required!)
  • Custom Races Supported (must be using compatible skeleton).

This mod is the spiritual successor to DSpSoB by DarkPhoenixxy which has unfortunately languished in obscurity and has many problems which have gone unfixed as the author has seemingly dropped support. Even though I did not use any of his assets for this file, he came up with the original mod which inspired me to make this version.


Skyrim v1.9.32.0 or greater
SKSE v1.7.1 or greater
SkyUI v4.1 or greater for MCM capability (Use SkyUI-Away if you dislike the visual changes)
Java Runtime Environment 8 update 45 or greater
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (Highly Recommended) or other skeleton which supports left hand weapon, shield on back, and staff on back nodes.

Recommended Mods

Immersive Animations - Animations to go with this mod. Should be installed before XP32 Maximum Skeleton.
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS v6.0.1 or greater - Fixes most animation issues when using new animations/skeletons. Required for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended.


1. Install the mod and any mesh packs desired using your favorite mod management utility.
2. Activate the Dual Sheath Redux.esp. You may sort this mod anywhere you like as no vanilla forms are altered.
3. Run the installed Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar located in Data/SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch (If using multiple SkyProc patchers, use SUM but DO NOT MERGE). This should be done AFTER all mods that add base weapons, staves, or shields are installed including other SkyProc mods such as Lootification. This step should be redone every time one of said mods are added, updated, or removed or you may get a CTD on startup for missing master files.
4. Click [Patch] on the patcher window, this may take a while depending on how many mods you have installed. Please be patient.
5. Activate the generated Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp (this should be loaded after all mods listed above).
6. Run the game and enjoy!

If you need extra help to get this mod working, GamerPoets has made a really well done and accurate tutorial video for this mod and it's required/recommended dependencies. This tutorial is intended for use with Mod Organizer.

Alternatively, a tutorial for Nexus Mod Manager users by Slothability can be used:


While there is no such thing as a fully clean save performing the following procedure will ensure there are no running scripts left in your save file.
1. Load your game and on the MCM menu Start/Stop tab click Uninstall and follow the on screen instructions.
2. Overwrite the save or create a fresh save. Be sure to repeat this for any other saves you wish to purge.
3. Uninstall/Remove the mod in your mod manager and all dynamic files created including: Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp in the data folder and all the folders/files under SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch.
4. !Important! Load the saves you made in step 2 and overwrite them again one by one.

Important Notes

Modified Vanilla meshes are included for the base game as well as the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs.

Mesh packs are provided for the following mods (with permission from their respective authors) as part of the main file:

The following mods provide support out of the box or as a file on their mod page:

The following mods have packs hosted by users:

The following is a list of known mesh pack collections:

If using vanilla mesh replacers you may notice mismatching of weapons as this mod by default uses modified vanilla meshes. Request a mesh pack from the author of said mod (preferred), request one from me, or create one yourself(with permission from the mod author) and I will host it here for all to use.

Mod added weapons will not show on your waist when equipped in the left hand without left hand meshes. Mod added shields will not show in hand outside combat if shields on back is enabled without shield on back meshes. Request a mesh pack from the author of said mod (preferred), request one from me, or create one yourself(with permission from the mod author) and I will host it here for all to use.

To get around the "invisible" shield problem for mods you do not have a mesh pack for:
Add the shield mod to the BlockList.txt file in the SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch/Files directory and rerun the patcher. This file is generated after the patch is run for the first time. This tells the patcher to ignore all weapons/shields in that esm/esp.

This mod uses the following Biped slots by default, these can be changed in the patcher options:
  • Left Sword/Sheath: 60
  • Shield On Back: 60
  • Staff On Back: 44
  • Left Staff On Back: 60
In order to avoid the "Brawl Bug", the NPC affecting portion of this mod is disabled both during normal brawls and during the initial stage of the Companions quest line (Fight Vilkas in the yard). If you leave Vilkas hanging the mod will remain disabled until you complete that stage.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the guide to install this mod?
  • On this page. Make sure you read it very carefully. The guide on this page is as simple and idiot-proof as possible. There's also tutorial videos if you are really stuck.
What about alternate weapon positions such as 1h swords on back, etc? Do these work?
  • Simply download a compatible skeleton with the nodes set up that way. For example, XP32 Maximum Skeleton has 3 different weapon placement options.
My shield, staff, or weapon is under the ground at my feet or they won't disappear, help?
  • There are two possible problems: 1) Your skeleton is installed incorrectly. or 2) There is a problem with the mesh for the item your trying to use. If this problem occurs with all items of a specific type it is likely a skeleton problem. If it's just the one item, please report it so I can investigate/fix.
My weapons are clipping through X, Y, or Z, can you do something about it?
  • An attempt can be made to reduce clipping as much as possible, but there are many mods that add items out there and all clipping cannot be eliminated. A fix to move shields based on cloak is in work now.
I'm using mixed weapon types and both my weapons are on the same side, what gives?!
  • If you notice in the vanilla game right handed swords are sheathed on the left side and right handed maces/axes are sheathed on the right. The same will go for the left hand weapons of each version and thus using a mace with a sword will result in both being on the same side.
My mod is not currently supported, but I want it to be. How do I edit the meshes to be left hand / back compatible?
  • Version 0.5 of the mesh editing guide is available now under Miscellaneous. It currently covers 1H Swords, Shields, and Staves. The remaining tutorials are coming soon!
I use Mod Organizer, how do I run the patcher?! Help me please!

  • Go to the data tab (middle column on the right side) and expand SkyProc Patchers towards the bottom. Expand the tree then right click on the .jar file (you may have to expand the file name column width to see the extension) to add it as an executable. Then go up the start menu and select your new executable (Dual Sheath Redux Patch) and hit Run.
I'm getting a SkyProc patcher error such as "There was an error exporting the custom patch. (files\tmp.esp (The system cannot find the path specified)", the patcher keeps insisting I don't have the Dual Sheath Redux.esp installed, my exported patch file is empty, or my patch hangs forever. Help?
  • This is likely a windows permissions problem or a Java configuration problem on your computer. 
I use your mod with Left Hand Rings/The Black Sacrament/some other equipment mod, and when I unsheath/sheath my weapons, the ring/the headgear/the piece of equipment gets unequipped!
  • This happens because the piece of equipment in question shares the same BIP slot as one of the two slots used by this mod. Thankfully, there's an easy fix for this built right into the patcher: In the "Other Options" tab, there are two options for customizing the BIP slots this mod uses. Generally, the first alternate set to try would be 47 and 57 - if other equipment still gets unequipped, change until there are no conflicts with your other equipment. You have to rerun the patcher to make the BIP slot change take effect, however.
What are your future plans for the mod?
  • Bug fixes, More Packs, Dynamic shield/staff distance based on cloak being equipped. No set ETA for any of it at present.

Known Problems/Limitations

  • Some meshes have their strap/ring on the wrong side. Unfortunately I do not know how to fix this as I do not use Blender/3DSMax but only NIFScope. If you have the knowledge to fix these types of problems, please message me.
  • There is a known issue with favorited weapons showing up as a 3rd weapon on belt when the player is dual wielding identical blades and switching your right hand weapon to another one hander. This appears to be an engine bug regarding favorites and dual wielding and Bethesda would have to fix it (probably why they didn't allow us to hotkey left hand weapons). To avoid the bug altogether you may a) not favorite your 1h weapons and equip using the inventory screen only, OR b) use favorites/hotkeys but never switch 1h weapons while dual wielding. Switching to 2h weapons like a bow or to a shield is OK. If you do get the bug, a simple un-equip/re-equip will fix it.
Known Problem Mods / Notes