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Lux and Noctis; katanas forged by the Divines and Daedra respectively are powerful swords independently, but together nothing can stop them.

Ebony blade recolors meant to be used together as a dual wielding set.

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Lux and Noctis feature two Ebony Blade recolored katanas. My original idea for this mod was to create a light and dark katana weapon theme, and since I suck at actually creating weapons from scratch, the ebony blade was the next best thing. They're both one handed weapons with different stats, the Lux Katana features high damage but average speed and low value and high weight, while the Noctis Katana features low damage and high speed with high value and low weight. I kept them the original size as the Ebony Blade because I am a firm believer that the longer a katana is, the better. Besides, it gives it an image of 'power' also, yeah? 

       I also tried to make them as lore-friendly as possible, with the Lux Katana being craft able under the Dragon perk, and the Noctis under the Daedric perk. Crafting requirements are as simple as can be, though rather difficult (or just time consuming) if you never cheat in the game.

Crafting the weapons is only possible through the Skyforge (but you can upgrade them anywhere), and you will have to sacrifice a Blades Sword each along with some of your precious gems. There's no gain without loss, right? I made them relatively powerful, but you can just edit the values through SSEdit if you don't like it.

(Included in Sinitar Gaming's "Best Weapon Mods of 2016" Review! Thanks!


I think you've been through this before, just use NMM or whatever MM you use and you're set.
If you like to install things manually, then you should know how to do that too.
There is also an optional DSR patch you should pick up if you have DSR (also remember to run the DSR patch afterwards)