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Yet another Shield mod. Light armor. With some touch of immersive at the first person view mode. Is so empty at the inner side of the shield's isn't it? Nature abhors a vacuum.

Permissions and credits

Here is 
craftable and upgradeable round wicker shields in 4 variations.

          "Quick Access" Versions:
            ~armor raiting: 30 

"Clean" Versions:
~weight: 3
           ~armor raiting: 30

Craft it or use ~additem

If you want bottles exactly like on screenies you must use Rustic Potions and Poisons by Gamwich

I use here a model of Bomb from "Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul" mod
and model of "BloodThorn" from "Unique Weapons Redone"  mod with permission.
Thanks to ExcineruskryptopyrMudCrabKingSONNYSPAK  for permissions and great works!