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A series of weapons created by InsanitySorrow ported to SE, added to leveled lists, and rebalanced where appropriate.

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This is a collection of a number InsanitySorrow's smaller releases from Skyrim compiled into a single file for SE (with permission from InsanitySorrow).  Weapons have been distributed through leveled lists and rebalanced where appropriate. 

Included Weapons:

-Glass Bow (green glass)
-Glass Bow (blue glass)
-Glass Bow (red glass)
-Silver Bow
-Steel Bow
-Iron Bow
-Dwemer Claymore
-Dwemer Shortsword
-Dwemer War Axe
-Dwemer Battleaxe
-Dwemer Mace
-Dwemer Warhammer
-Steel Shortsword
-The Stamford
-The Bastard (1H and 2H, including craftable color variants)
-Umbra (unique artifact sword)
-Ebony Sword
-Ebony Greatsword

New in v1.5:

-The Thegn
-The Huntsman
-Celtic Katana (1H), Dai-Katana (2H), and Tanto (dagger)
-Zatoichi blades (short and standard)
-Dragon Katana
-Empire Longswords

New in v1.6:

-The Huntsman Bow Series
     -The Woodsman (bow)
     -The Hunter (bow)
     -The Huntsman (bow)

All but a select few weapons are distributed through the appropriate leveled lists (ex Umbra won't be showing up on bandits or at the local smithy). 

All weapons are craftable (except for Umbra and The Huntsman bows) and all are temperable.  

The alternate colors of the Celtic Katana series, the Zatoichi variants, the Dragon Katana, and the second Empire Longsword model are craft-only so the leveled lists weren't overwhelmed with eastern-style weapons and to keep the weapon distribution as lore-friendly as possible.

Many weapon stats have been changed from those in their ancestor mods, and the weapons are distributed over varying levels for a smoother progression throughout the game.  Also, nothing is out of whack stat-wise, so you won't find anything ridiculously overpowered.  You should always be able to find suitable weapons from this mod no matter what level you are at the time.

All meshes have been converted for use in SE, of course!


Drop meshes folder, textures folder, and InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp into your Data folder.  Alternately, use your favorite mod manager to install.

Important (for this and any other mod that edits leveled lists): You should always use Wrye to create a bashed patch if you have any mods altering leveled lists (like this one).  As this mod only adds to leveled lists and doesn't edit existing entries, no bash tags are required for Wrye to function properly, as long as you create a new bashed patch.

Compatibility Note:  This mod works well with Lore Weapon Expansion, now available for SE (and highly recommended; I use both myself).  Simply create a new bashed patch and you're good to go!

If you want to use the optional retextures, just choose which you want to use and install the underlying textures folder.  The black scabbard for The Bastard replaces the default brown scabbard.  Screens of the alternate Ebony Sword texture and the original/damascus Bastard textures can be seen in the images section.

Thanks and Credit:

InsanitySorrow - Models, textures, and original releases
The GIMP ProjectNifskope