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Immersive 4K replacers for every hold shield in Skyrim with handforged textures and a plethora of crafting options.

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  • Unique timber textures with the effects of war, magic and the elements visible in each grain.
  • Temper your shields at any workbench.
  • Hammered and honed metal rims with authentic tone variations.
  • Splattered paint symbols embellish each shield with color palettes to match Ennead Banners.
  • Compatible with Immersive Armors and other mods that do not retexture the existing guard shields.

Forge your own Shield
  • At level 4, you may now craft the Ennead Shield Token at the smelter's.
  • The token may be taken to the blacksmith forge to craft both light and heavy shields of the holds.
  • More heavily armored shields become available at levels 18, 28 & 40 to scale with your character.
  • The shields are denoted as Hold Name Light/Heavy Shield [T] for the tiers so there is no confusion.

Shield Stats
  • Light Shields
    • Tier 1 Material: Hide - Armour Rating: 16 
    • Tier 2 Material: Elven - Armour Raiting: 22 
    • Tier 3 Material: Stahlrim - Armour Rating: 30 
    • Tier 4 Material: Dragonscale - Armour Rating: 36
  • Heavy Shields
    • Tier 1 Material: Iron - Armour Rating: 21 
    • Tier 2 Material: Steel - Armour Rating: 26 
    • Tier 3 Material: Orcish - Armour Rating: 32 
    • Tier 4 Material: Dragonplate - Armour Rating: 40

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Texture art by Koveich
Shield nif and crafting options by Tarshana
3.1 typo bugfixes for the Whiterun & Pale shields created by Arban