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Alters the appearance of almost all Staves to appear more like their imbued power via texture changes and glow mapping.

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  • Elemental Staffs is a texture change mod designed to change almost every staff in the game.
  • Destruction Staffs have undergone the greatest changes, going from the single vanilla staff to nine separate versions in this mod, three tiers across the three element types plus some additional special staves.
  • There are two Alteration staff texture sets, three Conjuration staff sets, three Illusion staff sets and two Restoration staff sets.
  • Assorted special instance staffs like Halldir's staff and Tandil's Staff, which have been given appropriate texture changes.
  • The four Falmer Destruction and Summoning staves have been given glow maps and appropriate colour changes to eyes and mandibles.
  • The Forsworn Destruction staff has had its 'bone crystal structure' changed to a glowing fire-like crystal.
  • The two "Dragon Priest" staffs have been altered in name and appearance to match Hevnoraak's Staff, I intend make them more unique in a future update but for now all three have only small elemental edits.

Staff Stats have not been altered, they will all function just as in vanilla.

Specific Destruction Staff changes:
Wooden (Weak Tier) Staffs:
Fire Element:
  • Staff of Firebolts
  • Staff of Flames
Ice Element:
  • Staff of Ice Spikes
  • Staff of Frostbite
Storm Element:
  • Staff of Sparks
  • Staff of Lightning Bolts
Enhanced Vanilla (Medium Tier) Staffs:
Fire Element:
  • Staff of Fireballs
  • Staff of the Flame Wall
Ice Element:
  • Staff of Ice Storms
  • Staff of the Frost Wall
Storm Element:
  • Staff of Chain Lightning
  • Staff of the Storm Wall
Elemental (Strong Tier) Staffs:
  • Staff of Incineration (Fire)
  • Staff of Icy Spear (Ice)
  • Staff of Thunderbolts (Storm)

Alteration Staffs
  • Mage Light and Paralysis get their own texture changes.
Conjuration Staffs
  • All staffs assigned a Banish, Summon, Reanimate or Soul Trap category.
Illusion Staffs
  • All staffs assigned a Fury & Fear (look the same) or Calm category, plus Halldir's Staff changes.
Restoration Staffs
  • All staffs assigned to the Repel or Heal categories.
Falmer Staffs
  • All staffs assigned to Fire, Ice, Storm or Summon categories.
Dragon Priest Staff
  • Staff found on Nahkriin renamed to "Nahkriin's Staff" and assigned a Storm texture.
  • Staff found on Rahgot renamed to "Rahgot's Staff" and assigned a Fire texture and model similar to Nahkriin's Staff.
  • Staff found on Hevnoraak assigned a Storm texture and model similar to Nahkriin's Staff.

  • Simply move the folders from the archive to your Skyrim SE data folder.
  • Only updating should require an overwrite, this mod is packaged in its own .bsa Archives.
  • Use the main file and then any patches you require.
  • DL with the 'Mod Manager Download' button and let MO2/Vortex do the work.

Thank you to Yuril for allowing me to Edit his Ice & snow textures.
Thank you to Urwy for his tips in NifSkope.
Thank you Neovalen for support with DSR

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