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Makes the Staffs in Skyrim appear unique to their power level and elemental alignment.

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Destruction Staffs in Skyrim look boring, they are all the same, 4-5 years ago I decided that would not do in Classic Skyrim, and it damn well won't do in Skyrim SE.

This mod alters the textures of almost all the Destruction Staffs in Skyrim to 1 of 9 versions that align with Strength and Elemental type.
Low power staffs are now wood.
Medium power staffs are similar to Vanilla but with some glowing addition and damage to the nose.
High power staffs are fully imbued with their elemental energies.

You will be able to instantly recognise the type of staff and its general power level on visual observation.

Staff Stats have not been altered, they will all function just as in vanilla.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim by Enai Siaion is supported via its own version.

Note that the 2 Destruction Staffs possessed by the Dragon Priests andthe Staff of Tandil (that uses the destruction staff model) have not yet been changed, these will get their own textures in a future release.

  • Simply move the folders from the archive to your Skyrim SE data folder.
  • Only updating should require an overwrite, this mod is packaged in its own .bsa Archives.
  • Use only one of the main files (They both use the same name anyway), the AMoS version is dependant on AMoS being installed.
  • If you uninstall AMoS there should be no issue with simply installing the non-AMoS version, or vice-versa.

  • I think we all know how...


Initial Skyrim Special Edition Release


Thank you to Yuril for allowing me to Edit his Ice & snow textures.
I recommend both of the Mods he made that I have used textures from;
Real Ice
Alternative Snow

Thank you to Urwy for his tips in NifSkope.
Thank you Neovalen for support with DSR