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--- Clarification on the temporary removal of all my mods from Nexus---



Everything is okay, it's not about any drama, or technical problem, I'm not angry because of wars or economic issues, I didn't lose any financial resources (even because I don't earn anything with the mods, and the donation points are all donated by me to other people in need or that work with me in some mods), I don't want to prove any point, I didn't fight with any users or nexus staff, I didn't break any rules or get punished for it, it's not about taking time to reflect, I'm not thinking about putting my work aside , I don't want to punish anyone, absolutely none of that. The mods will not be available untill July (maybe the beginning, maybe the middle, maybe the end of the mentioned month), while a maintenance service will be carried out by me on my entire portfolio. There's no reason to ask for links on subreddits, or create posts there asking about what happened, since the answer is already being given here. I respect the community a lot, but unfortunately I prefer not to go into more details because several circumstances have been causing me unnecessary stress lately and there is no reason to bring them to the public, and the result of these, associated with the massive maintenance that I have already been performing in the last weeks, led to this conclusion that it may be a nuisanse for you now, but it will bear much fruit in 1 or 2 months. Trust me, as you know you could always trust me over these many years, because my focus will always be to give the best of myself, to make your experience the best possible. I would really like to be able to explain in detail all the nuances that culminated in this decision which may seem drastic to the outside observer, but which makes a lot of sense for someone who is looking from the inside, but for the sake of myself, and to avoid more unnecessary stress that in no way benefit me or the community, it is best to limit the explanation to what I said.
In short, it's all okay, I'm not sad, tired, retiring or angry with someone. I don't want to prove any point, it's not blackmail, I'm not after money (even because I'll be 1 to 2 months getting zero DPs), and as I always do, I will be working my ass off to give you the best content possible.
I ask that you respect my position, and we'll see you again in 1 or 2 months at the Nexus, with a lot of things renewed and revamped, and you'll like it. My content will continue to be exclusive to the Nexus, and I do not intend to migrate to any other platform during this time or after.
Take care, don't stress yourself unnecessarily, and I love you (except the haters)
your friend Mihail






All the cool and smart people use Mihail Mods, come be awesome too!




Note: As of November 1, 2021, some of my new mods will have age filtering, so if you have adult mods disabled on nexus, you will not have access to some of my content, not only will you not be able to download it, nor will you view its existence. To access my entire portfolio, go to Site Preferences > Content Blocking > Adult Content, and select Show adult content. The family friendly limitation was preventing me from creating some interesting things and so I decided to overcome that barrier. Thanks.



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