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Shields of the Holds aims to bring a more realistic, war worn shield to the guards of Skyrim.

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Shields of the Holds aims to bring more realistic, war worn shields to the Holds of Skyrim. 

Hey! I'm opening perms for Shields of the Holds. Make patches, add it to your huge armor mod (Immersive Armors, I'm looking at you), make your own Hold logos or make brand new ones for new factions. Whatever. In the optional files, I'm adding the PSD file for you to use to make your own textures. The normal map included with the mod should be sufficient with that. You can either make a mod with a bunch of textures and require this mod, or just bundle this mod with it. 
MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT and link back to this page please. And if you would, hit me up with a PM so I can check out
your mod.


• Brand new meshes, textures, and loading screens for all Hold Shields
• Safe and compatible to use with any other armor mods.

New Guard Shields for all of the Holds:
• Whiterun
• Windhelm
• Winterhold
• Solitude
• Markarth
• Dawnstar
• Hjaalmarch
• Falkreath
• Riften
• Stormcloaks

Use NMM or manually drag the contents of the data folder into your skyrim/data folder.
It shouldn't ask to overwrite anything. Place anywhere in your load order.

Not compatible with shields on back or mods that alter/depend on the vanilla hold shields.
This will work with Immersive Armors etc.

Reverse the install steps

Version 1.9.1 Fixes loading screens only showing the Riften shield no matter what area or city is loading. 
v1.85 - Updated mesh texture paths to avoid future conflicts with other mods. HUGE thank you to power user Mycenia!