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Adds a new armor set for male and female and adds 2 swords.

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Big thank you to Kuplion for adding beast race support for the helmets. Make sure to go over and install it at here.

Nordic Wanderer Equipment 1.1

This is a port from the original mod found here.

This is uploaded with permission from Billyro.

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Description from Original Mod Page:

This mod adds two new swords and a new armour set for male and females. There is full weight-slider support and the armour should be compatible with all body mods. 

The equipment is similar to ebony in stats. You can temper and enchant all items. 

To obtain the crafting manual, go south of Nightgate Inn (west of Windhelm) until you reach the Wanderer's Monument. The small quest should be fairly straight-forward. (If you need help, go down to the bottom of this page.)

Beast Helmet Support
Big thank you to Kuplion for adding beast race support for the helmets. Make sure to go over and install it at here.

Optional Files

Sharp Normals: normal maps regenerated with more detail, making the edges of the metal much more prominent. The
scratches and small dents will pop out a lot more. The bolts and such
also have more shape. Get this if you like grittiness over smoothness. 

Vanilla Textures: textures painted on top of vanilla assets instead of
aMidianBorn assets. You may be wondering why you would want to download
these instead of the original ones; well, for starters, the normal maps
were made by Gamwich, so it'll look extra good. Furthermore, the vanilla textures blend
together better - so the upper and lower body have less differences.
There is also more suitable contrast for environmental mapping. Swayed

Alternate Cubemaps: drastically changes the way the metal appears in-game. Simply overwrite the main files with your chosen cubemap and it
will appear that way in-game.


Should be compatible with all mods. If a mod drastically alters the area south of the Nightgate Inn, then there
might be some overlapping objects and such, but it shouldn't be too bad.

I have cleaned the mod with TES5EDIT. 


Copy the contents of the archive folder to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate
the .esp file in the Skyrim Launcher. That's it! Alternatively, you can
download with NMM and activate it through that.

Known Issues

The high-weight body meshes have slightly different smoothing parameters to
the low-weight meshes. This doesn't become apparent until you go all
the way to a 1.00 weight. If it bothers you, simply set your character's
weight to 0.99 (which looks identical to 1.00 but it uses the correct

The female version has a little bit of a deformity around the groin area, like someone kicked the metal really hard. It
doesn't have any adverse effect in-game and can be ignored. 

There is minor clipping at the wrists. Just wear the gauntlets and you'll never notice. 

Beast races are currently not supported. Sorry. Check at the top of description for link to beast race support plugin.


Please don't redistribute this mod. If you wish to use any of this in a custom
mod, please contact Billyro beforehand (and you must give credit to the
texture artists that I've given credit to).


(NOTE: I couldn't get into contact with some of the users - if you are one of the following people and wish me to
remove your stuff from the mod, please send me a message.)

Humus, for his cubemap bases (from which I edited and generated the cubemaps). 

Nobiax, for his chainmail and iron texture overlays. 

CaBaL120, for his aMidianBorn textures that I used as a base.

XRC (Exray Catt), for his Imperial heavy boots texture which I used as a base. 

Gamwich, for generating the normal maps for the vanilla version. 

Destero, for creating a full-helmet addon based on the Dawnguard helmet. 

Jaykin1, Liemertha, and Zjamz for atmospheric screenshots. 

3DS Max 2012, NifSkope, Paint.NET and CrazyBump - the tools I used to make this mod.

Spoilers and Hints

Don't know how to proceed at the Wanderer's Monument?
Follow the direction the Eagle statue is pointing. You'll find other statues - keep following them until you reach the end.

Okay, then what?
The final statue has a small pedestal with a key on it. Take this key back to the Wanderer's Monument and open the strongbox.

What materials do I need to craft the armor/weapons?
The crafting manual has a list of all the materials you need for each piece.

Alternatively, you can find the item code by typing 'help "nordic wanderer" 0' and using the additem command.