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AI tool for high quality voice acting synthesis using in-game voices from Bethesda games.

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Quick intro

VASynth is an AI based app for creating new voice lines using neural speech synthesis. The app loads models individually trained on voices from several Bethesda games. The app gives users control over details such as pitch and durations of individual letters to provide control over emotion and emphasis. To see it in action, watch this short intro/tutorial video, narrated by various supported voices:

Other games

Twitter: @dan_ruta

Note: To keep things fair, avoid using the tool in an offensive/explicit manner. Make it obvious where you can in descriptions that the voice samples are generated, and not from the original voice actors. Any issues you cause with this are on you.


xVASynth (or [MW]VASynth, for [Morrowind] voices) wraps around FastPitch [1] models trained on datasets compiled from in-game voice acted lines. The strengths of this model are in the artistic control over the generated audio. Once you generate the audio from your text prompt, you can adjust the pitch and durations using the editor:

The use of neural speech synthesis leads to natural sounding voices, something which is very difficult to do with more traditional methods involving concatenations of existing data. It also means new vocabulary can be generated, outside of what the voice actors have already read out.

There are several potential use cases for this tool:
  • Creating voice lines for new quest mods
  • Creating machinima
  • Give voices to custom follower mods, or expand existing followers' with more life
  • Expand/edit/fix existing quests' stories/dialogue options
  • Add variety to in-game voices by adding packs from other games' voice (eg add Fallout/Oblivion voices to skyrim voice lists)
  • Add new vocabulary to voices not already found in scripts (cannot easily be done with audio splicing)
  • (Fallout 4) Add new player names to name lists
  • Enhance vanilla quests by adding more lore/explanations in conversations
  • Make English translations for mods voiced in other languages
  • (Morrowind) Add voice to unvoiced areas of the game
  • Change the voice used by a character (if you believe a different voice would suit them better)
  • memes
  • probably more...


You may need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable if you don't already have it.

The tool is not tied to the game files, so it can go anywhere. To make it compatible with Vortex however, I've placed it in the Data folder. I'd recommend installing the files manually, until I figure out the Vortex paths.

Download the main file, and place its contents wherever you want. Launch the app by double clicking the xVASynth.exe file (you may want to create a shortcut to this somewhere convenient). To install individual voice models, place the contents of the downloaded zip files (the "resources" folder) into the same folder as the xVASynth.exe file, where there is already a "resources" folder - like you would install a texture mod into the game folder.

To confirm, you should see 3 files (a .json, a .pt, and a .wav file) all found in <your xVASynth install directory>/resources/app/models/<game>/   (where <game> is morrowind, for models on this page).

Important: Make sure you click "Allow" if windows asks you for permission to run the python server. I use a local HTTP server to enable communication between the python code (for the AI models) and the JavaScript code (for the Electron front-end). If there are any issues, check the server.log file (located next to xVASynth.exe) - there should be an error at the end which I'll need to see for helping with issues.

For Morrowind, the voices trained so far are as follows ("Track" the mod for updates):
  • Female Altmer / Breton
  • Female Argonians / Orcs
  • Female Dunmer
  • Female Redguards
  • Male Imperials
  • Female Nords

Where green represents good quality, yellow means ok quality (but might need a good deal of playing with the input to get something good), and red being currently unsuccessful.


  • If you have an NVIDIA GPU, you can enable GPU inference for much faster speeds. You do need to install CUDA dependencies yourself first, as a pre-requisite (tested for version 10.1, check with "nvcc -V" in cmd to verify correct installation)
  • If you are using only the CPU to do inference, tick the "Quick and dirty" checkbox whenever you can (except for the final generation of the final audio). This option is much quicker, as it uses HiFi-GAN[2] instead of WaveGlow[3] for audio generation, but the quality is lower. Leaving it ticked on also speeds up the app start-up.
  • Aim to generate audio between 1 and 5 seconds long. Audio much longer than this starts breaking down in quality. If you have a really long sentence, try to break it down into separate clauses and splice the audios together in a tool like Audacity
  • You can right-click voices in the panel on the left to hear a quick preview of the voice

Downstream uses
If you make anything with this tool (mod or otherwise), let me know and I will include it here.

[Skyrim] Phenderix Magic World:
Phenderix Magic World adds a massive amount of content including new spells, weapons, bosses, followers, locations, and much more! Download today to unleash hundreds of new roleplaying options and discover a new world where magic has just begun to awaken.

[Fallout 4] Nuka-World Reborn
A mod to add the infamous Oblivion line to Skyrim guards

[Skyrim] Positive Undressed Reactions:
New lore-friendly voiced reactions to the player being undressed, using xVASynth, unused lines and splicing.

[Skyrim] The Elder Scrolls Legends Imports
Adds references to Elder Scrolls: Legends cards and story into the world of Skyrim.

[Skyrim] Ysolda Roasts Jon
Recreates the famous "Lamar Roasts Franklin" scene with a skyrim flavor using Ysolda and Jon Battle Born

[Skyrim] Random Guard Dialogues
New funny and random voiced dialogues for guards made with xVA-Synth

[Skyrim] Stop right there criminal scum
A mod to add the infamous Oblivion line to Skyrim guards

Future Plans

Generally the plan is to keep going down the fairly long list of voices remaining, in Bethesda's games. I do plan on returning to some the voices already released to improve them with further/re-training.

At the moment, male voices are lower quality than female, due to the AI models pipeline being built around female speakers. I am working on trying to improve that, but I've so far been unsuccessful with the hardware I'm using. 

The FastPitch [1] model trains using output from the Tacotron2 [4] model as pre-processed input. The issue here is that the pre-trained Tacotron2 model is trained on the LJSpeech dataset [5], a female speaker. When this Tacotron2 model is applied on female speakers, it works quite well, but applying it to male speakers mostly fails, meaning FastPitch training is unsuccessful. Training FastPitch is relatively easy, but Tacotron2 is quite difficult and requires a lot of VRAM (which I do not have on my GPU) to work well.

There are quite a few voices left to train (across all games). You can track/vote on further progress of the models being trained on my patreon page (which I'm hoping will help fund the new hardware, so I can make more/better models), or on the GitHub page, at


The best support is using the tool, making something cool with it, and letting me know about it! Or spreading the word, to anyone that may get some use/fun out of this. Join the discord here, and let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions, show off something you made, or you just want to chat about this:

Training models for 150+ voices takes a very long time, and I'm running ~5 year old hardware. The v1.0 release took about 2.5 years to release (though ~2y of that was spent reading research papers and compiling datasets).

To get things moving along faster, I definitely need to save money for some time, to invest in a new GPU with higher VRAM capacity (for quality) and speed. The previously mentioned issue with training Tacotron2 might also just need me to use a GPU with more VRAM. I work on this out of my personal interest, but if people wish to expedite this hardware investment, you can boost my (phd) student budget through support on my patreon, or direct donations. I've tried to provide some incentives at a few tiers, such as development updates, early access, and votes on order of upcoming voices.

Special thanks:
  • Rachel Wiles
  • Kevin Lockitt
  • Yael van Dok
  • PorcelainShrine 
  • Passionate Lobster
  • Hector Medima
  • Drake 
  • Lady Steel
  • Ashley Higgins
  • FinalFrog 
  • Nacka 
  • shadowtigers 
  • Donald Bass
  • Hazel Louise Steele
  • J. Quint
  • Lulzar 
  • Aelarr
  • Eir 
  • Vahzah Vulom
  • batteryjar 
  • Five More Minutes
  • Ryan W
  • Laura Almeida
  • Alexandra Whitton
  • Zelda Hadley
  • Cookie 
  • Aluraine
  • Billyro 
  • Baki Balcioglu
  • Flipdark95 
  • Beto
  • Harsh 
  • Pseudo Immortal
  • TrueBlue
  • My Best Friend Is A Squid
  • Agito Rivers
  • Thuggysmurf
  • radbeetle 

Adrian Łańcucki for FastPitch and the helpful discussions on GitHub.
All the amazing researchers behind the many tools and models I've used in creating this.

     [1] FastPitch -
     [2] HiFi GAN -
     [3] WaveGlow -
     [4] Tacotron2 -
     [5] LJSpeech -


- Added audio post-processing (via ffmpeg, you need to install it to enable this), to allow audio settings such as: file format, silence padding, sampling rate, and bit depth
- Bug fixes for the pitch/length editor, for when the input is changed (then "Something went wrong" happens)
- Reduced the rate of increase/decrease of the Amplify/Flatten buttons

- Changed the default window size (you can always resize this by dragging the corner) and enlarged settings menu
- Fixed bad default custom filepaths in settings that may have lead to some audio output issues (you will still need to adjust this if you've already loaded v1.0.7, as those values are now bound to your personal settings - remove the double "resources/app" if you have that - just check that the path exists)

- Made the amplify/flatten buttons additive instead of multiplicative (to avoid it getting out of hand)
- Fixed the letter length/pacing sliders! (I could never reproduce the issue, but I'd be surprised if this didn't fix it)
- Fixed a few small path issues, potentially also fixing a bug where temporary files were not getting cleaned
- Small UI changes, including file record hover effect, and including the file name in the deletion prompt
- Fixed newline characters in the prompt breaking file saving
- Added the ability to specify (on a per-game basis) what directory the output files should be placed in, when saved

- Added a file logger for the front-end to aid with user support/debugging - app.log
- Fixed audio not saving if filename-unsafe characters are in the input sequence
- Reduced freedom of range on the pitch slider to reduce bad quality output
- Fixed issue with auto-regen spamming the model with every slider tick and filling the screen with modals (all crashing if also making the app run out of vram)
- Fixed issue with deleting newly generated files
- Other small tweaks and fixes

- Bug fixes

- Bug fixes

- Improved the UI - reorganized the buttons to group the letter-specific tasks to the top bar, and sequence-wide setting on the bottom bar
- Added a "Reset letter" button 
- Made it more clear which letter is being edited by highlighting it in red
- Added an option in the settings for auto-playing the audio when it's generated
- Fixed an issue where question marks in the input broke file saving

- Fixed some filepath issues causing infinite loading

- Added updates menu