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A demo plugin for v1.4.0+ of xVASynth, where third party plugins are now supported. This plugin changes the app front-end, swapping the UI language to Romanian. Full developer reference:

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Third party plugins are supported in xVASynth, starting with version 1.4.0. Plugins can exist for either/both the front-end/back-end of the app.

This mod serves as a small demo for what a front-end plugin looks like, specifically for a UI language translation pack. 



Place the contents of the downloaded zip file into the <xVASynth .exe folder>/resources/app/plugins folder. You should end up with the following:
<xVASynth .exe folder>/resources/app/plugins/lang_ro/frontendPlugin.js
<xVASynth .exe folder>/resources/app/plugins/lang_ro/plugin.json
<xVASynth .exe folder>/resources/app/plugins/lang_ro/style.css

Once installed, click the Plugins icon (the puzzle piece) at the top right of the app. This will bring up the plugins menu, where plugins can be enabled/disabled, and rearranged. Tick on the Enabled checkbox, and click the Apply button.

For developers:

Plugins in xVASynth can do much more than change the language of the app. For a full developer reference, check out the documentation on GitHub, here:

If you need any assistance, drop a message on the #plugins channel in the xVASynth Discord server: