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An old Nord warrior longing for Sovngarde, cursed by beast blood.
Custom voiced using and editing Kodlak Whitemanes voice, unused dialogue and xVASynth. SE port.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • French

Yngvarr is an old Nord warrior, once a Companion he lives now secluded in the Velothi mountains, determined to overcome the curse of the Bear and longing to still find a way to Sovngarde.

Custom voiced using and editing Kodlak Whitemanes voice,  unused dialogue and XVASynth.

  • Comes with own bear mount Bjarni.
  • Uses own follower framework.
  • 2 handed warrior.
  • Uses custom Battlecry.
  • Last resort: transforms into a Werebear only when he is bleeding-out.
  • Strong beard growth
  • Catch up/Get behind on weapon-draw
  • Starts at Lvl 10 and levels with the player.
  • 2 handed trainer
  • 2 optional lesser power spells: Summon/Transform found in Yngvarrs Hall
  • Version 1.5 added a small Cure Quest (recommended lvl 50+) it can get started after Kodlak has been cured (and 7 days have passed since first meet)
  • After the Cure he will get a Berserker Rage ability. (If you don't want to cure and keep Werebear transformations, there is an evil option to use "Bend Will". Requires knowledge of 2 Words to be successful)
  • Sparring
  • Set Home, Dont use shout, Damage scaling, Follow distance options
  • Werebear executions: (will play 1 of 4 killmoves against humanoid combat-targets with low health, NOTE: animations will not always match up, it's possible for corpse to fall through floor)
  • 2nd Battlecry (enabled with "Yngvarr's Horn" in inventory. 2 variants: Area Heroic Courage(Rally, Health, Stamina for 2 minutes, Battle Fury(15 seconds 35% attack speed, if a target has "Dual Flurry" perk only 5% attack speed)) / Healing 1 hour cooldown)
  • Version 1.7: Added Tactics: Nerf/Damage/Armor/Buff, Combat Style, Shout Variants, Sandbox: Auto Relax around Xmarker (should be less annoying), Importance (when cured), Evaluate your thinking (evaluates Packages), Options for cooldown Beastform/ Berserk, Friendlyfire Pacify Spell
  • Failsafe Transform Back (checks once a day to transform back)
  • Added optional Fix Yngvarr Spell (for being stuck in beastform or weird behavior, gets removed after use)
  • Hircines Ring in inventory can disable Transform. Skaal Amulet in inventory can disable Berserk Rage.

Uses whatever hair, scar, mouth texture You have installed.


"Yngvarr's Hall" near Kagrenzel.



Soft Requirement:
Face Light 
High-res tintmask config for SKSE

for armor:
-Rustic Clothing 
-aMidianBorn Nordic Carved 

This makes hair match beard and brows and prevents being too bright:
-Superior Lore-Friendly Hair (rough version)

Customize werebear with blind eye and grey fur:

Since the game scales every npc above or below base height to 1.0 when interacting with the world or animations are played. Be aware that animations won't match exactly anymore with this (for example hovering hands)
-Universal Race Scale Remover

-Place below any follower framework (actually load order does not matter, since he is not in the potential follower faction) and don't manage with it.

-Follower Live Package will break the Sparring when he is following, either disable Friendly Fire related things in MCM or use Sparring only when dismissed.

-Other mods that add bear mounts, need their conditions for Idle animation : BearIdleRoot, BearSwimRoot, either forwarded or patched (depending on load order). Idle because else it would sleep all the time, Swim since there's no mounted swim animation.

-Not compatible with Ravens Nest Tower, Hall uses the same location

Extract contents to Skyrim/Data/ folder.

Remove Yngvarr_Follower.bsa, Yngvarr_Follower.esp from Skyrim/Data/ folder.
It's never recommended to remove mods midgame.


Khord -The Lost Dwemer- by Dividedbythe9s
Tempered Skins for Males by traa108
HPM - High Poly Male Meshes by Austinlyle0 and Nymphetta
Brows by Hvergelmir
Beards by Hvergelmir
Skyrim highpolyheads by Erik
Van Gogh's Eyes by Gearhog
Real Woman of Skyrim by Gearhog
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt by Xenius
How to make a mount for Skyrim - SIMPLE VERSION by starjacker0
Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy
Better Battle Cry - Male by ibriqi
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama
Heavy Nordic Armor by NordwarUA
Amulets of Skyrim by UNI00SL
Dynamic Clothing System by TheDalbak18
Eyes AO Clipping Fix by Artsick
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii
ENB Brow Fix by triptherift
Modern Brawl Bug Fix by EnaiSiaion

I Will Find You by Darren-Curtis |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

triptherift for figuring out the tri issue
Thank you all!

Yakitori Audio Converter
XVASynth by DanRuta


by GreasyGysi

by Ikari starts at 7:35


Preset? Where is the beard from?

No, i don't have the preset anymore. To clarify, since this is getting asked again and again: the beard was made by Dividedbythe9s, go check out the great follower "Khord - The Lost Dwemer"
You have to set Khord's beard playable in the Creation Kit. For SE you need to remove the tri's from the long beard in the esp.



I have lost him. What's the RefID?

When Waiting he will return Home after 3 days, with Relax never. You can use the summon spell or console to find him:
BaseID: **000D62
RefID: **005A64
To Summon him:
prid **005A64
moveto player

(** means mod index of Yngvarr_Follower.esp in your load order)

Will he be able to get cured?

Version 1.5 added a Cure Quest it can get started after Kodlak has been cured and 7 days have passed since first meet.

If he still won't wear other armor?

You can try "Simple Outfit Manager" or remove his default clothes via showinventory drop xxxxxxx(outfit id for YngvDefaultClothes and shoes)

About the name
Yngvarr with two "r's" is the old norse variant of this name. There are many derivates like Yngvar, Ingvar, Ingver, Iver, Ivarr, Igor and so on. 
The name was inspired by Iver of "The Banner Saga".

Stuck in Werebearform

First, try click on him with console and type recycleactor, wait a few ingame hours. If this doesn't work click on him with console and type setrace 0_YngvarrRace . I added a Failsafe Transform Back spell with Version 1.7, checks once a day. And also added a optional Fix Yngvarr Spell (for being stuck in beastform or weird behavior, gets removed after use) if it's still occurring.

Used on screenshots:
Snapdragon ENB
Rudy ENB
Patrician ENB
Silent Horizons ENB
LH's HD Face scars
Oldman Hood found in Yngvarrs Hall

Known Issues:
-As a Werebear he will sometimes retreat from higher leveled enemies, it looks like this behavior is hardcoded and i can't influence it
-Old armor clipping (will maybe redo it someday)
-Unequips weapon and reequips when combat starts (intentional, since he played idle anims when weapon was drawn, resulting in being unable to attack or mount)