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This mod adds Joker as a romance option for FemShep players in Mass Effect 3. It adds new branches of fully voiced dialogue, scenes, and interactions. Joker and EDI remain platonic and interact accordingly.

Permissions and credits
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Click the hat above to see the dev blog. Or don't, it's your life.

The Hatboy Project is a mod allowing FemShep players to romance Jeff "Joker" Moreau in Mass Effect 3. Without this mod, he is not available as a romance option in any of the games. This mod creates an all-new romantic narrative for the player to explore by adding in new dialogue via a lot of patience, technology, duct-tape and prayers.

CAUTION! This release is for the original version of Mass Effect 3, and should be considered an open beta! A version for the Legendary Edition is forthcoming.

Mod Changes:
  • Alters the relationship between Joker and EDI to remain platonic by restructuring and rewriting dialogue.
  • Adds new branches of dialogue to conversations and romance-specific versions of conversations.
  • Adds ambient dialogues.
  • Allows the player to lock-in and commit to a romance with Jeff.
  • Adds a romance scene that is in keeping with the other vanilla options.


Q: BroShep version when!?
A: This was very demanding to have done for just one flavour of Shepard. All new dialogue would need to be done over for BroShep as well, animation offsets adjusted, lip-sync run, and additional lines created to account for gender differences. It's a lot of work, and I can't see myself committing to that any time soon. I'm very sorry.

Q: I want to localise your mod!
A: Great! Get in touch with me, please! I will be glad to work with you so that an accurate translation can be provided.

Q: Is it compatible with...
A: Probably not. When I began developing this mod in September 2020, Legendary Edition had not yet even been announced, and I had plans to support compatibility for a wide range of major mods. I have not spent any time ensuring compatibility with other mods on this release. However, the upcoming Legendary Edition version will contain compatibility patches. This release for the original ME3 is what it is, as the userbase for the original game is decreasing, and my focus was on getting it out the door and into your hands. This release will not be updated for new content, only for game-breaking bugs.

Q: Okay, how about Citadel DLC stuff?
A: Included.

Q: Wait... did... did you... did they help you with this?
A: Ahaha. Ha. You are very sweet. I wish. No. Your ears deceive you. I forced a computer to listen to every single piece of FemShep and Joker's dialogue across all three games for a thousand hours and this is what it came up with

Compatibility Section

This release will not be updated for new content, only for fixing game-breaking bugs. I am not spending any time creating patches for this release for the original game. Any and all patching will be done for the upcoming Legendary Edition version of this mod. This release is provided as-is. This said, if you wish to create a patch yourself to make HB compatible with a mod you control, please do, and I will include it here.

If you notice a bug, please feel free to report it. Depending on what it is, I may not be able to fix it for this version, but fixes can and will be included in Legendary Edition.

  • Users must disable this mod if they wish to play as a male Shepard.
  • Playing as a male Shepard with this mod installed will absolutely 100% definitely break the game. Please do not do this.
  • Should users decide to pursue a different romance or no romance at all, you must disable this mod to avoid bugs or conflicts. Only have this mod active if you're going for this romance option, or weirdness will occur.
  • This mod is currently only available in English.
  • For the smoothest experience, start ME3 from the beginning, either with a new character or by importing a save from previous games.
  • If you choose to shut Jeff down hard after Thessia, this breaks you up. There is no way to restore it.
  • Due to very long and boring technical reasons, it is impossible to not have the physical part of the romance scene occur. (You cannot send him away like the other LIs.) You can easily press SPACE to skip the cutscene part.

How to Install, Disable & Re-Enable

How to Install
  • Install ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Run ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Download this mod (It should be a .7z file)
  • Drag the file into Mod Manager
  • Click Import Mod (This adds the mod to your mod manager files)
  • Click Apply Mod (This applies the mod to your game)
  • Done!
How to Uninstall
  • Run ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Click Manage Target near the top right
  • Locate The Hatboy Project for ME3
  • Click Disable to disable the mod, or click Delete to permanently uninstall the mod from your game
  • If you choose Disable, you can re-enable the mod at any time by clicking Enable
  • Done!

Thanks & Acknowledgements

Exkywor - For help with adjusting some cameras and showing me the principles behind it
Mentlegen - For answering my first questions and showing me this project was possible, and introducing me to others
Beccatoria - For endless patience with my questions, and detailed explanations on various processes
Lunk - For similar levels of patience, for troubleshooting with me, for suggesting best practises
Mgamerz - and all involved with ME3Tweaks and Legendary Explorer
DanRuta - For his pioneering work on xVASynth, without which this mod would not have been possible
Scottina - for Sequencing wizardry on the romance scene and Citadel
Jenya - For help with textures
Noira - Also for help with textures
CoaxionUnlimited - For creating an early version of lip-sync autogeneration, for going through Citadel edits with me
My blog followers - For sending me encouraging messages and for reading my infodumping blithering with apparent interest
And Many More - So many have had impacts on this project, and I thank each and every one of you