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Adds over 50 npcs, 6 side quests & 1 questline, voiced Nord & Redguard guards, new locations & items, over 1000 lines of dialogue and much more!

Permissions and credits
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2022 Update: After 6 years of development, this mod has reached a place where I am considerably proud and pleased of how far it has come and in that respect, I am now considering the mod finished and there will be no further updates.
It seems fitting to walk away from the mod with the last new update uploaded exactly six years after the first; the journey has come full circle. Thank you to all those who have offered many helpful and kind words over the years, I've appreciated all the support and constructive criticism. Now, life is taking me in new directions. Perhaps onto new mods, but who knows what the future brings?
Thank you for playing and I hope you continue to enjoy Oblivion Nouveau Uncut for many years to come.

Oblivion Nouveau Uncut is a moderately sized, game-wide expansion mod, that introduces many brand new quests, NPCs and locations, as well as re-implementing lots of previously unused content, like characters, dialogue, and items.

The new content is partly inspired by various elements and leftovers of deleted content, or theories about them, like Nerasteral or the Red and Black queen, which I've given quests to in this mod.
I've also recreated deleted NPCs and imagined what they may have looked like, or where they may have lived.

Essentially, I've made a whole load of new stuff inspired by scrapped ideas, as well as restored a load of Bethesda-made cut content too. The mod contains probably 50% newly restored content and 50% brand new content.

I've also tweaked and improved many things that were done poorly or broken in the original game, like AI packages or dialogue conditions and also improved other aspects of the vanilla game.

I know what I've done with my mod isn't for everybody (lord knows people have made their feelings clear enough times) but nobody is forcing you to use a mod if it offends you.

However, if you *do* like the sound of this mod and are interested in new content of almost every type, in new quests, NPCs, items and characters, new dialogue for combat, persuasion, greetings, quests and more,
then check out Oblivion Nouveau Uncut:
The mod that makes something new, out of the old.

Installation & Load Order:
Click yes to replace any files, I restored dialogue the unofficial patch removed, as I've created/restored the quests, npcs, etc.
Put near the bottom of your load order! (Doesn't have to be the last mod loaded though, but I'd recommend it is!)


Better Cities Market District - Oblivion Uncut Version 2+ Patch
Compatibility Patches (9 Mods covered)- by mhahn123

Recommended and Compatible Cut Content/Content Improvement Mods:

Dialog Tweaks (Restores unused guard greetings and the ability to hand yourself in, restores unused trespassing greetings, disease dialogue and more!)
Expanded Greetings (Fixes up skill-specific hello lines, so they are all able to be heard each playthrough)
Idle Dialogues (Restores the unused idle dialogue feature and around 80 lines of dialogue with it.)
Eri's Combat Dialogue Overhaul/Lip Synced Taunts and Stuff (Removed from Nexus - Restores death sounds that make NPC deaths more impactful)
DLC Lore Books - Restores unused books that add background lore to various DLCs.

Version 5.0+ Nouveau Additions:

Mog and Ugak now jointly run Two Sister Lodge. Ugak runs the place while Mog sleeps. When Mog wakes, Ugak opens her stables.
Ugak can also now offer you her own opinion on the Vampire Hunters.
Ralril has had an extensive dialogue expansion/overhaul for "Fox of a Different Shade".
Colovian Traders and Gunder no longer suffer issues, while Gunder is still able to use his new barter dialogue.
The mod has been patched to be as Unofficial Oblivion Patch friendly as possible, without breaking the new content.
Gaius Prentus and S'fara now move to Bravil after the completion of 'The Lady of Paranoia'. This prevents the silliness of two people living outside a door forever without ever eating or sleeping.
Gaius and S'fara both have full, new schedules and live full lives. S'fara additionally has newly restored dialogue.
Newly restored, fully functioning arrest dialogue: "What luck. You're trespassing. I'm a guard and I LOVE my job!"
Snak gra-Bura will actually now say "Add some onions and... Wait..."
Repaired and re-implemented several broken vanilla dialogue lines including dialogue about Bongond and Breton goodbye dialogue.
Newly restored dialogue for Cat-Face and Atahba; over 15 lines of dialogue in total! 
(This dialogue was never recorded during development, but can now be heard & enjoyed for the first time!)
New & reworked arrest dialogue for all Nord and Redguard guards; they now have pretty much all the arrest dialogue that normal guards do!
The Black Horse Courier Questline is now 95% voiced by vanilla voice actors! (As of June 2022)

New Greetings and topic dialogue for:
Dro'fahr in Anvil
Voldsea Giryon in Anvil
Wears-Silk-Robes in Bravil
Meryaran in Chorrol
Sifahtar in Chorrol
Murgakh gro-Ushag in Chorrol
Oghat gro-Othmuk in Chorrol/Gretwold
Paloante in Cheydinhal
Hindille in Cheydinhal
Lumdum gro-Golpok in the Imperial City (new 'complaints' dialogue branch)
Gwendolyn in the Imperial City
Tunengore in the Imperial City
Delmingo in Leyawiin (unique new 'rate my outfit' dialogue)
Vanashti in Leyawiin (topic only)
Vashanti in Leyawiin (topic only)
Mianawe at the Imperial Battle College (Greeting only)
K'rasha at the Fox's Den Inn
Bun-Jee at Castle Varaldo (Greeting only)
Brand new dialogue for quests including Clashing Colors and The Cat, The Wizard and The Hero.

Brand new pre and post quest rumors for:
Clashing Colors
The Cat, The Wizard and The Hero
Doran's Family Troubles
An Honest Living (Black Horse Courier Questline)

Brand New Rumours About NPCs:
Cudoley Hoffid in the Imperial City
Gwendolyn in the Imperial City
Ris Fralmoton in the Imperial City
Hamlof Red-Tooth in the Imperial City

New Jester Day Dialogue!
Fix for Split residents' dialogue. Many fixes for J'zizdo's dialogue (my god, bethesda made a hash of it!)
Added new deceased NPC with backstory into 'Forgotten Caves - Muttering Pool'.
Remastered and re-edited the new 'trailer battle' music to be more immersive.
Added Belladonna Berry Plants into the game
Added more Rice Plants
Fixed various historical typos and inconsistencies
'Ralril's Treasure Map' no longer remains a quest item after 'Wealth Beyond Measure' is completed
Various NPC AI fixes
Leaflets have been renamed back to handbills (eg, 'Novaroma Handbill')
Harrow (the Imperial Leyawiin NPC) has had erronous stats removed
Removed redundant and obsolete assets/references
Some additional dialogue parameters to prevent certain NPCs using Holiday Dialogue
Added missing lip sync for one line of Nord guard dialogue
'Doran's Family Troubles' can now additionally be started by speaking to Jirolin in the street

What this mod adds:

Brand New Quests (written and designed by me):
Clashing Colours - Ask a Chorrol resident about Strantus to start.
The Cat, the Wizard and the Hero - Talk to Gilgondorin in Silverhome-on-the-Water to start.
Wealth Beyond Measure - Talk with Ralril in the Fox's Den Inn to start.
A Thorn to Her Rose - To start, after completing 'Wealth Beyond Measure', head to Fort Naso.
Fox of a Different Shade - To start, after completing 'A Thorn to Her Rose', head to The Fox's Den Inn
An Honest Living (Black Horse Courier Questline) - To start, talk to Ra'Jiradh at the Black Horse Courier Offices. This questline is optional. If you don't want to do it, simply tell Urjahbi you never want to be a courier. The quest will complete and all the involved npcs will be made unessential.

Restored Quests/Quest Content (originally written/designed by Bethesda):
New Quest - Doran's Family Troubles - Talk to Jirolin Doran in Chorrol to start.
Emfrid and Bittneld's quest has been expanded with unused dialogue and will now appear in your journal as 'Lonely Hearts'.
Sulinus Vassinus can now rescue Erthor in the Skingrad Recommendation. (This took less than a minute to restore!)
2 alternate endings to 'Where Spirits have Lease' (and added the rumours)
Alternate end to Legacy Lost - restored dialogue and journal entry
Restored original name for the quest 'Vampire Cure'. It's now called 'Till Death Do They Part'.
You can now convince Faustina to back down, as an alternate way of completing ‘The Siren's Deception’.
Henentier is no longer essential, allowing you to kill him as an alternate way to complete ‘Through a Nightmare, Darkly’. 
Fingers of the Mountain can be now completed without joining the Mages guild, making use of lots of unused dialogue.
If you kill Ulrich before Aldos dies, and then complete 'Corruption and Conscience', Aldos is no longer disabled. He has new dialogue and returns to living in his house.

New Locations/Location Content (designed by me):
Imperial Battle College, south west of Cheydinhal - The battlemages of Cyrodiil train, study and reside here.
Soul Bound Cave, outside Leyawiin - contains three zones.
The Fox's Den Inn, north east of Sercen Camp. Contains 4 new npcs, one of which, 'Ralril', will initiate a treasure hunting quest.
Fair'n'Square HQ is a new location outside Chorrol where Hides-His-Heart now lives.
Six small rats now roam Leyawiin, in accordance with Weebam-Na's rat complaints.

Restored Locations/Location Content (designed by Bethesda):
Castle Varaldo, in the mountains near the Morrowind border. (I've added NPCs to it and much improved detail and objects).
Gretwold - A farmhouse outside Chorrol and the residence of a newly restored NPC, Oghat gro-Othmuk.
Imperial Villa, which is now the home of Lerexus Callidus after 'Raid On Greyland'. (I've added much improved detail and objects).
Forgotten Cave (2 zones). It's near Fort Urasek and Sideways Cave.
Re-implemented the unused portions of Unmarked Cave, the Mazeway and Black Queen's Hall.
Wellspring Grove can now be accessed pre-quest and Zahrasha and Eletta's greeting are now available.
Restored Nirn Stone and it's power, Nirn Breath. 

New & Restored NPCs:

New Anvil NPCs:
Voldsea Giryon - Female Dunmer sailor and adventurer. She will take weekly trips to Chorrol every Sunday, where she'll spend time at the chapel and Grey Mare.
Dro'fahr - Argonian Salesman and former gemstone merchant.
Gratus Vonius - Works at Anvil Castle. He's the brother of Kvatch's Illend Vonius.

New Bravil NPCs:
Wears-Silk-Robes - Fighter's Guild member; he's keen for more people to join the guild and enjoys making his own clothes, especially robes.

New Bruma NPCs:
(currently none)

New Cheydinhal NPCs:
Enrintar - New Altmer Dark Brotherhood member, who uses over 4 minutes of unused dialogue. Has an interesting backstory.
Hallgerda - Altmer Noblewoman with a secret or two.
Hindille - Hallgerda's brother. He loves nothing more than a good book.
Paloante - Hallgerda's mother and lover of nature.
Savure – Breton who works at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn.

New Chorrol NPCs:
Marus Antonius - An NPC from E3. He's a bard. Has a unique greeting and goodbye.
Sifahtar -  Chapel Member.
Randal - Oak & Crosier resident.
Meryaran - Mages Guild Member; passionate about Conjuration.
Oghat gro-Othmuk - Resident and owner of Gretwold. Takes trips into town and just wants a quiet life.
Strantus - Imperial Nobleman who needs help finding a lost heirloom. Has unique dialogue.
Wallace - One of Hides-His-Heart’s unused employees. He lives a full life in the Fair'n'Square HQ before & after 'The Assassinated Man'.
Homraz gra-Morgrump - One of Hides-His-Heart’s unused employees. She lives a full life in the Fair'n'Square HQ before & after 'The Assassinated Man'.
Bagdu gro-Molob - He's a Mythic Dawn agent in the Weynon Priory quest. 
Murgakh gro-Ushag - He's a friend of Gaturn gro-Gonk. Wishes he could do more to help the homeless. 

New Imperial City NPCs:
Ereek-Wa - Lives in the new Arcane University Practice Room Basement. Is passionate about Restoration, Destruction & Alchemy. (New in Version 5!)
Lumdum gro-Golpok - Lives in All Saints and frequents the Market for his job as Market Inspector.
Gwendolyn – Female Redguard snob and nuisance. She hates pretty much everyone and they hate her back.
Curtis - He stays at the Tiber Septim hotel and is part of the Black Horse Courier quest. He has unique dialogue.
Lurio Maenius - Spends a lot of time drinking and wandering the Talos Plaza and Market. He has unique dialogue.
Flavinius Venidius - Works for the Black Horse Courier. Visits Bruma. He has 4 lines of dialogue, including a unique greeting.
Slimy Sidach - New Nord Beggar.
Added an Imperial Pirate in the Waterfront, complete with a voiced greeting and a rendition of 'Sweet Lady of Wayrest'. 
Tunengore – He lives and trains in the Bloodworks.
Ris Fralmoton – Co-Owner of the Statlilia Stables. Has unique dialogue.
Victoria Delacroix - Gatekeeper for the Yellow Team at the Arena. 
Astav Haymon and Skarla Wirich; the only npcs mentioned in the Waterfront Tax Records that are never seen in-game.
Two Legion Centurions: They are enabled upon the start of the game, are named and reside in the Prison District.
Hamlof Red-Tooth now has a private guard, as his shop leaflet implied.
Cudoley Hoffid - He works at Edgar's Discount Spells and sells scrolls, a unique hood, can recharge magic items and also has a unique greeting.
Kastav Sintav - Fully voiced and has detailed AI.
Created a Yellow team bloodworks, with 8 members, who utilise 2 unused lines of dialogue and have full schedules.
Additional Arena Blue Team Member in the Blue Team Bloodworks.

New Leyawiin NPCs:
Delmingo - Mages Guild Member and fashion enthusiast.
Created 'Vanashti's Fighters', a mercenary group in Leyawiin, based on previously unused rumours. Vanashti, her brother Vashanti, Krisie and Aebin Lolacia are all members. They lead full lives, including exploring various local ruins, have unique dialogue and visit other towns!
Oleed-Ei - Blackwood Company's 'Master-of-Assassins'.
Harrow (the Imperial) - He has a unique greeting.

New Skingrad NPCs:
Luc Theirault - Lodger at the Two Sisters Lodge.
Nerasteral - Elven resident of the spooky undead-ridden house.

Other New NPCs:
Mianawe - Lecturer and Storyteller at the Imperial Battle College
Aisha Mestia - Runs the Library at the Imperial Battle College and offers many rare books for sale.
Jean-Luc Mestia - Runs the College reception and offers spells, apparatus, recharging and training. He also sells the unique 'Unstable Summoning' spell.
There are 7 students at the college, including the now lore-friendly Alban Corinis, voiced by Todd Howard himself!
Ralril - Bosmer Adventurer and Treasure Seeker in the Fox's Den Inn. Plenty of unique dialogue. Involved in three new quests.
Rufolian Lolacia - Owner of the Fox's Den Inn. Has unique dialogue.
K'rasha - Ayleid researcher at the Fox's Den Inn.
Duke Andarus Varaldo - Owner of Castle Varaldo. Involved in two quests.
Reydia the Man - Smith at Castle Varaldo.
Strodie Frasley - Cook at Castle Varaldo.
Zarita - Steward at Castle Varaldo.
Bun-Jee - Bodyguard at Castle Varaldo.
There are now 8 Highwaymen, which respawn: 3 Male Khajiit, 2 Female Khajiit, 1 Male Argonian and 2 Female Argonian.  
Added many female guards throughout the cities to increase guard diversity and make better use of the female guard dialogue.
There are also a handful of fully voiced Redguard and Nord guards in-game now.
Stable Guards in Anvil, Bravil & Cheydinhal.
Unused Imperial Guards in Arena, Arbourteum and Elven Gardens.
Two Imperial Legion Centurions now appear in-game in the Imperial City
Female Bruma Militia members are restored

There are also many new quest-related NPCs I won't mention to avoid spoilers! :P
Restored Dialogue:
20 unused persuasion lines exclusive to male imperials.
10 new arena rumours for every race
15 unused lines of Imperial male hello dialogue have been restored. 
"Oh, hello. Is there something I can help you with?" - Estelle Renoit Outdoor greeting
"No matter." - Female Imperial & Breton conversation dialogue
"Of course!/Of course." - Conversation response for every race
Includes 6 new lines for Jauffre (about lighting the Dragonfires and a new greeting)
8 lines for Savlian Matius (Mainly about Count Ormellius Goldwine)
Restored 4 lines of dialogue to Bongond regarding Kvatch.
Unused 'yield' dialogue (‘Spare me’, ‘Show mercy’, ‘You bested me friend’) for NPCs re-added as new flee dialogue.
3 lines of dialogue to Estelle Renoit. Her 'Chorrol' topic dialogue and 2 lines of dialogue regarding Jauffre.
Restored corpse line that previously only nobility could use, but it was recorded for all races: 'Tsk. Such terrible times we live in. Is no place safe anymore?'
2 corpse lines that were stored in the hello section, so could never play: 'Good Riddance' and 'That's a real shame'.
'You there, stop!" for guards, when you assault someone. (it had previously been commented out deliberately by a dev)
Restored many lines of dialogue for The Siren’s Deception: 6 for Maelona, 5 for Gogan and 3 for Faustina Cartia.
Maelona and Gogan's previously unused non-quest greetings (I'm Maelona/I'm Gogan) will now play.
Urbul gro-Orkulg and Lumdum gro-Golpok will now both have a unique comment on Snak gra-Bura via a new topic. (Topic becomes available after speaking with Urbul, Snak gra-Bura or Restita Statlilia.)
Restored unused goodbyes for Llevana Nedaren & Garrus Darelliun, should you fail Corruption and Conscience.
The Dremora Churls' confidence has been lowered from 70 to 40, making their flee dialogue ('Regroup!' or 'I yield!') able to trigger.
Ri'Zakar nows appears before 'Infiltration' and can use his pre quest dialogue.
Restored some of the MTV demo dialogue (Eronor and Piner's demo dialogue) as normal conversation dialogue for male elves and imperials.
Rumours about the Cheydinhal Water Well and Falcar's temper have been corrected and restored.
Unused mages guild hello 'hello guildmate' and unused versions of 'greetings guildmate' now available for all Mages Guild members.
(These hellos were blocked off, due to the dialogue being re-purposed for the mg16 necromancers, which meant only high elf & breton versions were used. 'hello guildmate' was completely unused.)
Rumours about the state of the Leyawiin Mages guild are no longer only available during the recommendation quest, which prevented most players ever hearing them.
Restored unused pre-questline greetings for Vilena Donton, Modryn Oreyn and Azzan.
Olav now has 2 unique greetings outside of 'A Brotherhood Betrayed'
Restored Matthieu Bellamont attack dialogue.
Utilised parts of the unused Matthieu Bellamont attack dialogue as attack/power attack dialogue for all male imperials & bretons.
2 rumours and 2 conversation responses about Hal-Liurz and her 'sad life'. (Edited 3 of these lines to refer to her as the correct gender)
Rumour about Graklak gro-Buglump being 'slick'. (Created a new question, 'Have you ever made any bets with Graklak?', so it can trigger.)
Rumour for nords and orcs about Falanu Hlaalu being 'an odd one'. (Edited this line to refer to Falanu as the correct gender)
Unused low disposition goodbye for male/female nords and orcs, male/female elves and female redguards.
Restored Martin and Dremora yield dialogue, as flee dialogue: 'I yield'
30 lines of dialogue for the new Nord Beggar Slimy Sidach, regarding the Thieves Guild quests, that were previously unused for his voice type. I also re-did some of the lip-syncing for these lines, as even the Unofficial Patch hadn't sorted them.
Line of 'info refusal' dialogue for Martin, regarding his past.
4 lines of dialogue relating to the Black Horse Courier questline; 1 each for Jensine, Margarte, Snak gra-Bura and Emfrid.
Every merchant who has their greetings overwritten by 'Unfriendly Competition' post quest dialogue, will now be able to use their normal greetings.
Lots of rumours and conversation dialogue about the new Statlilia Stables.
Restored 2 conversation responses about Tun-Zeeus' tendancy to talk too much.
Implemented a new attack line for male imperials, male nords/orcs, female argonians and female imperials/bretons: "I'll separate your head from your shoulders!" (Dialogue was taken from a line only heard in Lost Histores. The female imperial/breton version was for Rona Hassildor and therefore completely unused.)
Gwinas now watches arena matches after he's enabled in 'The Path of Dawn'. He uses an unique greeting, which gives insight into a previously unknown aspect of the character.
Made 2 'lost' lines (for male Imperials & Nords/Orcs) that were only used in 'The Path of Dawn', into dialogue that can be used for all npcs of their type, throughout the game.
Added an unused response to 'Gray Fox' which many citizens outside of the Imperial City will use.
A goodbye, 'Shove off!', for all the Marie Elena pirates, including First Mate Malvulis.
Restored 2 unused 'quest failure' greetings, 1 hello and 3 unused goodbyes for Ursanne Loche in 'Caught in the Hunt'. Given one unused
goodbye to all female Imperials and Bretons.
Restored the unused responses for Leyawiin guards when asked where the services and places to sleep are.
(These unused lines had to be edited slightly, as the given directions were wrong, due to the town being redesigned during development.)
Restored 'The Forgotten Ones' dialogue topic to Hjolfrod ithe Harrier, from stage 30 of Namira's Quest.
Shrine of Hircine topic restored to Vajhira.
Restored Brother Holger's original response to 'Where are the catacombs?'. (The out-of-place beggar line is now gone.)
Kud-ei has voiced responses for Henentier's murder and there are new rumours too.
Julienne Fanis is no longer essential. If she dies, S'Drassa with offer new quest failure dialogue.
Restored 2 unused greetings for Thoronir and 2 for Jensine.
Reimplemented 6 unused lines of dialogue for Jhared Strongblade.
Restored 9 lines of dialogue for Alval Uvani; 7 for his greeting and two for his 'Alval Uvani' topic.
Restita Statlilia now introduces herself by name. Also, her Imperial City topic has been edited.
Voldsea Giryon now shares Laralthir's Anvil topic; since Knights of the Nine renders it unused, it's no longer going to waste.
Ugak is also now able to use 2 lines of dialogue regarding the Vampire Hunters in 'Information at a Price'.
Created a new greeting for Gemellus Axius to use outside of Jakben's house, the vanilla one made no sense.
Restored greeting for Magra gro-Naybek (now he finally has some unique dialogue!)
3 rumours for Brotch Calus about his love for Alchemy and the Arena. also made new question dialogue to trigger it.
Edited nonsensical line of dialogue that implied npcs in Cheydinhal could barely afford one loaf of bread a year.
A new line of conversation dialogue in response to goblins 'Terrible creatures. They travel in packs, and they're always up to no good.'
Switched incorrectly assigned voice clips for two male redguard responses.
A line during misdirection for male orcs: 'I'll never tell those damn Watchmen about the Gray Fox!'
Changed topic name 'Finer than Tamika's?' to 'Are your wines finer than Tamika's?', to match what the script notes said.
Ris Fralmoton utilises several extra unused lines, eg, drunk greetings when relaxing in an inn.
Corpse line previously exclusive to guards but recorded for all races: 'Oh my goodness, excuse me are you alright I...by the Divines, this person's dead!'
3 unused drunken goodbyes for Reynald Jemane during the 'Separated at Birth' quest.
Several npcs have been added to the 'Nobility' faction, both vanilla and uncut npcs. This enables the 'upper class' rumours to be used more often and by more people.
Restored a greeting for guards when the player is a stage 4 vampire.
Strantus and Randal now have dialogue for the 'Chorrol' topic.
Restored an unused Mankar Camoran power attack line.
A 'murder' line of dialogue for every race, 'Man down, man down!'
2 lines of 'goodbye' dialogue for Aldos Othran and 2 for Ulrich Leland in Corruption and Conscience
The Emperor's original final speech, with additions from the vanilla version.(Compatible with UOP)
Breton, Redguard, Elf and Nord Guard rumours and attack dialogue to Ulrich Leland, Burd, Bittneld the Curse Bringer, Gogan, Neville (attacks only) and Merandil.
Jauffre dialogue for Prior Maborel and Brother Piner. (He's asleep, he's reading, he's praying, etc)
Corpse line of dialogue that was previously guard exclusive, but recorded for all races - 'Hm, body's still warm, looks like there's a killer about'.
Aldos Othran is no longer disabled, should you fail 'Corruption & Conscience', allowing him to use 2 lines of post-quest dialogue.
4 lines of dialogue for Graman gro-Marag; he now mentions his wife.
Alternate version of the hello line Legion members give when they see you sneaking.
Countess Valga's Gambling Addiction and rumours
Greetings for several of the stable owners and stable hands, including Mivryna Arano, Antoine Branck and Humilis Nonius.
Fixed a ridiculous oversight during Reynald & Guilbert's reunion, in which they both switched lives: (Guilbert said he left with his dad, but awoke next to his mum's corpse; WTF)
Magra gro-Naybek has his 'Cheydinhal' topic back. It was erroneously given to Magub gro-Orum in the final game.
Additionally, Magub gro-Orum's actual Cheydinhal topic dialogue is now accessible.
Ariela Doran now has a Chorrol Topic, utilising a previously unused line.
Collatinus Vedius now has Imperial City topic dialogue, utilising a previously unused line.
Restored an unused line of conversation dialogue about Naspia Cosma wanting to join the arena.
Two unused nobility rumours about Chorrol have been restored.
J'baana's been given a line of dialogue during Misdirection; this allows the orc dialogue to correctly play now.
Since there are now Female Cheydinhal guards, the previously unused dialogue for their voice type, regarding the Knights of the Thorn, can now be heard.
New conversation question dialogue for npcs. 
Thoronir and Gunder are now in the 'MerchPawnbroker' class; previously only Jensine was a pawnbroker and consequently the only NPC in the game to use Pawnbroker barter dialogue, even though it was recorded for male elves and nords/orcs.
18(!?) lines of restored Jailor dialogue for when you're visiting prisoners.
Modryn Oreyn now has dialogue regarding 'The Killing Field'.
Restored 4 lines of dialogue for Carahil regarding 'Brina Cross'.
New Bravil topic dialogue for Bogrum gro-Galash about Ungarion.
New attack dialogue for imperials; taken from unused dialogue in 'lifting the vale'
New Guard attack line: "Teach you to mess with the Legion!"
Elisa Pierrane's greeting will likely never be heard by the average player, due to you having to go into her house to hear it. A new outdoor greeting has been made for her ('I'm Elisa Pieranne'), as it was always jarring to me she didn't have one.
Question dialogue 'Busy lately?' and 'How's business?' can now be used by NPCs on all merchants, not just general traders.
Two conversation lines of dialogue about Areldil and his services have been restored.
New dialogue topic for Janus Hassildor in 'Till Death do They Part'.
Fully voiced guard and arrest dialogue for Male Nords, Redguards and Ulrich Leland
Restored guard line "You there, stop!", for other races.
Restored Skingrad topic to Ugak gra-Mogakh
New Idle Dialogue for Imperials (requires Idle Dialogues)
Restored Equipment (Clothing, Armour, Weapons, Jewellery):

New 'Light Leather Armour' set (available in shops and leveled lists). Utilises beta leather armour models.
Mythic Dawn Armour is now playable and has icons; most agents still conjure the bound versions, but real versions of the armour can be found:
On Bagdu gro-Molob (Worn Armour variant), Harrow, Ruma and Raven Camoran. Worn versions of the armour are in Eugal Belette and Cingor's houses.
Added the Rough Leather armor set to vendors, including previously unused pieces.
Added the Rusty Iron armor set to vendors, including previously unused pieces.

Restored Hood of the Apprentice. Two apprentices now wear it, and two are in the Mage Quarters. (Changed model to match Apprentice Robes)
Imperial Watch armour has been renamed 'Imperial Palace Armour' and is now playable.
The more detailed Imperial Palace cuirass, seen only briefly in 2 quests, is now instead used by the Imperial City Watch Captains.
In addition, given some captains (excluding Adamus Phillida) clothing for those who had none, or changed their clothing, in cases were many captains had identical clothes to each other.
Removed Giovanni Civello's helmet. It was unnecessary, and he'll be better recognised as a captain without it. (Adamus keeps his helmet)
Renamed the poorly named 'Imperial Horseman Helmet' to' Legion Helmet' and 'Legion Helmet' to 'Legion Horseman Helmet'.
Staff of Lock has been added to the game's levelled lists and Rindir's Staffs.

Restored Shops:
New shop: The Statlilia Stables in the Market District. It is owned and run by Restita Statlila and the newly restored Ris Framolton.
Implemented Base, Average and Grand rings of Health, Magicka and Fatigue. They're in levelled lists and Hamlof will sell them from level 5 onwards.
Salmo now functions as a merchant and offers his baked goods for sale to the player. (Includes new leaflets advertising his shop.)
Viator Accius now has a proper shield shop, selling several more varieties, including Rough Leather, Light Iron and Legion shields.
You can now rent a room in the Flowing Bowl, as you were originally able to. (Maenlorn still functions as a pawnbroker.)
Added more staffs for sale at Rindir's Staffs, including the brand new ‘Staff of Sealing’, which locks doors and containers.
Restored Magic and Alchemy:

New models and icons for Restore and Fortify Health and Magicka potions.
5 versions of the 'Lock' spell, which was in Morrowind, but cut from Oblivion. They're available from merchants including Edgar Vautrine, Raminus Polus and Delphine Jend. It also has a unique icon.
Created a 'Open Very Hard Lock' spell, to go with the lock very hard spell, named 'Deadbolt'.
Re-implemented 3 unused Birthsign abilities, Beggar's Nose for the Tower, Mooncalf for the Shadow and Lady's Grace for the Lady.
4 ingredients, Mint, Poppy Seeds, Belladonna Berries and Sage, which have been implemented into levelled lists and shops.
Added Minor, Major, Greater and Superior Bound Armour to various merchants including Athragar, Edgar Vautrine and Calindil.
Carahil will now give you the 'Minor Frost Shield' spell in the 'Anvil Recommendation' quest, as she was originally intended to.
New spell icons for: Summon Skeleton Champion, Disintegrate Armour and Command Creature.
Restored Ancient Ghost Shaders
Ironwood nuts have been added to levelled lists and vendor lists
Rice plants have been restored to the base game and added to a few locations
Restored Items and Objects:
Unique Brandy Bottle model and texture to bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy.
The rare beverage 'Cyrodillic Whiskey', which has been implemented into levelled lists and shops.
Restored wooden Arena Signs around the Imperial City.
New unique sign for the Copious Coinpurse.
Restored original sign posts to some shops in Bruma
Restored maple moss log; added outside The Fox's Den Inn and Imperial Battle College
New gemstones icons and models, for some variations of gems.
Hrormir's Icestaff retains it's unique icon after it's quest's conclusion.

New & Restored Books & Notes:
Implemented 'Caius Cosades' Letter' at Kvatch Camp.
'Visit to Uriel VII's Tomb' has been added to vendor and levelled lists.
'The Dreadful Theft of the Sun's Dusk Ale' to vendor and levelled lists.
'Istunondë's Cosmology' has been restored and added to vendor and levelled lists.
Over 15 new shop 'handbills', that were previously unused; also renamed all shop handbills to '(Shop Name) Leaflet', to make them stand out.
Created new Shop handbills for Cheydinhal, since none were ever made. Also placed more of the scarce handbills in game.
'Guide to Kvatch' has been written by me and added to the game.
Cancelled DLC - Holidays: Hearts Day, Jester Day and New Life Festival. Adds new dialogue and new drink, 'New Life Festival Wine'.
Increases value of gemstones to more realistic values, akin to that of Skyrim's gemstones.
There are now Ginger people.
Brand new piece of explore music and combat music. (Both pieces taken and cleaned up from the E3 and GOTY Oblivion Trailers)
New Changes to Vanilla NPCs:
If left alive during 'An Unexpected Voyage', Selene will now move to the Imperial Prison, instead of being disabled and have an abrasive greeting for the player, should they visit her.
J'Ghasta is enabled from the start, has a new greeting and leaves his house for 4 hours a day, so you can see him without having to break into his home.
Jearl, Atraena and Faelian are also enabled from the start and have new unique dialogue.
Roland Jenseric is now enabled from the game start, has new pre-quest AI packages and can now use his pre quest dialogue.
Grey-Throat and Seridur now live their lives before the quest and can use their pre-quest dialogue. (also made some new packages for them)
Gilen Norvalo also is able to use his AI packages prior to 'Order of the Virtuous Blood'; he has no pre-quest dialogue.
Cylben Dolovas now has vastly improved AI before and after 'Order of the Virtuous Blood'. He also has a unique greeting for before the quest starts now.
Reynald Jemane now visits Jauffre, who raised him as a child, several times a week, as he was originally supposed to.
Owyn now eats and sleeps, as he was originally supposed to.
Varnardo now visits Chorrol once a month, like he was meant to. (The UOP removed him from the Chorrol faction. This change has been undone.)
Rimalus Bruiant will now walk his dogs 4 days a week and leave his house. (Previously, rumours stated he walked his dogs often, but only his wife ever walked them and he stayed indoors.)
Evangeline Beanique, Ocato's personal guard, now actually guards him during the day and has a life outside the White Gold Tower.
Drels Theran, Castle Bravil's 'Special Inquisitor', will now leave the castle's restricted areas, which prevented most players (including myself) from ever meeting him.
Raven Camoran now lives in the Waterfront before 'The Path of Dawn', as he was supposed to.
The 4 guests at Countess Caro's dinner party in the 'Sanguine' quest, are now enabled before and after the quest and live full lives in various places around Cyrodiil.
E3-Style Estelle Renoit and her dog Thunder
Ugak gra Mogakh now runs the Two Sisters Lodge from 10pm to 2am, while Mog is sleeping. Ugak herself sleeps from 2am to 8 am, then opens her stables.
Hil the Tall now teaches alteration, instead of illusion, like his rumours say he should.
Lerexus Callidus is no longer disabled and goes back to the Imperial City after ‘Raid on Grayland’.
Hamlof Red-Tooth, an npc added late in development who was poorly implemented, will now actually leave his shop and eat at the Merchants Inn every night. Hamlof Red-Tooth will also sell some enchanted jewellery from level 5 onwards, making use of a previously unused levelled list of enchanted jewellery.
Victoria Delacroix functions as the Yellow Team gatekeeper and Countess Valga now watches fights from the Royal balcony.
Additionally, the Yellow Team Champion now trains in the Yellow team Bloodworks.
Myvryna Arano and Methredel visit the Arena, as they were originally meant to.
Dorian now leads a proper life, instead of standing in one place for 14 hours a day. He visits the Elven gardens, visits several shops and wanders the Talos Plaza.
Erissare Arenim now does more than have breakfast and sleep; she wanders Talos plaza, goes shopping for jewellery, visits the waterfront and has a meal before bed.
Termanwe also visits several different shops.
All Innkeepers now sleep at some point, instead of standing in one spot 24/7.
Fafnir is re-enabled during 'Honour Thy Mother' and will now live a full life in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary.
Orintur and Eilonwy actually live and spend time in their home, Willow Bank, instead of living in the Mages Guild.
Rienna, Elidor and Brag gro-Bharg now live in the Bruma Fighters' Guild and live full lives in Bruma, prior to 'Desolate Mine' and after, should they survive.
Gaius Prentus is now a proper guard and can arrest you
Fixed inconsistency with spelling of Eletta's name (she was sometimes called 'Elette')
Magra gro-Naybek nows offers services, goes to eat in the Newlands Lodge and goes to the chapel once a day, like he was supposed to.
Mach-Na now actually leaves her shop, once every morning.
The Bosmer Thief from 'A Brush with Death' has had his original name restored; 'Senannala'
The stupid disposition requirements to hear the 'bad contract advice' DB dialogue have been improved, making players WAY more likely to actually hear them in game now.
Salomon and Renee Geonette's dog, Charlotte, now follows both of them a few days a week.
Ariela Doran now leaves her house for several hours a day.
'Dro'Narahahe' has been given her intended name of 'Dro'Narahah'
Moved Giovanni Civello's 'in office' package to the bottom so he actually leads a full life. (extra fix in case you don't have the unofficial patch, but why wouldn’t you? :P)
Given the 3 hunters in 'Caught in the Hunt' real names, instead of 'Kurdan's (race name) Hunter'. They're not Kurdan's pets, so it made no sense.
Jauffre can now use his cut schedule and have a life before Weynon Priory is attacked.
Viera Lerus is now a guard but retains her unique greeting; something Bethesda was incapable of doing in the vanilla game.
Dark Brotherhood members leave the sanctuary and undercover dialogue for Vicente Valteri, M'raaj-Dar, Antoinetta Marie, Teinaava, Gogron and Ocheeva.
Sennanala (Bosmer Thief) is now actually a Bosmer, instead of a High Elf.
Cicero now spends a few hours a day actually working at Three Brothers Trade goods.
Palonirya now sells all upper class clothing and some rarer clothing, making her shop worthwhile visiting now.
Lorkmir is no longer a Logvaar clone.
Some merchants will now sit down while they offer their services.
Estelle Renoit nows leaves her shop; she has her tea from 8pm to 12am at the Oak and Crosier, with Thunder the dog in tow.
Cicero Verus will now properly function as a merchant. His original merchant inventory, plus more and a unique weapon are for sale.
Dervera Romalen's responsibilty has been reduced from 100 a much lower amount, to match her dialogue saying she doesn't care what you do in the bar.

The Sintav family now get together twice a week for a family meal at Luthor Broad's, giving him some customers for once.
J'Bari now leaves his home everyday so you're likely to meet him.
Tsrava, who lives with J'bari, also now leaves her home. She also makes use of an unused Leyawiin AI package.
Restored unused portions of Alval Uvani's schedule; he now travels to a new city every day, resting at home on Sunday.
Society of Concerned Merchants weekly meetings
Petrine's unused packages
New AI packages and improved schedules for: Raven Camoran (pre-quest), Marus Antonius.
Helvius Cecia's extensive thieving AI has been restored.
Andreas Draconis' rude goodbye now only plays when he actually dislikes you
A few more NPCs have been given diseases, where they make sense, so there isn't just 1 person suffering from each disease in game...
Trayvond the Redguard no longer sells spells against his personal prejudices
Errandil and Delos Fandas no longer wear prisoners' clothes, as it made zero sense; they instead wear other, barely used lower class clothing.
J'bari & Tsrava now have a backyard, in which dogs roam, much to Tsrava's annoyance; lots of in-game dialogue mentioned the backyard & the dogs, but they were non-existent.
Edited Vanilla NPCs Shameer and Julitta Plotius, so they no longer play dress-up as escaped prisoners

Shivering Isles Restorations:
Restored all unused greetings, over 50 in total, for all 10 residents of Split. (The quest-related greetings which previously blocked
these lines are now set to 'say once'.)
Ahjazda can now recharge magic items and can use her unique line for it.
Restored 14 lines of dialogue for Amiable Fanriene, including greeting and hello lines.
Restored 7 lines of dialogue to Caldana Monrius.
Restored 2 unused greetings for Pad-Ei.
Restored an unused greeting for Earil.
Cutter and Dumag gro-Bonk are no longer essential, making their tombstones accessible. The Antipodean Hammer quest will end upon their deaths.
Sickly Bernice is no longer essential after completing the 'Liquid Solution' the first time, making her tombstone accessible.
Restored NPC 'Brevi'. She's a Dark Seducer who guards Syl when she's in court.
Created Ghost versions of Ma'zaadha and Muurine to enable the rest of their unique main quest progression dialogue. The ghosts will be enabled after 'The Lady of Paranoia'. If you already did that quest, I made a failsafe. type (setstage ghostfailsafe 10) into the console, and both Ma'zaadha and Muurine's ghosts will be enabled.
Knights of the Nine Restorations:
Sir Roderic and Lathon are now enabled from the start, allowing Roderic to use around 10 lines of pre-quest dialogue.
The Prophet can now respond to the player being the Grand Champion.
Errandil and Ohtesse are no longer forcibly killed when you return to reconsecrate the sword of the crusader.
Many of the replacement chapel members have had their hair or clothing changed, as they were identical to their dead predecessors.
Esbern now trains in Alteration, to match Hil the Tall.