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Adds over 50 npcs, 6 side quests & 1 questline, voiced Nord & Redguard guards, new locations & items, over 1000 lines of dialogue and much more!

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Cyrodiil Re-Loaded

Imagine Oblivion, but all of the characters have much more to say,
Where there are new quests to discover,
NPCs live more active lives,
And there are new locations to find.

Now stop imagining, because this mod can make it a reality.

A melding pot of totally original and brand new character and story ideas,
with additions from Bethesda's own cutting room floor,
Cyrodiil Re-Loaded is a game-wide content and immersion expansion.

Adding in over 50 new NPCs, 6 quests & a Black Horse Courier questline,
Hundreds and hundreds of new voice lines,
new locations, new items, new spells,
Argonian & female Highwaymen & all Highwaymen respawn,
much improved AI for some base game NPCs,
new bug fixes and tweaks
and female Imperial, male Nord and male Redguard guards with full arrest dialogue!

This mod is not any one specific thing.
It is not a cut content mod, nor an overhaul, or a fan-made patch.
It is simply a huge helping of cool new stuff to see and hear and play through.

It's a passion project made by a lifelong fan of the game to breathe more life
and variety into Oblivion's world and improve upon almost all
aspects of the game and it's immersion factor.

If that all sounds good to you, then keep reading below to learn about the new stuff in detail,
or download the mod to get stuck right in!!

(Notes: *Cyrodiil Re-Loaded has been extensively patched for optimum Unofficial Patch compatibility and stability.
*A lot of new dialogue within the mod was generated through Elevenlabs and OBVASynth, the latter of which I am slowly phasing out of the mod. The rest of the dialogue was unpacked directly from the game's files, or edited together.)

Installation & Load Order:

Click yes to replace any files, I restored dialogue the unofficial patch removed, as I've created/restored the quests, npcs, etc.
Put near the bottom of your load order! (Doesn't have to be the last mod loaded though, but I'd recommend it is!)

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What this mod adds:

Brand New Quests (written and designed by me):
'Clashing Colours' - Ask a Chorrol resident about Strantus to start.
'The Cat, the Wizard and the Hero' - Talk to Gilgondorin in Silverhome-on-the-Water to start.
'Wealth Beyond Measure' - Talk with Ralril in the Fox's Den Inn to start.
'A Thorn to Her Rose' - To start, after completing 'Wealth Beyond Measure', head to Fort Naso.
'Fox of a Different Shade' - To start, after completing 'A Thorn to Her Rose', head to The Fox's Den Inn
'An Honest Living' (Black Horse Courier Questline) - To start, talk to Ra'Jiradh at the Black Horse Courier Offices. This questline is optional. If you don't want to do it, simply tell Urjahbi you never want to be a courier. The quest will complete and all the involved npcs will be made unessential.

Restored Quests/Quest Content (originally written/designed by Bethesda):
'Doran's Family Troubles' - Talk to Jirolin Doran in Chorrol to start
'Lonely Hearts' - Emfrid and Bittneld's relationship quest has been expanded with unused dialogue and will now appear in your journal with a quest name.
Sulinus Vassinus can now rescue Erthor in the Skingrad Recommendation; fully voiced and scripted. (This took less than a minute to restore lol)
2 minor alternate endings to 'Where Spirits have Lease' (and added the rumours)
Minor alternate end to Legacy Lost that ends with Reynald's death - restored dialogue and journal entry
Restored original name for the quest 'Vampire Cure'. It's now called 'Till Death Do They Part'.
You can now convince Faustina to back down, as an alternate way of completing ‘The Siren's Deception’.
Henentier is no longer essential, allowing you to kill him as an alternate way to complete ‘Through a Nightmare, Darkly’.  (currently non-functional)
Fingers of the Mountain can be now completed without joining the Mages guild, making use of lots of unused dialogue.

New Locations/Location Content (designed by me):
Imperial Battle College, south west of Cheydinhal - The battlemages of Cyrodiil train, study and reside here.
Soul Bound Cave, outside Leyawiin - contains three zones.
The Fox's Den Inn, north east of Sercen Camp. Contains 4 new npcs, one of which, 'Ralril', will initiate a treasure hunting quest.
Fair'n'Square HQ is a new location outside Chorrol where Hides-His-Heart now lives.
Six small rats now roam Leyawiin, in accordance with Weebam-Na's rat complaints.
J'bari and Tsrava's house now has a new backyard that contains stray dogs, in accordance with frequently heard rumours.
Added the Practice Room Basement to the Arcane University, where a new NPC called Ereek-Wa resides.
Overhaul of Vanilla house naming - Houses are now named to include all collective residents & are grouped by surname, or first names where more appropriate. Consequently removes the sexism of seeing [The Husband's] house everywhere.

Restored Locations/Location Content (designed by Bethesda):
Castle Varaldo, in the mountains near the Morrowind border. (I've added NPCs to it and much improved detail and objects).
Gretwold - A farmhouse outside Chorrol and the residence of a newly restored NPC, Oghat gro-Othmuk.
Imperial Villa, which is now the home of Lerexus Callidus after 'Raid On Greyland'. (I've added much improved detail and objects).
Forgotten Cave (2 zones). It's near Fort Urasek and Sideways Cave.
Re-implemented the unused portions of Unmarked Cave, the Mazeway and Black Queen's Hall.
Wellspring Grove can now be accessed pre-quest and Zahrasha and Eletta's greeting are now available.
Restored Nirn Stone and it's power, Nirn Breath. 

New NPCs:


Equipment (Clothing, Armour, Weapons, Jewellery):
New 'Light Leather Armour' set (available in shops and leveled lists). Utilises beta leather armour models.
Mythic Dawn Armour is now playable and has icons; most agents still conjure the bound versions, but real versions of the armour can be found:
On Harrow, Ruma and Raven Camoran. Worn versions of the armour are in Eugal Belette and Cingor's houses.
Implemented Hood of the Apprentice. Two apprentices now wear it, and two are in the Mage Quarters. (Changed model to match Apprentice Robes)
Imperial Watch armour has been renamed 'Imperial Palace Armour' and is now playable.
The more detailed Imperial Palace cuirass, seen only briefly in 2 quests, is now instead used by the Imperial City Watch Captains.
In addition, given some captains (excluding Adamus Phillida) clothing for those who had none, or changed their clothing, in cases were many captains had identical clothes to each other.
Removed Giovanni Civello's helmet. It was unnecessary, and he'll be better recognised as a captain without it. (Adamus keeps his helmet)
Renamed the poorly named 'Imperial Horseman Helmet' to' Legion Helmet' and 'Legion Helmet' to 'Legion Horseman Helmet'.
Staff of Lock has been added to the game's levelled lists and Rindir's Staffs.

Shop-Related Additions:
New shop: The Statlilia Stables in the Market District. It is owned and run by Restita Statlila and the newly restored Ris Framolton.
Implemented Base, Average and Grand rings of Health, Magicka and Fatigue. They're in levelled lists and Hamlof will sell them from level 5 onwards.
Salmo now functions as a merchant and offers his baked goods for sale to the player. (Includes new leaflets advertising his shop.)
Viator Accius now sells several more shield varieties, including Light Iron and Legion shields.
You can now rent a room in the Flowing Bowl, as you were originally able to. (Maenlorn still functions as a pawnbroker.)
Added more staffs for sale at Rindir's Staffs, including the brand new ‘Staff of Sealing’, which locks doors and containers.
Magic and Alchemy:

New models and icons for Restore and Fortify Health and Magicka potions.
5 versions of the 'Lock' spell, which was in Morrowind, but cut from Oblivion. They're available from merchants including Edgar Vautrine, Raminus Polus and Delphine Jend. It also has a unique icon.
Created a 'Open Very Hard Lock' spell, to go with the lock very hard spell
4 ingredients, Mint, Poppy Seeds, Belladonna Berries and Sage, which have been implemented into levelled lists and shops.
Added Greater and Superior Bound Armour to various merchants.
Carahil will now give you the 'Minor Frost Shield' spell in the 'Anvil Recommendation' quest, as she was originally intended to.
New spell icons for: Summon Skeleton Champion, Disintegrate Armour and Command Creature.
Implemented Ancient Ghost Shaders
Ironwood nuts have been added to levelled lists and vendor lists
Rice plants have been restored to the base game and added to a few locations
Items and Objects:
Unique Brandy Bottle model and texture to bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy.
The rare beverage 'Cyrodillic Whiskey', which has been implemented into levelled lists and shops.
Added wooden Arena Signs around the Imperial City.
New unique sign for the Copious Coinpurse.
Added original sign posts to some shops in Bruma
Maple moss log; added outside The Fox's Den Inn and Imperial Battle College
New gemstones icons and models, for some variations of gems.
Hrormir's Icestaff retains it's unique icon after it's quest's conclusion.

Books & Notes:
Implemented 'Caius Cosades' Letter' at Kvatch Camp.
'The Dreadful Theft of the Sun's Dusk Ale' to vendor and levelled lists.
'Istunondë's Cosmology' has been restored and added to vendor and levelled lists.
Over 15 new shop 'handbills', that were previously unused
Created new Shop handbills for Cheydinhal, since none were ever made. Also placed more of the scarce handbills in game.
'Guide to Kvatch' has been written by me and added to the game.
Celebrate Holidays: Hearts Day, Jester Day and New Life Festival. Adds new dialogue and new drink, 'New Life Festival Wine'.
Increases value of gemstones to more realistic values, akin to that of Skyrim's gemstones.
Shivering Isles Changes and Additions:
All unused greetings, over 50 in total, for all 10 residents of Split. (The quest-related greetings which previously blocked
these lines are now set to 'say once'.)
Ahjazda can now recharge magic items and can use her unique line for it.
14 lines of dialogue for Amiable Fanriene, including greeting and hello lines.
7 lines of dialogue to Caldana Monrius.
2 unused greetings for Pad-Ei.
An unused greeting for Earil.
Cutter and Dumag gro-Bonk are no longer essential, making their tombstones accessible. The Antipodean Hammer quest will end upon their deaths.
Sickly Bernice is no longer essential after completing the 'Liquid Solution' the first time, making her tombstone accessible.
Created Ghost versions of Ma'zaadha and Muurine to enable the rest of their unique main quest progression dialogue. The ghosts will be enabled after 'The Lady of Paranoia'. If you already did that quest, I made a failsafe. type (setstage ghostfailsafe 10) into the console, and both Ma'zaadha and Muurine's ghosts will be enabled.
Knights of the Nine Changes and Additions:
Sir Roderic and Lathon are now enabled from the start, allowing Roderic to use around 10 lines of pre-quest dialogue.
The Prophet can now respond to the player being the Grand Champion.
Errandil and Ohtesse are no longer forcibly killed when you return to reconsecrate the sword of the crusader. Also, Olava the Fair now survives the Bravil attack. (Bethesda were waaay too trigger happy with killing off their unique voiced NPCs lmao)
Many of the replacement chapel members have had their hair or clothing changed, as they were identical to their dead predecessors.
Esbern now trains in Alteration, to match Hil the Tall.

New Changes to Vanilla NPCs:

New Dialogue: