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a Vocal compliment to Isoku's iNeed

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There are several mods that are staples in my load order. To me They seem like they were released with the game and iNeed by Isoku is one of them.
I originally made this mod for a custom follower but thought just maybe If I added additional voicesets for vanilla NPCs I can share in my misery with others.

Instead of a dismissive notification in the upper left corner letting you know how displeased your followers are with you now they will tell you.

56 vanilla voicesets created in DanRuta's XVAsynth should cover almost any vanilla NPC in the game offering three Six lines. I may expand on them later.
I'm famished, I need to eat.
I'm thirsty, Have you got anything to drink?
I'll be needing gold for supplies.
I'm hungry and I've diminished all my food rations.
I'm parched and have nothing to quench my thirst.
I've spent almost all the septims I had.

Of course you'll be needing Isoku's iNeed LE, SE or I would expect iNeed continued SE by nodude2016 should work fine. Place iNeedy anywhere after iNeed.