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Warlock style magic systems and new factions. Magic systems offer power for a price to non-mage characters. New factions provide "quests" and gameplay hubs. Aimed at creating new character build opportunities.

Permissions and credits
Update 2.0 now features a main quest

Dealing with Daedra
The purpose of this mod is primarily to provide new character build or roleplay opportunities, giving a fresh spin on existing content. If you are a rollplayer instead of a roleplayer your mileage may vary. There are no floating quest markers, no specific magnitudes listed in spell effects and an abundance of long books and notes to read. Huge portions of the mod will, by design, break if you use the tgm console command. In places I referenced lore that was old/ obscure or liberally expanded on vague lore, but everything is at least plausibly lore-friendly. 

The mod is split up into three sections: player hubs, magic systems and miscellaneous other features. Basic overview only, check the readme for details (spoiler alert).

Cheers to Sinitar Gaming

The "Main Quest"
The Dragonborn is a great hero, slaughtering entire warbands of bandits, winning the civil war and saving the world 5 seconds after escaping Helgen, but what about that lowly peasant girl who has never left the farm before? It is pretty immersion shattering for a lot of RP builds to go from nothing to a bloodthirsty killing machine or to suddenly start exploring nordic crypts. If only there was a helpful Daedra willing to trickle you knowledge and power to smooth out the early character power progression and immersively link to questing systems in exchange for worship. 

Linked to the ritual magic system. Designed to be started on a level 1 character fresh out of Helgen/the Live-Another-Life prison cell. Links into all the hubs and a number of other features, generally in a subversive fashion. Started from a note posted on the Inn in Riverwood.

Player hubs
Skyrim is generally built around the murderhobo experience, wandering around and just killing or exploring for the sake of killing and exploring. The companions, dark brotherhood, thieves guild, dawnguard and volkihar job systems are great for playing a specific character build, but at this point everyone has played them to death. One new hub has been added to each hold, providing a range of possibilities for player builds and alternative, immersive links to existing content. Most of these have vendors, safe storage, beds and food supply so that you can operate out of them longer term. Be aware that none of the new quests use the quest log or map markers, you will need to listen to dialogue and read notes. Size and complexity of these hubs varies.

Witchhunters Guild
Skyrim is not a safe place:  cults of draugr waking up, vampires brazenly attacking people in the street, irresponsible elves summoning daedra in ruins and caves, half-man werebeasts and hags kidnapping and hunting. These supernatural threats are harder to deal with than the average bandit, often requiring specialised methods or means. Even if the guards and standing forces weren't engaged in a civil war and spread even thinner responding to rampant bandit activity, there is a shortage of manpower to guard against these threats. The witchhunters "guild" is a loose grouping of specialised bounty hunters and suppliers who have converged on Skyrim to take advantage of this glut on the bounty-market, and get in drunken barfights over whose exploits are more impressive.

An information broker in the guild hall sells bounty notes providing details and directions to ~40 vanilla dungeons. "Quest rewards" are done via a bounty system where you can take trophies off the corpses of vampires, warlocks, draugr etc. and turn them in for silver nuggets. Nuggets can be sold/turned into silver ingots or used in crafting new witch-hunting items such as silver-oil and bandages. Also features scroll-crafting. Started from a note in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. 

Eastmarch Gentleman's Club
The "respectable" public face of a criminal syndicate taking advantage of the turmoil of the civil war to corner the market on distribution and trafficking. The syndicate prioritises making friends in high places and leveraging their influence to solidify their position and protect their business interests. Guild masters, Legates, Thanes and other well-to-do characters will find themselves welcome patrons of the club, for a favour here or there. Other characters can instead find work at the ground level of the organisation, working the club or performing field work. 

Linked to attunement magic. Provides simple gambling, bathing and prostitution features. Player can either partake or provide. Also offers a 1-time cash loan option (from mob loan-sharks) for characters just starting out and a handful of fetch-quests to a few interesting and underused vanilla dungeons. Started from a note on Adonato Leotelli's table in candlehearth-hall or in Susanna the Wicked's inventory


A victim to the incessant politics and infighting of Harkon's Court, a Vampire Lord has retreated to a dank cave in the Rift (the indignity!) to build his strength and scheme. Fortune has come knocking in the form of the "game" over the Book of Curses. All the players are mustering forces to win the game, and this one has chosen to gather thralls empowered with a little blood magic.

Linked to the book of curses. Provides a questline to participate in the collection of the Book of Curses, will you be a pawn or a player? Started from an NPC in the Bee and Barb.

Webspinner's Widows
A cult of Mephala worshippers have been seducing and murdering their way across Skyrim, but the Vigilant have cracked down. The last survivors are on the run and the future of the cult is bleak unless someone steps in and seizes the reigns. Root out the last hiding places of the cult and help the cult rise from the ashes, operating from behind the facade of a legitimate investment business.

Linked to Gift of Mephala magic system. Simple player house with light hearthfire elements. Manage an investment business from the office and your cultists missions from your secret basement. Started from a note in the destroyed house west of whiterun or dropped by some vigilants.
(Let me know if you like the business/cult mechanics so I know whether to add similar systems for captaining a smuggling ship and managing a Mageblight distribution center)

School of Julianos
The School of Julianos is on the surface a normal temple to the god of wisdom and logic, hiding a well-intentioned but questionably legal secret society. Targeted during the oblivion crisis, many of the Schools of Julianos were put to the torch with all their information lost forever. To safeguard and preserve their knowledge in times of conflict, the temples armed their Knights Mentor with Shadow magic: whose power is fed by conflict. Pilgrims can restore ruined books to serve the school, serve enough and you will be inducted into the knightly order and given tasks to complete in exchange for access to shadow magic. Those who advance high enough within the School may even be granted the knowledge required to summon the Knights Mentor Umbra'Keth. 

Linked to Shadow magic system. Features a system to restore ruined books in exchange for food, skill books or temple membership. Members gain a signet ring which enables collecting shadows of conflict to hand in. Started from a note in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude or in the Riften Orphanage. 

Gatekeepers of Oblivion
Strange rings have recently found their way into circulation among the less reputable members of Skyrim. These rings bear such incredible enchantments that they must have been created by someone, or something, with an unimaginable level of familiarity with the manipulation of souls. Wearers have reported hearing the ring whispering to them, enticing them with greater power if they seek out the source. Individuals empowered by the strange rings circulating Skyrim have been amassing black souls gems and offering them to their mysterious patron through a portal to the Soul Cairn. A rogue ideal master, a powerful vampire/lich camping out or one of Mehrunes Dagon's underlings in the area conquered during the Battlespire event? No-one knows for sure. What is clear is that they seem to be building an army of wraiths. 

Rings give a magicka buff, a magic resistance malus and increase enchanting skill while worn. Ring whispers to you telling you where to take it. Can trade soul gems and D/Aedric artifacts for bone weapons (of soul trapping) and armor (which increases max number of conjured wraiths). Cultists are hostile if you don't have a ring. Started by finding a strange ring on some warlocks, bandit mages or the dead mage in helgen.

North-Jerall Coven
Falkreath has always been a haven for witches due to the climate and terrain. The North-Jerall coven are (relatively) friendly witches in the south of Falkreath hold who have been known to trade medicinal herbs with the town, but are not looking to add new members. 

By default you can trade certain alchemical ingredients to the coven for medicinal herbs, which have a small chance of curing disease. Able to side with either the coven or the exile to unlock new magic. Assisting the coven allows trade for other witching materials such as staves, "soul gems" and single use werewolf transformations. Started from a note in Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath.

Cult of Flesh
The Cult of Flesh was started by a "mad" flesh mage who seeks to discover the secrets of biological immortality. He has created a colossal, amorphous creature deep in the bowels of The Reach to experiment with and a cult has formed around it. Tossing meat or man/mer brains into the pit and then dredging up and processing the refuse causes random mutagenic blessings, most of which are beneficial. The Cult is taking advantage of the Forsworn uprising both to feed the beast and collect Markarth bounty gold, they can point you in the direction of camps and redoubts. 

Meat and brains can be thrown into the pit for powerful but unpredictable "potions". Help the flesh mage find superior ingredients to improve the effects. Started from notes in the Warrens in Markarth.

Ghost-Sea Smugglers
With the civil war, the empire's ships are no longer able to freely operate in the sea of ghosts as the stormcloaks attempt to cut supply lines and prevent reinforcements. This has left merchant vessels vulnerable, drastically reducing the number who are willing to use the shipping lanes. These two factors together have been an incredible boon for smugglers looking to charge exorbitant import fees or deal in prohibited goods. Of course, piracy is also on the rise for the same reasons and has been cutting into profit margins. The smugglers will reward anyone who disposes of said pirates.

Features simple treasure hunting system for valuable exports such as ancient nord amulets or dwemer puzzle boxes and bounty system for pirate captains. Provides a non-thieves-guild fence. Started from a note on the Jarl's Longhouse in winterhold or in the Ragged Flagon on Tonila's table.

Magic systems
Magic is probably the coolest part of the elder scrolls, but lore-wise the vast majority of individuals have little to no magical ability. Your options are basically playing either a vampire,  werewolf, the top 1% or a muggle. These features provide alternative means for a character with a minimal or non-existent magicka pool and magical skills to gain access to magic. Most of these benefit from perks or contribute to skill increases, as that would defeat the purpose. Most of the spells and effects are more powerful than their vanilla counterparts, this comes at the cost of drawbacks and penalties. Mixing and matching too many of these features will turn your character into a glass cannon build.

Attunement magic
A Thalmor agent has been experimenting with low-level mantling and attunement as part of their mission to regain their divinity. While his efforts may not have achieved their desired goal, he has discovered an effective means for the layman to gain magical power. Essentially the worst possible outcome from a Thalmor perspective.

Linked to Felglow Keep Overhaul and Witchhunters guild. This adds a warlock class style system for taking a patron to gain 3 of 18 available greater and lesser powers at the cost of magicka regeneration rate. These patrons are beings such as the Hist, Mannimarco and the Ideal Masters. Some of the patrons are invented, but following lore-established methods of apotheosis. 

Book of Curses 
A bored Daedra, probably with some connection to Malacath, has set up a little battle-royale between a number of promising candidates. He has distributed the pages of the Book of Curses detailing the use of powerful curses among them. If you stumble upon any of the contestants, you might find yourself interjected within this game and forced to play.

Curses reduce maximum health and stamina for a short time upon cast, this can be lethal if you are not careful. 12 curses to collect.

Ritual Magic
Individuals with talent but limited natural magicka reserves have long used soul gems, enchanted items, potions, scrolls and staves to supplement their powers. The ways of the secretive witches are less well understood, but those ritual blood sacrifices and circles of candles everywhere are speculated to fulfil a similar purpose by the members of the Synod. If only someone could gain access to their secrets.

Linked to the main quest. Reading the anatomy and candle manuals allow you to harvest tallow from men/mer and use it to make ritual candles. Ritual candles provide several minutes of enhanced magicka and magicka recovery rate. Cannot use candles in combat, must prepare in advance.

Gift of Mephala
Mephala, the lady of lies, sex and murder, is fond of unravelling the tangled web of mortal affairs. She gladly gifts willing pawns with the power necessary to unravel more effectively.

Linked to Webspinner's Widows. Offering the freshly broken heart of a betrayed lover/spouse to Mephala grants 5 new powers for 7 ingame days. Recommended to use the Webspinner cult to collect hearts but a mod that allows re-marrying or boning NPCs to relationshiprank 4 will work too.

Shadow Magic
Often misunderstood as the magic of light and darkness, shadow magic is actually the magic of manipulating possibilities created by forces in conflict. Light hitting a rock involves a conflict of matter against light, the result of which is a shadow in the visible spectrum. Manipulation of this possibility with shadow magic could illuminate the area. This principle also applies on a larger scale to more abstract conflicts, such as war or even fierce debate. Expert shadow mages can harness these conflicts and manifest the possibility they desire, no matter how unlikely.

Linked to the School of Julianos. Shadow magic spell tomes can be bought by members for writs of service. Shadow magic costs no magicka but depletes the shadows of a target on use, while depleted they are immune to further shadow magic and cannot have shadows of conflict collected from them.

Mageblight (or magonavirus)
A new Daedric disease has been sweeping across Skyrim. As with other such diseases such as Sanguinare Vampiris or Sanies Lupinus, this disease progresses into a curse after several days. The spread of this disease has been traced to both person-to-person as well as widespread vontamination of magicka potions, ales and wines. For individuals with little to no magical ability the initial symptoms of the disease are essentially invisible until it progresses to the point of being contagious, though mages will notice a slight loss of magicka recovery. Once it progresses afflicted individuals gain an innate ability to find magicka rich individuals and leech their reserves, vital since they lose almost all their inherent magicka regeneration. The source of this disease has not been found, but the limited evidence seems to indicate the involvement of great-war legion veterans witness to the Thalmor atrocities in the Imperial City.

The anti-mage option. Consuming a contaminated potion or beverage will give you the disease, after 3 days it progresses to a curse.

The ancient Akaviri were masters of blood magic and has strong cultural roots in dragon lore. At the height of their power they were known to empower some of their warriors with blood magic that caused their veins to burn with liquid fire. These Dragonknights did not possess the Thuum, but could breathe fire as well as any (6 foot tall) Dragon.

Gained from touching the eternal flame in Sky Haven Temple. Gives 3 fire based lesser powers that are cast with Stamina. 

Assorted other features. 
All are designed around the idea of character build opportunities (or linked to other features).

Felglow Keep Overhaul
Felglow Keep is supposed to be on the level of the College of Winterhold, formed by a batch of students who were expelled for dangerously radical experimentation. However, when you go there the only experiment is a vampire autopsy. No longer, these guys have it all: magical rifts, Hist saplings, bootleg Ayleid wells, Soul Cairn micro-portals, meteor calling, Aedric essence extractors and hallucinogens. Most of these tie into the Patrons system above, but they all have secondary functions useable by anyone. The new features are all located in the areas of the dungeon which are accessible by default, you do not need to join the College. 

Midden Improvements
Similarly to Felglow Keep, the Midden doesn't really live up to its reputation. The changes to the midden are less extensive for compatibility purposes, but there are still 3 new atronach forge recipes (elemental infusions), 2 new spells (dark tutor and summon servitor) and 2 new shrines (Hermaeus Mora and Mannimarco).

College Student
In the vanilla game the college of winterhold is basically a joke, they send initiates to go dungeon crawl and hunt down rogue mages essentially "just because" and there is nothing else to actually do there. This adds a simple mechanism which provides both an option to actually stay and study at the college and an immersive reason to go dungeon crawling instead. There is an experiment spell in the hall of attainment that players can cast with a long charge time and high chance of failure, success allowing the player to write research notes that can be sold to the professors. The chance of success increases as your magicka pool and magical skills increase. Alternatively, you can take the quicker but more dangerous path and kill unlicensed mages to steal and publish their findings yourself.

Falion's Fast Travel™
Falion is supposed to be THE conjuration master in Skyrim, but he never really does anything to suggest it in the base game. Now he will sell you a spellbook to allow you to access his old portal system, built on a tiny island in the Aetherial Slipstream like the old Battlespire. This network can access and be accessed from each of the standing stones by casting the spell near them.

Summon Servitor (aka yandere familiar)
An advanced form of the familiar spell, the servitor spell has 5 tiers and the servitor levels with you. Repeated casting will slowly cause it to transition to higher tiers which further increases the effectiveness of the servitor relative to the player's level. A tier 1 servitor has essentially no health and cannot attack, but at tier 5 it can tear through crowds. To compensate, as the servitor increases in tier it will start to have side effects, both while summoned and not. Your servitor loves you very, very, VERY much and is prone to jealousy and possessiveness. 

Wendigo Psychosis
Namira and Hircine have co-operated to create a truly monstrous curse in attempt to rival the Cyrodilic Vampyrum Order hybrids of Molag Bal and Clavicus Vile. Afflicted individuals have been kidnapping travellers in the frozen wasteland around Winterhold. Those who contract the curse develop a taste for the marrow of their own kind, becoming more bestial, savage and desperately ravenous for more, until finally devolving into a monster in human form. However, such monsters are inhumanly strong, fast and can track prey better than a bloodhound.

Chaotic Creatia
Chaotic Creatia is the primordial ooze in Oblivion used to create everything from bodies for Dremora to occupy to the landscape itself. Though rare, there are places where Chaotic Creatia can leak through into Nirn, such as at wellsprings or through the bodies of Hist trees. This infinite potential is obviously extremely valuable, but ingesting substances from Oblivion generally has side effects and can rapidly lead to addiction. Enough exposure, such as from bathing in it, can permanently remodel a mortal's body. The Ghost-Sea smugglers are known to export large quantities of Creatia from Skyrim.

Altar of Molag Bal
An ancient and primitive shrine to Molag Bal once used to offer living sacrifices, recently unearthed near Rorikstead. Those with the curse of thin-blooded vampirism can make a blood sacrifice at the altar to summon an avatar of their god, then offer themselves in exchange for a temporary enhancement of their vampiric powers. Of course, offering your body to the god of rape and domination will likely cause severe physiological and psychological harm.

Blade of the Ravener
A powerful Daedric sword associated with Molag Bal. Wielders can tap into the daedric energy flowing from the blade to greatly enhance their abilities in combat for a short time. Previous wielders have reported feeling cold and empty after repeated uses and all have been found dead, covered in huge claw marks.

Clavicus Vile's Wishing Well
Particularly brave, or foolish, individuals can throw a coin (or several hundred) into the well at the base of Clavicus Vile's shrine and make a wish. Some of these wishes will essentially just give you nothing, while others will give you a powerful buff with an equally powerful malus. Jack-of-all-trades characters will probably find this useless, but specialist characters will be able to min-max further.

Dark Tutor
Learning magic yourself is so time consuming and tedious, why not just use a memory trace spell to immediately gain someone else's knowledge and understanding? By summoning one of Hermaeus Mora's dark tutors you can instantly gain access to 2 adept level spells per school for several days and the cost of several days of your own memories. Of course, adept level spells are much harder to cast without a high level in the relevant school and while your memories being stolen increasing those skills will be much harder.

The Tragedy of Stauf
A new play has recently been published in Skyrim which tells the tale of the court wizard Stauf, who sold his soul to a Skaafin in exchange for 1 year of power, vigour, intellect and charisma. It has been distributed into the levelled lists, if you can find a copy of the dramatised version you might be able to track down the original notes. Do you see a precautionary tale or an instruction manual?

The Legendary Sword-Singers of Yokuda were once able to manifest Shehai, spirit-swords, from their soul. These Anseis and their arts were lost to the destruction of Yokuda and ravages of time. To this day some Redguards attempt to revive the lost magic of the Shehai with varying levels of success, though none have been able to replicate its true power. One such Redguard has recently travelled to Skyrim in the hopes of using the tonal principles of the Thuum to improve his attempt.

Conjure Nightmare Courser
Fast travel is immersion breaking, running is tedious and Skyrim horses are buggy and unpredictable. That is why Arvak is the best summon and companion in the game. Unfortunately he is locked behind a long portion of the Dawnguard questline. There are plenty of horse-like Daedra, now you can purchase spell tomes from Talvas and Phinis which allow you to conjure one.

The Brethren
Though they may have been driven from Hackdirt, the Deep Ones themselves were never destroyed and have spent the centuries multiplying and expanding. Having begun the push into Skyrim from the south, a war rages under the earth between the invading Deep Ones and the resident Falmer. The Gilded mine, thought to have dried up, is suddenly exporting large quantities of high-grade gold ore and stockpiling Dwemer arms and armour. The miners themselves have become secretive and started to look somewhat strange.

Deep One Transformation
Deep Ones are capable of breeding with the man/mer races of Tamriel, creating hybrid offspring which slowly transform into full Deep Ones over time. Those who aren't born as hybrids can never becomes true Deep Ones, but any who find their way into the Deep Ones' good graces can still achieve a partial transformation with a little Deep-Magic help. Deep Ones are adapted for cold, low-light conditions, are capable of long periods of healing torpor and look very strange.

Elemental powers
The atronach forge has 3 new recipes to harness  elemental salts. Each gives you an active cloak spell, increases your resistance and spell-power for the relevant element and adds an appropriate apprentice level spell. This comes at the cost of reducing spell-power and resistance for the other 2 elements. Gives non-destruction mages to have new options in sticky situations, and gives destruction mages even more firepower at the cost of flexibility.

Enchanted amulets used by the cultists of Vaermina, the dreamcatchers are capable of low level memory tracing on nearby individuals. This is used to generate nightmare fuel by capturing the memories of dying moments from the cultist's victims. This is then used to incapacitate other prospective victims by forcing them to experience the terror of another's death.

Gargoyle Crafting
In Valerica's gargoyle crafting room there is a new spell tome which teaches you how to craft gargoyles at the forge. These gargoyles last until killed and their health/damage/armor/resistance increase with your smithing/alteration/enchanting skills.

The Cup of Plenty
Can you really call Sanguine the god of hedonism, debauchery and alcoholics if he doesn't give his champion a bottomless barrel of mead? The Cup of Plenty is found in the Misty Grove and will fill 1 bottle of mead every 12 hours.

Installation and Dependencies
No other mods are required, but you will need to rebuild your bashed patch. If you are trying to update to 2.2 on an existing save, first save in a vanilla interior cell, uninstall DwD, load the save, save again, install Dwd 2.2 then load your save.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod.