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A framework to add new animation prompts for the player to climb ledges, squeeze in tight spaces, jump over walls and more.

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EVG:AT adds new 'animation prompt markers,' that trigger handmade movement animations.
This mod primarily focuses on explicit obstacle navigation with designated objects,
allowing you to physically interact with various types of ledges, ladders, cramped spaces and more.

Animated Traversal is a framework for modders,
and does not change the game or add new content.
If a mod requires this, this file & its requirements are all you need.

The goal of this mod is not to disregard basic platforming, but to help expand on complex level design
related to non-linearity, backtracking mechanics and verticality, inspired by puzzle/layout games like Resident Evil.

SKSE + Address Library for SKSE
Open Animation Replacer
Animation Motion Revolution
This supports both SE (1.5.97) and AE (1.6+).
Please ensure you are using the correct versions of the requirements for your game.

A 'viewable body' in 1st-person mod
No Furniture Camera
Immersive Interactions
Better Third Person Selection
powerofthree's Tweaks (allows combat use)
Some Collision Camera (helps with camera collision)
Papyrus Tweaks (speedier scripting)

Please use a mod manager. This mod comes with installation options.
Please ensure that Nemesis is working correctly for you before attempting to install this.
I highly recommend deleting your Nemesis cache for a clean installation.
Open Nemesis, Update Engine, check the EVG Animated Traversal box, then Run Nemesis.
It is not recommended to uninstall plugins on an existing save file.

This mod touches zero existing systems except for one animation.
You can drop this into any load order with no issue.
You can read more about compatibility in the spoiler below.

FAQ, Compatibility, Troubleshooting, Known Issues:

Animations & Systems

Playable Content

Location & Quest Patches

Take a look at the 'Requirements' tab at the top of the page!

Add-Ons & Resources


An SKSE plugin that can procedurally determines if a ledge is appropriate to climb, and spawns a marker.

Maleficus' MCM Framework for EVGAT Mods
A resource for modders to have toggleable indicators for your mod through an MCM.

Documentation for Modders

Planned Updates

- More Visual Assets - Done! Added in 0.98.2
For level designers, things like overlays for wooden boards or stone walls that show wear & tear,
think Tomb Raider's painted surfaces and scratches for recognizing climbable walls

- Custom Camera Animations -
this one'll be awhile. tools for this stuff are new! letting my smarter friends figure it out before I start trial n' erroring it
update: i thought it would be easy, but this turned out super buggy :( darn you bethesda!

- Height Alignment -
These won't be fully edited animations, but just small value changes to make sure the player
travels the right distance if their 'scale' is wildly far off from 1.0.

- More Animations -
'Too High' - Failed Ledge Catch - Done! Added in 0.98.3
'Medium Ledge' - Done! Added in 0.98.3
Basic one-way Ziplining
'Ledge High' - Wall scurrying ledge climb (TR-esque.)
'Generic Climb' - all purpose looking climb for a variety of surfaces
Rope/Pole climb? (up/down) (cannot do animated meshes, unsure)
can someone do the ladder down ones for me i dont want to