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Nuka-World Reborn is a quest mod which not only allows you to have multiple options to get rid of the raiders, but it adds new questlines to Nuka-World and allows you to play as a Trader.

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You need the latest version of Fallout 4 to play this mod, as this mod was saved in the latest Creation Kit.

Nuka-World Reborn is a quest mod which not only allows you to have multiple options to get rid of the raiders, but it adds new questlines to Nuka-World and allows you to play as a Trader.

The intention was to continue to have the grey morality and interesting stories that Far Harbor had, but Nuka-World lacked.

Starting the Mod
If you haven't started Nuka-World yet, go and defeat Colter first. Then, the mod's Trader questline and the Raider quest will start.

If you have already defeated Colter, the mod's Trader questline and the Raider quest will start straight away.

There are two other questlines as well (please see the Features section below, on how to start them).

There's a total of 16 proper quests for you to do (not including the warning quests), though you will not be able to do all of these on a single play-through.

Words of Warning

This is not your typical "run and gun" quest mod. You are required to pay attention to the subtle things and be inquisitive, in order for you to fully understand the motivations of the characters. It also has a free-floating structure which has no order in what quests you do when.

If you want something more structured and more forgiving, I'd suggest to wait until the follow-up mod Viva Nuka-World which will be released by the end of 2019.

Adds whole new questlines:
-The Traders questline, which is by far the longest and most complex. Speak to Lucy in the Fizztop Grille basement to start it.
-The Raiders quest, which allows you to oppose Lucy.
-The Nuka-World Brotherhood questline, which is primarily concerned with taking over the Commonwealth Institute. You can start this by finding a clean bunker close to Bradberton Overpass, picking the lock on the trapdoor and speaking to the intercom near the locked bunker door.
-The Nuka-World Institute questline, which is only gotten if you decide to interfere with one of their operations. You can start this by hacking into Lucy's terminal in the Fizztop Grille basement.

New ways of getting rid of the raiders:
-Sabotage the relations between the surviving raider groups. This is done in the Taking Chances quest in the Nuka-World Brotherhood questline. As long as Gage wasn't there when you did the sabotage, this is the only option which allows you to keep him as a companion.
-Get more firepower from the Traders. This can only be done if you side with Lucy all the way to the end in the Traders questline (part of the Fair Trade Part VI quest). You will lose Gage when doing this and will have to do some morally questionable things to have access to this option.

Replace the Raider flags with the Trader ones:
A Traders version of the Grand Tour.

More choice and consequence:
Like in New Vegas and some parts of Far Harbor, you can actually use your perks and SPECIAL stats as new ways of achieving the same outcome.
There are also many ways to fail these questlines, but the ways should either be obvious (killing a member of the faction or a questgiver's business partner) or you would be given a warning beforehand (like in New Vegas).

A new companion:
If you finish the first Nuka-World Brotherhood quest and do not destroy the Commonwealth Institute, you gain access to a new companion, Claire.
She has a fully working affinity system and has your typical relationship scenes.

Classic Fallout music:
It wouldn't be a New Vegas homeage without it.

Vanilla and DLC companions react to events in this mod:
Except for Old Longfellow.


Compatibility patches for Horizon and other mods can be found here.

Compatible with Project Valkyrie, with the optional patch. If you get the Sinstitute up and running, the NW Brotherhood questline will skip directly to Claire giving you this mod's exclusive events to do. Otherwise, if you cancel Carter's plans, you can still play through the NW Brotherhood questline normally. Updated the faction spoilers forum post, to take this into account.

Incompatible with mods which add new quest affinity events (like Ellen and Darlene). The only incompatibility would be that a maximum of two more companions can react to quest events, including Claire from this mod. Sorry to say, but this can't be fixed, due to the array size limit being 128. If you are willing to overlook this fact, you can still play with all of those companions.

Technically incompatible with mods which edit the precombines and previs data of NW cells. It has been reported from some users that loading NWR and VNW late in the load order fixes the issues that such incompatibilities can cause. Exceptions could be Age of Airships and The Machine & Her.

Possible FAQs
Q). Can I still play through this mod if I've already done Open Season?
A). Yes, you can. However, you will only be able to replace the Raider flags with the Trader ones.

Q). Can I still play through this mod if I've already done Power Play?
A). Yes, you can go through the entire mod normally.

Q). Is the player voiced?
A). Yes, fully voiced. I used F4VASynth and some vanilla lines to do this, so not perfect.

Q). Are the new characters voiced?
A). Yes, fully voiced.

Q). I destroyed the Institute. Can I still sabotage the raiders?
A). Yes, you can still sabotage the raiders even if you destroyed the Institute. Just don't inform Elder Edwards that the Institute is destroyed. However, the next quest will have the Nuka-World Brotherhood hostile.

Q). Are the new Brotherhood and Institute factions separate from the Commonwealth ones?
A). Yes. You have a clean slate with those factions. However, the Nuka-World Brotherhood and Maxson's Brotherhood are enemies, so you would eventually have to choose between the two.

Q). How do all of the faction relationships work? Can I destroy all factions? Can I keep all factions alive?... etc
A). For a full factions guide, please see the Faction Spoilers thread in the forum.

Q). Will there be a console release?
A). Sadly, the console release was cancelled.

Q). The quest Taking Chances doesn't update when speaking to Claire?
A). This is an issue I cannot reproduce on my set-up. This happens because for whatever reason, the code to update the quest never plays and this puts the conversation on a perpetual loop. Sadly, there's nothing that can be done about it, except create a workaround through Claire's terminal.

Myself, for the dialogue, quests and level design.
Elianora, for the Institute's additional assets in the player room.
DaveGlenney, for voicing Derek and Greg.
igbproductions, for voicing Elder Edwards.
Widowbiker, for voicing Lucy.
Itsazoefish, for voicing Masha and Rebecca.
Ellie Mars (https://ellie-on-mars.tumblr.com/), for voicing Amanda.
Khobis, for voicing X1-34.
Mikeap95, for voicing the Institute Male Scientists.
AdAstra, for voicing Daisy and Sarah.
miaowla, for voicing the Institute Female Scientists.
DrinkGameRepeat (Lara Courtney, https://www.castingcall.club/m/drinkgamerepeat), for voicing Claire.